CSCOPE is a Blight on Education

Map of Texas with black marks winding their way across the state. Title: CSCOPE is a Blight on TX Ed

Teacher Speaks Out About CSCOPE   I wanted to tell you briefly my story. I quit teaching in public school five years ago (2008).  At that time I was teaching 6th grade math in Texas, and I had 16 years … Continue reading

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CSCOPE vs. Old Math Test Books

 Review by Dr. Stan Hartzler CSCOPE Algebra I doesn’t have the rigor that a 1971 textbook has.  Three first-year algebra programs were compared: a 1971 textbook, a 1992 textbook, and the CSCOPE program. All twelve units or chapters were compared. … Continue reading

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Veteran Math Teacher Tells All

Using CSCOPE to teach math is much like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. It take much force an the the results is not satisfactory.

&nbsp Teaching CSCOPE Math is like hammering a square peg into a round hole. The results are equally unsatisfactory. “Veteran Math Teacher Tells All: CSCOPE” by Stan Harzler 11.7.12 [Stan Harzler, Ph.D., is a veteran math teacher in Luling ISD, … Continue reading

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