Traditional Teaching Has Best Results

A Danger Do Not Enter Signs Needed for Some Schools.

Does Your School Need a Danger Sign? Some Texas schools need to post warning signs to alert parents that 21st Century Progressive Education is being used. The following comment from Scott gives one view of progressive education, which promotes that … Continue reading

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TEA’s Deceiving Report of Passing Scores

5th grade 2014 STAAR Raw to Scale Scores

TEA’s manipulated STAAR/EOC Scoring System You can find Raw Score Conversion Tables on the TEA Website. TEA has released the scores for the 2014 5th and 8th grade math and reading STAAR tests. The raw scale conversions for these tests … Continue reading

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STAAR Test Error #17

5th 2013 #17 Formation of Sandstone

The 5th GRADE Science  STAAR Question Has Errors. Texas has what are called Independent School Districts, which at one time meant that school districts had local control. Now the Texas Education Agency, TEA controls what your children are taught either … Continue reading

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Common Core in Texas Schools

TRS Adverting

TEXANS DO NOT BE DECEIVED: COMMON CORE IS IN OUR TEXAS SCHOOLS. Yes, Governor Perry has mandated that common core not be implemented in Texas schools. So What? Did he say what he would do if schools implemented Common Core? … Continue reading

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Opt Out of STAAR

Students Should Not Take the STAAR Because If students are making passing grades fail the STAAR reading and writing tests, they can be held back and not pass to the next grade. If students are failing and they pass the … Continue reading

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Teachers Hate CSCOPE

CSCOPE is being used but parents don't know it.

The 20 Texas Education Service Centers Hide the Truth Don’t let your local so called education service center deceive you. The 20 ESCs are still promoting the CSCOPE instruction material. They have just hidden the flawed CSCOPE material by changing … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Distorts 1st Ammendment

Social Studies Grade 5 Unit 03: Celebrate Freedom Week 2012-2013 Following is a question from one 2012-2013 CSCOPE 5th grade Social Studies Assessment. The 20 Texas Education Service Centers are responsible for all  CSCOPE instruction materials and Assessments. These 20 … Continue reading

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Student Guinea Pigs

guinea pig

In the following article, Cathy Wells gives information about terms used in education today. Most of the terms are meant to confuse parents so they do not know what is going on. Cathy describes how the new progressive/social constructivism education … Continue reading

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Poor Leaders = Failing Students

MES differentiated instruction

No Qualifications Needed–Just Volunteer Many districts  demand expertise in an area for a person to be an instructional specialist. Did you know that TEA doesn’t require that an instructional specialist do any more than just volunteer for the job? In … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Is Alive and Damaging

Cscope squeezes life from schools

CSCOPE’s Nasty Fingers are Still Squeezing the Life Out of Texas Schools The very worst academic district in Texas is Marlin ISD. The elementary students have failed the state science and math test for seven consecutive years. In 2011 the … Continue reading

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