3rd Grade Evolution of TAKS to TEKS

Following is a comparison of three 3rd grade math test questions. Notice that each problem has the same math TEKS. Are Texans being scammed by the Texas Education Agency, the SBOE, the Commissioner of Education and every legislature who has … Continue reading

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Public School is Child Care

School Building

Most Texas public schools are little more than stressful child care centers for the last 6 + wks of school. All the TEKS have been studied and the STAAR tests taken in April. Only retests are given after the STAAR … Continue reading

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STAAR Hurting Not Helping

Texas Honor Roll Bumper  Sticker

  The STAAR Tests are not Valid indicators of student progress. KXAN News: by  Erin Cargile , the STAAR tests are doing more Harm than Good. Texas state Representative Aycock told KXAN it is troubling that three years after implementing … Continue reading

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STAAR Lacks Rigor

Fifth Grade Science STAAR question lacks rigor.

Rigorous describes something that is done carefully and with a lot of detail. Is the 5th grade science 2013 STAAR Question #4, shown here, rigorous? Was care taken in writing the answer choices? Choice G is given as the correct … Continue reading

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Poor Leaders = Failing Students

MES differentiated instruction

No Qualifications Needed–Just Volunteer Many districts  demand expertise in an area for a person to be an instructional specialist. Did you know that TEA doesn’t require that an instructional specialist do any more than just volunteer for the job? In … Continue reading

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New CSCOPE Binding Agreement

Parents Viewing New CSCOPE Legal Contract

Parents, contact your school district and find out which loops you must jump through to know what is to be taught your children this school year, 2013-2014. Teachers were allowed to copy and save all the 2013 CSCOPE content before … Continue reading

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Say No to Tweeting

Social Media Moak

WAKE UP TEXAS Parents: Our 20 tax funded state groups , erroneously called Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs), are attacking Texas education from another direction. While everyone is busy debating CSCOPE Lessons, the ESCs are busy as bees putting another program … Continue reading

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Yes, The 20 ESCs are Kicking Off a New CSCOPE ERA The battle against the controversial CSCOPE lessons was recently ambushed by Senator Patrick’s deal with TESCCC, the illegal company created by the twenty Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs). Senator … Continue reading

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Deceitful Politicians

We must be on the Alert to what our state and national politicians are doing. Thankfully, we have Donna Garner to help us. The following is from Donna.  7.1.13 — Please read this excerpt from Family Research Council very carefully … Continue reading

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Why Schools Rent CSCOPE?

Texas Superintendent March to TASA's Tune

Reasons Superintendents and School Board Members Give for Purchasing CSCOPE Rockwall Superintendent Bailey says that the CSCOPE tool provided many benefits to the district that were lacking. For example:  X 1. CSCOPE  was developed by Texas teachers for Texas teachers that brought the pacing … Continue reading

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