3rd Grade Evolution of TAKS to TEKS

Following is a comparison of three 3rd grade math test questions. Notice that each problem has the same math TEKS. Are Texans being scammed by the Texas Education Agency, the SBOE, the Commissioner of Education and every legislature who has … Continue reading

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Rider 42

Poof! The ESCs are like friendly wizards who can make millions of education grant money disappear.

>POOF! The ESC Wizards can make $$$$$ disappear. Millions of dollars are given to the 20 Texas Education Service Centers each year for the purpose of providing professional development workshops for Texas teachers. The purpose of the workshops is to … Continue reading

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CSCOPE’s New Name

4th Grade Science Assessmentrors

Parents, If your school is using CSCOPE Assessments, ask for a comparison between grades on class work, including tests, and grades on CSCOPE Assessments. Note that in order to continue to misinform parents, the 20 State Education Service Centers have … Continue reading

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Senator Patrick Deals for FREE CSCOPE Lessons

CSCOPE Download Instructions

Some Texas Public School Superintendents Want to Use the CSCOPE Lessons. Following are comments from different Texas School Superintendents. These comments, reported by Casey Stinnett in the Eastex Advocate Online News are not true. Instead of removing CSCOPE lessons from … Continue reading

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STAAR/EOCs Are Failures

Janice VanCleave Screaming for Help

What is the Purpose of the STAAR/EOC Tests? The TEKS and STAAR/EOC tests are suppose to raise the level of education in Texas. Well, how is it working? As far as I can determine, the only thing being raised is … Continue reading

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Science Academic Freedom

A diagram of a student asking a teacher what to do with science results that do not fit the evolution mold, teachers says to discard them.

 The growing undercover effort to get God into biology class Meet the new creationism-in-sheep’s-clothing: The “academic freedom” bill By Dana Liebelson | February 19, 2013 This article by Liebelson is against academic freedom. You will find that it is all about creationism. I … Continue reading

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Student Tests Scores=Administration Scores

 I taught physics, and my friend taught a modified science program. My students easily passed state tests, but my friend’s students had the ability, but didn’t care. Our teacher evaluations reflected how well our students not only behaved but how … Continue reading

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Why CSCOPE Assessments Scores are Low

CSCOPE tests are assessments, which must be taught.

Why Your Child is Failing CSCOPE ASSESSMENTS? By knowing the difference between an assessment and an achievement test, you will better understand why your child is failing CSCOPE assessments. Teachers must give the CSCOPE assessments. Regardless what the CSCOPE directors … Continue reading

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What is Progressive Education?

Cartoon of student being taped to a dumpster as part of a progressive social /physics lesson.

“Progressive” Education and Taping Kids to Dumpsters WAYNE DUNN (2004.05.03 ) POLITICS In an op-ed back in March, syndicated columnist Walter Williams slammed public schools for their absurd policies. One of the examples he cited was of Metro Nashville Public … Continue reading

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