3rd Grade Evolution of TAKS to TEKS

Following is a comparison of three 3rd grade math test questions. Notice that each problem has the same math TEKS. Are Texans being scammed by the Texas Education Agency, the SBOE, the Commissioner of Education and every legislature who has … Continue reading

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CSCOPE 5th Grade Science IFDs

No IFD Sign

IFD is an acronym for Information Focus Document. The 20 Texas State Education Service Centers (ESCs)  took it upon themselves to restructure Texas Education. These 20 ESCs  created a bogus company by the name of TESCCC,inc., which created an online … Continue reading

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Copying CSCOPE Content

Saving the Content of CSCOPE of 2012-13 CSCOPE lessons

Parents, Find out if your school is still using the CSCOPE lessons. Yes, the ESCs are so dedicated to having the content of the CSCOPE instruction materials used in Texas classroom that they gave away the CSCOPE Content that was … Continue reading

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CSCOPE 5th Grade Science VAD

CSCOPE 5th Sci VAd/Solutions 2012

Teachers were given permission to copy the 2012-2013 CSCOPE Content. Thus, 5th grade science teachers had the opportunity to copy and save the Vertical Alignment Document that compares the Science TEKS for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. The ESCs … Continue reading

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CSCOPE 5th grade Science YAG

YAG 5th Science

This chart is the yearly schedule for each of the 5th grade science TEKS for the 5th grade science STAAR TEST. The grouping of these TEKS has not changed since the grouping was made in 2010. Teachers were given permission … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Q & A: Are Answers Correct?

What is CSCOPE? What is curriculum?
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CSCOPE Misinterprets TEKS?

CSCOPE specificities are shown for a specific world history TEKS.

CSCOPE Claims to be Aligned with the TEKS Listing the TEKS on a lesson doesn’t qualify as being aligned with the TEKS. CSCOPE lists the TEKS, but are the CSCOPE lessons in alignment with the intent of the TEKS? CSCOPE … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Is A Curriculum in A Can

CSCOPE is an instructional material that has "canned" lesson, and a progressive philosophy that is not preparing kids for college.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR CSCOPE curriculum fails students WCMESSENGER WISE COUNTY   By Diana Mosley | Published Saturday, December 24, 2011   Regarding Brian Knox’s summary of the December Decatur ISD school board meeting, I read with interest Superintendent Rod … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Curriculum Components

CSCOPE YAG (Year at a Glance) is the scope and sequence that teachers are forced to use.

What is CSCOPE Curriculum? The components of CSCOPE curriculum are: YAGs,VADs. IFDs, , and Verification of TEKS 1. YAG Year at a Glance, a list of TEKS for a specific grade level subject divided into grading periods. 2. VAD Vertical … Continue reading

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