STAAR Questions For BP/FP of Water

Question 2  FP water

STAAR Test Questions about the Boiling and Freezing Points of Water are shown on this page. Please contribute teaching ideas for TEKS 5.5B , which is for students to know the boiling and freezing point of water in Celsius degrees. … Continue reading

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Texas School Administrators

Texas Has Too Many administrators

Comments from Fil Barnes In pre-CSCOPE days, my PDAS (and the previous acronymic evaluation systems for teachers) evaluations were always very good. Students reported enjoying my classes, I had a good rapport with parents, and test scores were always up … Continue reading

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Back To Learning About STAAR

5th grade 2014 Science STAAR question #16 is incorrect.

Texas Schools Teach to the STAAR TESTs I am questioning sending kids to public school when most teachers are not provided quality instructional materials. Much of the school year is spent preparing kids for the STAAR tests. STAAR tests are … Continue reading

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STAAR Question #4 Incorrect

Refraction Magnification

Scores for the 2014 5th grade Science STAAR need to be revised. Twenty seven percent of the 5th grade students did not select choice “F.” Actually there is no correct answer because the diagram shown is not correct. The photo … Continue reading

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No STAAR Math Re-Testing in 2015

Happy Children

TEA Changes the Rules Again! Children in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 were forced to attend summer school if they failed the 2014 STAAR math tests. A large percent of these children had passing grades in math, … Continue reading

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TEA Facilitates Failure

Twisted Neck of a Giraffe

Why do Texas students not have textbooks? Why does the Texas Education Agency promote the CSCOPE instructional material sold by the Educational Service Centers (ESCs)? The ESCs originally sold CSCOPE as being a replacement for textbooks. The mission of the … Continue reading

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Texas Kids Rushed to Take STAAR

5th grade 2014 Sci STAAR #3

Are Texas Schools Preparing Kids for STAAR Tests? Thirteen percent of 5th graders missed Science STAAR question #3 . This means 46,308  Texas 5th grade do not understand what inherited traits are. Both, STAAR questions #3 and #30 are aligned … Continue reading

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STAAR Inhibits Education

CSCOPE 5th Science Year At a Glance

Was your child one of the 56,994 Texas fifth graders who missed Question #2 on the 2014 Science STAAR test? The STAAR question shown here is something that every 5th grade students should have been taught. The state standard for … Continue reading

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Why 71,243 kids failed STAAR

5th grade 2014 science staar pass-fail chart

Is TEA Whitewashing the Truth about STAAR Scores? The Texas Education Agency reported that about 80% of Texas students passed the 2014 Science STAAR test. This means 71,243 Texas students failed the test. While 80% of the Texas students passed … Continue reading

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5th Science STAAR Question #1

5th science staar 2014 #1

  Why did 51,130 Texas 5th graders miss STAAR Science Question #1? TEA adds information not relevant to the question, such as shading Texas on the globe and that Texas didn’t change positions after each rotation of the globe. Not … Continue reading

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