CSCOPE’s Happy Communist

CSCOPE Describes a Happy Communist

While the state board of education is organizing groups to review the CSCOPE social studies lessons, these social studies lessons are currently being taught to students in CSCOPE schools. It will take years for all the CSCOPE lessons to be … Continue reading

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Texas GOP Stands Against CSCOPE

The Texas map with a circle divided with left half blue and a star with right side divided in half, white top, red bottom with an elephant. Texas GOP Vote title.

  CSCOPE – A rogue program hidden within the Texas Education Agency that should be shut down By Mark Ramsey If you have not heard, a rogue group hidden within one-and-then-more regional service centers (RSC) of the Texas Education Agency … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Promotes Communism

The flag of Texas with Russia's and Turkey's symbols is a possible production by a student following directions in a CSCOPE lesson.

TEXAS CSCOPE SCHOOLS PROMOTE POSITIVE VIEW OF COMMUNISM By Ginger Russell Red Hot Conservative One would never guess that 875 Texas Schools , public, private and charter have purchased and implemented a Marxist Curriculum called Cscope in their schools. Our Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) … Continue reading

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Texas Patriots Removing Trash

Texas Map Don't Mess With Texas

Ginger Russell reports a Texas Trash Clean Up Day in Austin. A Day to Remember, 01/31/13 Fellow Patriots! It was a day not to be forgotten. The saddest part of all this is the children that have had to sit … Continue reading

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CSCOPE’s Communist Indoctrination

One child is raising the CSCOPE School Flag with Communism and Socialism on it the Capitalism is marked out with a red line. Another student is saluting the flag.

In Texas CSCOPE High Schools Students study about communism and socialism and then create a new flag for a new socialist Nation– Is  the US to be the new socialist nation? Via Common Core Standards, Obama is teaching our children how … Continue reading

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