STAAR Lacks Rigor

Fifth Grade Science STAAR question lacks rigor.

Rigorous describes something that is done carefully and with a lot of detail. Is the 5th grade science 2013 STAAR Question #4, shown here, rigorous? Was care taken in writing the answer choices? Choice G is given as the correct … Continue reading

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5th Graders Smarter than TEA

STAAR Test Question has two answers.

Did Texas 5th graders really score low on the 2013 Science STAAR Test? Or is it that Texas 5th graders are smarter than the TEA Science STAAR Test Writers? I admit that I would have chosen answer B like 71% … Continue reading

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STAAR Test Error #17

5th 2013 #17 Formation of Sandstone

The 5th GRADE Science  STAAR Question Has Errors. Texas has what are called Independent School Districts, which at one time meant that school districts had local control. Now the Texas Education Agency, TEA controls what your children are taught either … Continue reading

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Evaluating STAAR Question #40


Texas TEKS are said to be more Rigorous. STAAR is more Rigorous What is rigor? I’ve studied the 5th grade science 2013 STAAR test and it appears that rigor means unnecessary information is added to questions. This is not rigor, … Continue reading

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Texas:Common Core Math

Walmart Sale Sign

Yes, Texas embraces the new “21st Century” aka Common Core or Progressive/Constructivism methods of teaching children math. Parents of elementary kids are confused about the new math methods called Partial Products, Lattice Method, and Cluster Problems. Parents, if you are … Continue reading

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Evaluating STAAR Question #6


Are the STAAR tests designed to assess what students have learned? Are the STAAR Test Questions Correct? Do the STAAR Questions align with the TEKS? Are the STAAR Questions  Tricky? The STAAR tests are a one-size fits all assessment. Sadly … Continue reading

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Common Core in Texas Schools

TRS Adverting

TEXANS DO NOT BE DECEIVED: COMMON CORE IS IN OUR TEXAS SCHOOLS. Yes, Governor Perry has mandated that common core not be implemented in Texas schools. So What? Did he say what he would do if schools implemented Common Core? … Continue reading

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Texas Education Plummeted

Texas' Star has rusted from the tears of parents and children who are not being educated.

Texas Education has precipitated to the bottom of the Barrel. The downward gravitation of the quality of Texas Education started when Texas took government funding for education. How has government funding benefited Texas Education? The federal government now controls Texas … Continue reading

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Abolish ESCs

CSCOPE is still in Texas School. CSCOPE has been rebranded as TEKS Resource Managing System

The video below gives reasons why the 20 Texas Education Service Centers need to be shut down–abolished. Published on Mar 25, 2014 CSCOPE is not a medical procedure nor a mouthwash … and World Net Daily Investigative Reporter John Griffing, who helped bring … Continue reading

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Stop Texas Test-a-cation

Fifth Grade STAAR TEST 2013 #38

Our Texas Students Want an Education Not a Test-a-cation Texas schools start preparing for the end of the year STAAR test when school starts. Very little is taught unless it is part of the state standards called TEKS, which are … Continue reading

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