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Jan. 20, 2015

I’ve written about the different things going on in Texas education that is part of the reas0n that our Texas children are not being education. YOu can find this info here  .

Let me add to this by saying that too few parents have a clue about what is going on at the school where their children spend most of their waking hours five days each week.

Parents of the children I’ve been working with don’t want to be bothered. They want their children to pass. The school district accommodates them and children in the 8th grade cannot read well nor comprehend what they read. Passing doesn’t mean kids are being educated.

The Commissioner of Education passes more students by lowing the passing grades on the STAAR/EOC tests.


Dec. 11, 2012

Following is a note from a CSCOPE teacher that was posted on a teacher website.

I have seen video training for administrators about checking to see how often teachers use the CSCOPE website. Of what value is this? Why would a teacher have to continually click on the CSCOPE website. It is not a resource site. According to CSCOPE directors, CSCOPE is a framework. So why do teachers have to continually look at a framework?

Nazi CSCOPE Regime

“I just submitted my resignation. I’m done!!! Heads up to all of the rest of you that have to teach in this Nazi CScope Regime, your administrator may come to you and tell you when and how many times you’ve logged into the CScope website.”

“That did it for me.”       “This isn’t teaching anymore.”

“I just thought I’d let the rest of you know, they are watching when and how many times you are logging into CScope. You better make sure you are doing that enough. I guess that is the newest form of beating you into submission.”


Dec. 10, 2012
Janice VanCleave

I met with Representative Kyle Kacal yesterday to discuss CSCOPE. I prepared a small binder with the most shocking CSCOPE information I could find. There is so much of this material, but for the shock and awe effect, I chose the Islamic lesson that was taught in our public schools for two years. It has a 24 slide power-point that was used to comply with TEKS.

Following is a lesson that was taught in CSCOPE World History Classes from August, 2010 through January, 2012 when Wade Lebay, state CSCOPE director had it removed from the CSCOPE website. Notice the changes in the TEKS. WH 7A is to analyze examples of major empires and CSCOPE chooses one, the Ottoman Empire. WH TEKS 23B gives four civilizations to study and CSCOPE marks out all but the Islamic.

According to the CSCOPE directors, the other civilizations have already or will be studied in other lessons. Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. But generally not to the extend that Islamic and Muslims are studied.

CSCOPE lessons list TEKS, but mark out information and stress information about Islam.


Dec. 2, 2012

CSCOPE’s Common Language

CSCOPE’s main selling point to school districts is that Cscope would align the curriculum K-12 so that kids transferring from one school to another would be on the same page as the kids in their new school. Following is a statement from a CSCOPE teacher:

” We’ve gotten many transfer students in from other Cscope schools, and not a one of them has been anywhere near where we are in the curriculum. I find that most students who transfer/move have many absences no matter where they are attending school, and no amount of aligned curriculum can fix that.”

Have you experienced the same thing?


December 02, 2012

Terry Smith, the CSCOPE financial director at Region 13 stated in an interview by the Woodlands Patriot Tea Party that the parent portal being developed would be very expensive.  Mr. Smith was giving information about the CSCOPE Money Trail, which makes no sense to me. Listen for yourself. What do you think?
View the CSCOPE Money Trail Video. 

CSCOPE's parent portal is a website that is said to provide parents with information about what is being taught in each subject and grade level. Looks very lame.

The exert to the right was taken from the newly developed CSCOPE parent portal website.  Parents with a children in the 5th grade are suppose to see
this page and understand what their children are studying about Physical
Properties of Matter.

The type on the parent portal is pale, but that doesn’t matter since the
information not very helpful. See the Parent Portal Website.

Midway ISD and Waco ISD are CSCOPE Schools

A parent from each of these schools said their second grade children have
a reading book they bring home but no other books. One parent said she
had never seen any science or math homework.

I asked both parents to be more attentive to the papers their children
bring home. To see if the CSCOPE company name is on any of their children’s
papers (TESCCC,inc.).

I encouraged these parents to find out more about what is being taught
to their children. To do this they should ask their children’s teacher to view lessons being used. To view graded CSCOPE assignments. To view graded CSCOPE tests. If text books are not provided, ask the principal why.

Lessons–Not IFD, VAD, YAG, or TEKS verification documents. Ask to see a real CSCOPE lesson, CSCOPE handouts, CSCOPE web references.


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