CSCOPE 5th Grade Science IFDs

No IFD Sign

IFD is an acronym for Information Focus Document. The 20 Texas State Education Service Centers (ESCs)  took it upon themselves to restructure Texas Education. These 20 ESCs  created a bogus company by the name of TESCCC,inc., which created an online … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Tests Are Examples

Student Fails CSCOPE TEST

Parents, The 20 Texas Education Service Centers are still working as a united team providing a one-size fits all program called CSCOPE for Texas Schools. Some School Superintendents have agreed to pay for another subscription to CSCOPE. FYI: Instead paying … Continue reading

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Susan Comb vs. Wade Lebay

Susan Combs Describes CSCOPE

Is CSCOPE a Curriculum or Not? Susan Comb is the Texas State Comptroller. Ms. Combs has repeatedly given TESCCC,inc great marks for saving school districts money. Ms. Comb indicates that purchasing CSCOPE can save a CSCOPE school district as much … Continue reading

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What is Behind CSCOPE?

Cscope Wizard of Oz

CSCOPE is an instructional material that is being used in about 80% of Texas Public School Districts. Did you know that parents have not been allowed to view the CSCOPE lessons? Did you know that students in CSCOPE schools do … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Promotes Communism

The flag of Texas with Russia's and Turkey's symbols is a possible production by a student following directions in a CSCOPE lesson.

TEXAS CSCOPE SCHOOLS PROMOTE POSITIVE VIEW OF COMMUNISM By Ginger Russell Red Hot Conservative One would never guess that 875 Texas Schools , public, private and charter have purchased and implemented a Marxist Curriculum called Cscope in their schools. Our Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Boston Tea Party Terrorist Attack

TEKS used for the CSCOPE Boston Tea party terrorist lesson has nothing to do with terrorism.

CSCOPE state director, Wade Lebay discusses the CSCOPE Boston Tea Party Lesson on Terrorism.  Mr. Labay extends an invitation for you to contact him with any additional questions about the Boston Tea Party Terriorist Lesson and/or visit for more … Continue reading

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