3rd Grade Evolution of TAKS to TEKS

Following is a comparison of three 3rd grade math test questions. Notice that each problem has the same math TEKS. Are Texans being scammed by the Texas Education Agency, the SBOE, the Commissioner of Education and every legislature who has … Continue reading

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Support Traditional Family Values

Family Silhouette

From Texas Rep. Drew Springer, District 68 HB 1568   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 10, 2013   CONTACT Travis McCormick (512) 463- 0526     REP. SPRINGER FILES HB 1568 TO PROTECT TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES   AUSTIN, TX. — … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Lower Order Thinking

Statue of The Thinker

Progressivism and Social Constructivism Part II: You’re Out of Order By Cathy Wells Social constructivist philosophy tries quite hard to produce what is deemed “higher order thinking skills.” Another semantical game is being played here because, honestly, what parent is going to … Continue reading

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CSCOPE: Social Constructivism

Building structure at wrong angles indicating that CSCOPE Construction gives a bad product.

What is Progressivism and Social Constructivism Part I: Defining the Terms by Cathy Wells As we discuss CSCOPE, the terms “progressivism” and “social constructivism” keep popping up. Parents might be curious about these terms and want to know what, exactly, … Continue reading

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Women Take On CSCOPE

A silhouette of a woman praying for the education of Texas children as well as children across America.

Traditional Type #1 Education vs Progressive Type #2 Education 1.22.13 To listen to the 25-minute interview, please click below the title where it says in light print, “Click to play.”     WOMEN ON THE WALL RADIO TAKES ON CSCOPE … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Robotizes Teachers

Japan has a humanoid that can be used for some teacher jobs. CSCOPE has basically turned Texas Teachers in to humanoids.

CSCOPE is taking the Life out of Teaching From a Teacher’s Heart by Mary Bowden Jan. 03, 2013 When I taught a methods course called, “The Emerging Reader,” at Texas State, I explained to my students who were all future … Continue reading

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Warning! CSCOPE is in Public Schools

A warning sign to Texas parents about CSCOPE.

                                      What CSCOPE Stands for:      Constructive, Socialistic, Curriculum of Progressive Education    

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Traditional vs. CSCOPE’s Progressive Education

A comparison of traditional education to progressive education.

CSCOPE is a constructivist teaching philosophy.  With CSCOPE, students have self-directed learning, which is called discovery learning. Do you want your children to direct their own learning or would you prefer a teacher directed learning environment?   Traditional (Classical) Type #1- TEKS and STAAR/EOCs … Continue reading

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