Gestapo Thought Police

Education coaches in Texas are acutally thought police.

Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs): Over Funded Education Agencies. Millions of unregulated dollars pour into the coffers of the ESCs yearly. More unregulated money comes from the sell of instructional products to Texas schools. In fact, the ESCs  have an … Continue reading

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Flawed CSCOPE & Flawed STAAR

Education chief under fire for low passing standards on STAAR By Terrence Stutz 3:16 pm on August 26, 2014 State Education Commissioner Michael Williams came under fire from members of the Senate Education Committee Tuesday over his decision to … Continue reading

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Another Joke: Senate Bill 1474

Senate Bill 1474 Joke

Texans, we must study bills our state legislatures are writing. I have never been politically involved, and truthfully have found the politics of Texas education very corrupt. New legislatures are needed. Mr. or Mrs. Smith goes to Austin type people. … Continue reading

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Thomas Ratliff: State Board of Education

Texas Tribune

The following is a volley of comments between Thomas Ratliff,  the Vice-Chair of the Texas State Board of Education, and concerned Texas Citizens. These comments followed an article about CSCOPE in the Texas Tribune. I have added comments in red … Continue reading

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Impeach Thomas Ratliff?

Do you know that Thomas Ratliff is a lobbyist for Microscoft? Do  you know that according to Sec. 7.103.  ELIGIBILITY FOR MEMBERSHIP of the SBOE (c)  A person who is required to register as a lobbyist under Chapter 305, Government Code, by virtue … Continue reading

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Yes, The 20 ESCs are Kicking Off a New CSCOPE ERA The battle against the controversial CSCOPE lessons was recently ambushed by Senator Patrick’s deal with TESCCC, the illegal company created by the twenty Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs). Senator … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With Texas Moms

Don't Mess With Texas Moms

 INSIDE THE TEXAS CAPITOL —  Kara Sands is a concerned mother who has paid her own travel expenses to Austin with hopes of persuading Texas legislatures to straighten up Education Messes they have created. For example, Senate bill 6 allows … Continue reading

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Truth Spilling Out

A black box filled with money bags. CSCOPE on the open lid, silhouette of person putting money bag marked ISD $$$ into the box.

[5.18.13 — John Griffing will be interviewed this week on Fox News regarding CSCOPE.  Also, an excellent article was written by Peggy Venable and published in today’s Longview News-Journal, Longview, Texas  — “CSCOPE or C-SCAM?” – Donna Garner] WORLD NET … Continue reading

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Patrick/Campbell SB #1406

AUSTIN— Senator Donna Campbell has joined Senator Dan Patrick as author of SB 1406 that will enact significant reforms of CSCOPE. CSCOPE, is a teaching management tool with lesson plans that have come under scrutiny with parents, teachers, and legislators … Continue reading

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Sen. Patrick’s Sweeping CSCOPE Changes

Sen. Patrick, CSCOPE announce sweeping changes   Posted: Friday, February 8, 2013 11:39 am |Updated: 11:47 am, Fri Feb 8, 2013. AUSTIN- State Sen. Dan Patrick, in coordination with the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC), announces significant changes to the CSCOPE … Continue reading

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