TASA Promotes Commom Core

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It is no secret that the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) promotes Common Core

CSCOPE instruction materials models the constructivist theory of learning.
Texas superintendents and ESC directors attended the national conference with the primary objective being to learn about Common Core and its Assessments. TASA with much flare thumbs their noses at the Texas Governor and promotes Common Core in spite of the Governor’s stand that the Common Core standards or assessments will not be used in Texas.

The 20 Texas ESC/CSCOPe Directors Promote the Philosophy of Common Core

The ESC directors who are paid with Texas taxes fell in line and off to the Common Core Conference they went. At the expense of tax payers.
The ESC directors claim that CSCOPE is not aligned with Common Core, yet the ESC/CSCOPE directors identify the philosophy of learning for CSCOPE as being Constructivist, which is another name for the Common Core Progressive philosophy. Even TEA promotes the progress 5E model for teacher lessons.
Linda Darling-Hammond is listed as one of CSCOPE's Professional Develoment Researchers.

It isn’t the format of lessons that make a lesson progressive or traditional. As with the 5E lesson format, when the evaluation of a teachers depends on using the 5E template, then the progressive method of controlling educators is in place. Once passive, we’ll  follow you over the cliff like lemmings, educators are in place, what students are taught is a matter of including it in the online curriculum.

Veteran teachers are vilified because they balk. In Marlin ISD, 25 our of 30 high school teachers resigned because of the micromanaging of the CSCOPE trained monitors. Educators in Middle and Elementary also left. The entire coaching staff, including the head coach left. When question, Roger Nutt, one of the Marlin school board members explained that Michael Steck, the superintendent recommended by TASB, had a plan. Steck prepared the school board for resignations of all who were not in agreement with his plan. The head coach was asked to leave–the school district had to buy out his contract. Steck had another coach he wanted. One would think that Marlin, Texas was wealthy. Far from it. So why is money being thrown away? Why is Marlin paying LeadYourSchool over $50,000 to learn how to—UMM! I think it is drill and kill skills for passing state tests or is it more teacher monitoring or maybe some of all of this.

It doesn’t seem to occur to our TASA/TASB trained superintendent and school board members to hire qualified teachers –provide textbooks for students and let the teachers TEACH!!!

Instead, veteran teachers are not allowed to do the job they trained for and have spent years improving their skills for.

Like Marlin, CSCOPE schools are purposely encouraging veteran teachers to leave. Those who remain are often putting in their time until retirement and have stopped fighting the administration in order to provide a learning environment for their students. Parents have not supported these teachers–teachers have to have a portfolio with documentation before an undisciplined student that prevents other students from learning is —well the truth nothing is ever done. Teachers are assessed as not being able to handle class discipline.

Texas Superintendents and Texas ESC/CSCOPE Directors Attend Common Core Conference

Remember that school taxes paid the expenses so that Texas school superintendents and ESC directors could attend the Common Core conference in California.

Note that Linda Darling-Hammond was one of the key-speakers that added Common Core information to what TASA calls a professional how-to toolkit for Superintendents.

Common Core was already part of the ESC/CSCOPE directors professional how-to toolkit since CSCOPE’s professional development is modeled after Linda Darling-Hammond progressive philosophy in Common Core.


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