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 Boots On The Ground Action Plan

Boots on the Ground Logo created by Janice VanCleave

1. Pray

The first step of action is to Pray. Pray for guidance. Pray for the leaders of your school district. Pray that these administrators and school board members will have “ears to hear the truth.” Pray that those responsible for the education of public school children do their jobs and put the education of children first.

The content of CSCOP lessons have facts and fiction blended together which makes it difficult to pick out the truth from the mixture. Pray that teachers using CSCOPE will help by revealing content that is not acceptable. With the help of teachers, our school  administrators and school board can have an attitude adjustment.

2. Attend Action Plan Meetings
These are presented by different members of the Texas Education Patriots. This is a title given to the miscellaneous people who have been working to reveal the content of CSCOPE. This action started because CSCOPE was and still is  cloaked in secrecy. Even though ordered by Senator Patrick, chairman of the Senate Education Committee to give parents access to the CSCOPE lessons, parents cannot access the lessons today, April 05, 2013.


Boots On The Ground Event Schedule

3. Action Plan Ideas that You can use to get CSCOPE removed from your local school district.

List of specific –Put your boots on the ground ideas.

4. Contact your Senator, District Representative, and School Board Member. Keep them informed about information you discover about CSCOPE. 

Find your senator here


Find your Representatitive Here

2. Contact State Board of Education Members

Email your concerns to:  sboesupport@tea.state.tx.us 

SBOE Members by District Number

Martha M. Dominguez
, El Paso, District 1

Ruben Cortez, Jr., Brownsville, District 2

Marisa B. Perez, San Antonio, District 3

Lawrence A. Allen, Jr., Fresno, District 4

Ken Mercer, San Antonio, District 5

Donna Bahorich, Houston, District 6

David Bradley, Beaumont, District 7

Barbara Cargill, The Woodlands, District 8

Thomas Ratliff, Mount Pleasant, District 9   thomas@thomasratliff.com

Tom Maynard, Florence, District 10

Patricia Hardy, Fort Worth, District 11

Geraldine Miller, Dallas, District 12

Mavis B. Knight, Dallas, District 13

Sue Melton, Waco, District 14

Marty Rowley, Amarillo, District 15

3. Legislatures

Texas House of Representatives

Find your Representatitive Here

Write your state representative and let him/her know that your concerns.
Be specific. These representatives need you to identify the problems. If you have proof–examples of situations, such as no text books for kids, no homework with resources, etc… The following two articles are on this website. They list specific problems that have been identified.


Find your Texas State Senator Here



CSCOPE Issues Outlined 

Negative CSCOPE Purposes

4. Social Network: Read the articles on this website and leave comments. Via social networking, facebook, twitter, etc…. spread the word about CSCOPE.

5.  Write comments on other websites, such as the following:


6. How to Help but remain anonymous: 

What you send to me, you can rest assured your name will not be released unless you give permission. Send information to me via this email:  cscopereview@gmail.com 

Janice VanCleave

Or send a letter to:

PO Box 145
Riesel, Texas 76682

Run for the school board in your district.

How you can help remove CSCOPE from our public schools.

1. Teachers. Write a letter documenting your experience with the CSCOPE lessons.

Include the grade, subject, unit number and lesson number.
Point out specifics about the lesson.

You do not have to sign your name

Email the lessons here:  www.TxCscopeReview.com

Mail the letter to:              

PO Box 145
Riesel, Texas 76682

2. Write a letter to the State Board of Education (SBOE).

Explain the problems you as a teacher/parent/student are having with CSCOPE.

Email your letter to:  sboesupport@tea.state.tx.us

If you wish to remain anonymous, mail your letter to:

SBOE members
1701 N. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701


1. Volunteer to substitute teach. This will give you first hand knowledge what is going on in schools.

2. Volunteer to help teachers run off papers: With CSCOPE there are lots of papers to run off.

 3. Parent Liaison Committee –AKA  PTA or PTO
Inform your teachers about this website and the various ways they can safely share their thoughts about CSCOPE.

Support your teachers.

4. Find ways in your community to encourage neighbors and friends to go to the school and ask to see their child’s lessons and tests.
In Texas Parents have the right to see the material that is used to teach their children. This includes lessons and graded tests.  

 5.  Sponsor a neighborhood party to evaluate any and all graded papers children bring home from school.

  • Encourage parents to check backpacks for school papers.
  • Encourage parents to ask questions about school events. 

6. Contact your local newspaper/radio and encourage them to do a story covering the controversy surrounding CSCOPE in the Texas public schools.  Please contact Janice VanCleave or Donna Garner (wgarner1@hot.rr.com) if you need more information to strengthen your position.

 7. Read and share with other people the CSCOPE articles posted on Janice’s website and/or the credible articles that you receive from other sources.  

 8. Help research information about CSCOPE, and share that information with Janice.

 9. If you have other ideas about how to spread the word about CSCOPE, please share those ideas with Janice also.  


 Please contact your Texas Representatives and Texas Senators.  Challenge them to take action on the following two questions from Donna Garner:



 Is there any legal statute in Texas that would penalize (e.g., loss of credentials) an administrator who purchases instructional materials through SB 6, deciding to adopt CSCOPE (which is not independently vetted for alignment with the TEKS and STAAR/EOC’s) instead of the instructional materials that have been publicly vetted through the SBOE instructional materials, adoption process?  In other words, could the administrator under Texas law lose his credentials if he chooses to purchase instructional materials under SB 6 that do not sufficiently prepare his students adequately for the STAAR/EOC’s?   


There is something badly wrong when, at the click of a mouse, 80% (or more) of the students in the Texas public schools can be exposed to CSCOPE curriculum which may not be in alignment with the SBOE-adopted TEKS; and the taxpaying public is not allowed even to see what the students are being taught.




If I were a taxpaying neighbor who wanted to help a neighborhood child do better in her public school English class, I should be allowed to see the instructional materials the child is being taught since my tax dollars help to pay for those materials.  Since CSCOPE does not allow access to the general public of CSCOPE lessons, lesson activities, and worksheets (and there is no textbook), how could I as a neighbor help to tutor those children who need extra teaching? I realize that tests and assessments need to be kept under secure conditions; but the lessons, lesson activities, and worksheets should be open for easy access to the general public.


If no such law exists that allows the general public full access to CSCOPE learning activities and worksheets, how can we get a law passed that would broaden the present wording of “parental access” to include “public access to all Texas taxpayers” of all instructional materials paid for with taxpayers’ dollars (exception made for assessments as stated previously)? 

 Donna Garner








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