TEA’s Big Lie Revealed

Schedule of TEKS for STAAR

TEA says the STAAR tests are accurate It is said that if you tell a lie often enough that it is accepted as true. Even though TEA continues to lie about the STAAR tests being valid, few people believe this. … Continue reading

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Tx. Commissioner of Education

Commissioner Williams

If You don’t do anything you can’t do anything wrong! Is this the motto of Texas Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams? Texas Governor Rick Perry appointed former Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams as the State Commissioner of Education, and Lizzette … Continue reading

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Magnolia ISD Exploits Students

Students Spell out VCL

Magnolia High School Students Send Threatening Tweets to Ginger Russell In response to several comments, I’ve revised this article. I am proud to say that I am Ginger Russell’s mother. Ginger and I  work as a team along with many … Continue reading

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Texas Education Plummeted

Texas' Star has rusted from the tears of parents and children who are not being educated.

Texas Education has precipitated to the bottom of the Barrel. The downward gravitation of the quality of Texas Education started when Texas took government funding for education. How has government funding benefited Texas Education? The federal government now controls Texas … Continue reading

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Parent Opts Out of STAAR

Smiling and Crying Girls

Texas children are not educated, they are drilled for the STAAR Tests. To The Texas Commissioner of Education Dear Commissioner Williams, You must investigate the education system in Texas yourself. Talk to parents. Look at the STAAR Test content. Sir, … Continue reading

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Black Students are Branded

Commissioner of Texas Education

The Texas Commissioner of Education is a Black Man To the Texas Commissioner of Education: Commissioner Williams, Does race  affect student abilities? Did you get the job of Texas Commissioner of Education because of your race? It does make you … Continue reading

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Thomas Ratliff Bullies Women

Ratliff Vilifies Ginger

Thomas Ratliff Is Bullying Another Woman   Ratliff, the lobbyists for Microsoft and member of the State Board of Education, has found himself another woman to bully.  Ratliff’s negative comments about Ginger Russell running for a position on Magnolia ISD … Continue reading

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Student Guinea Pigs

guinea pig

In the following article, Cathy Wells gives information about terms used in education today. Most of the terms are meant to confuse parents so they do not know what is going on. Cathy describes how the new progressive/social constructivism education … Continue reading

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But It Aligns With TEKS?

Goldilocks and Cops

The Texas Education Service Centers are responsible for the creation of the controversial CSCOPE instruction material in Texas public schools. But it is the Texas public school administrators who must take full responsibility for purchasing CSCOPE and forcing teachers to … Continue reading

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Stand Up 4 Science

Following is a copy of comments in reference to evolution. Because I do not support evolution, my credibility as a scientist who supports accurate, quality, unbiased science instruction is question. It doesn’t matter that I have a masters degree in … Continue reading

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