Education is No Place for Politics

Teachers Are Revealing the Truth About Texas Education

A teacher’s perspective on Texas education “reform” by Fil Barnes, science teacher. I am not a perfect person. It is easy to say that, because none of us are. I am, however, an excellent teacher. I would not know this … Continue reading

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Parents Can Change Education

 Parents in Oklahoma are happy about Common Core being repealed in their state. Following is an article about how a group of motivated mothers navigated a political swamp and repealed Common Core. Texas parents can have the STAAR/EOC tests stopped. … Continue reading

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Stop Common Core Conference

MEDIA CONTACT: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Alice Linahan 972-322 #CANISEE THE SOLUTIONS CONFERENCE 2014 TO STOP COMMON CORE ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, JUNE 20 AND 21, 2014 courtyard by Marriott Downtown Convention Center 300 W. 4th Street Austin, TX MODERATED BY … Continue reading

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TEA’s Big Lie Revealed

Schedule of TEKS for STAAR

TEA says the STAAR tests are accurate It is said that if you tell a lie often enough that it is accepted as true. Even though TEA continues to lie about the STAAR tests being valid, few people believe this. … Continue reading

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STAAR/EOC Report Fraud

Biology EOC 213 raw score-scale

Texas Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams, proudly promotes the lie that STAAR/EOC Tests Assess Student Achievement  The Commissioner said, “It’s encouraging to see ongoing improvement in core subjects such as Algebra I and Biology as students and teachers adapt to … Continue reading

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Failing STAAR: Part 4

STAAR Fails Honor Roll Students Why are honor roll students across Texas  failing the STAAR? Why are honor roll students attending summer school? The answer is because they failed the STAAR. The STAAR Test has errors! The STAAR Test is … Continue reading

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Common Core in Texas?

Women On The Wall Conference anti-common core

Exciting News  was launched! #CANiSEE™© what FED LED ED is all about? What exactly are they teaching our children in classrooms across America? Join us in Austin on June 20th and 21st to get the Answers and Solutions! The … Continue reading

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Falling STAAR: Part 3

TEA’s STAAR tests are designed to fail students. Not all students are able to achieve the “high level” of thinking that the STAAR tests are said to evaluate. The STAAR test questions are suppose to be on the application and … Continue reading

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STAAR Scores Falsely Reported

5th science 3-year raw vs scale scores

Are 5th grade STAAR Math Scores being Falsely Reported? Michael Williams, Texas Education Commissioner, has proudly announced the passing math scores for Texas 5th graders. Why did the commissioner report that students only had to understand 54% of the basic … Continue reading

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Falling STAAR: Part 6

Child Taking the STAAR Test

Is the STAAR Test Hurting Children? YES! Texas Elementary School Administrators threaten students with the possibility of failing if they do not pass the reading and math STAAR tests. Following is a note from a parent whose child has failed … Continue reading

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