Why are Kids Failing?

Are Teachers at Fault? I received the following comment from Scott, who identifies himself  as a teacher. ———————————— “I think you are under the false assumption that all teachers are as enthusiastic about teaching as you! There must be a … Continue reading

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Texas School Administrators

Texas Has Too Many administrators

Comments from Fil Barnes In pre-CSCOPE days, my PDAS (and the previous acronymic evaluation systems for teachers) evaluations were always very good. Students reported enjoying my classes, I had a good rapport with parents, and test scores were always up … Continue reading

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Back To Learning About STAAR

5th grade 2014 Science STAAR question #16 is incorrect.

Texas Schools Teach to the STAAR TESTs I am questioning sending kids to public school when most teachers are not provided quality instructional materials. Much of the school year is spent preparing kids for the STAAR tests. STAAR tests are … Continue reading

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TEA Facilitates Failure

Twisted Neck of a Giraffe

Why do Texas students not have textbooks? Why does the Texas Education Agency promote the CSCOPE instructional material sold by the Educational Service Centers (ESCs)? The ESCs originally sold CSCOPE as being a replacement for textbooks. The mission of the … Continue reading

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Men or Mice?

Man or Mouse

Not too far in the past, Texas had exemplary education. Other states could depend on Texas’ State Board of Education (SBOE)  to select quality textbooks and to set high education standards. Through miscellaneous acts by the Texas State Legislatures, power has … Continue reading

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Traditional Teaching Has Best Results

A Danger Do Not Enter Signs Needed for Some Schools.

Does Your School Need a Danger Sign? Some Texas schools need to post warning signs to alert parents that 21st Century Progressive Education is being used. The following comment from Scott gives one view of progressive education, which promotes that … Continue reading

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TEA’s Deceiving Report of Passing Scores

5th grade 2014 STAAR Raw to Scale Scores

TEA’s manipulated STAAR/EOC Scoring System You can find Raw Score Conversion Tables on the TEA Website. TEA has released the scores for the 2014 5th and 8th grade math and reading STAAR tests. The raw scale conversions for these tests … Continue reading

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STAAR Test Error #17

5th 2013 #17 Formation of Sandstone

The 5th GRADE Science  STAAR Question Has Errors. Texas has what are called Independent School Districts, which at one time meant that school districts had local control. Now the Texas Education Agency, TEA controls what your children are taught either … Continue reading

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Common Core in Texas Schools

TRS Adverting

TEXANS DO NOT BE DECEIVED: COMMON CORE IS IN OUR TEXAS SCHOOLS. Yes, Governor Perry has mandated that common core not be implemented in Texas schools. So What? Did he say what he would do if schools implemented Common Core? … Continue reading

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Opt Out of STAAR

Students Should Not Take the STAAR Because If students are making passing grades fail the STAAR reading and writing tests, they can be held back and not pass to the next grade. If students are failing and they pass the … Continue reading

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