The Siesta is Over!

CSCOPE Has Dumbed Down Texas Students

Texas has 20 Over-Funded Education Service Centers (ESCs). Texas Education Commissioner, Michael Williams was asked why Texas students are not at a higher educational level. Get ready for the  Earth shaking answer from Williams, who was selected by Governor Perry … Continue reading

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Commissioner Williams Blamed

Teachers are Asked to Jump Higher

Texas Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams has done little…… –to nothing different than his predecessor, Robert Scott. Both Williams and Scott  allowed the 20 over funded Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) to control the instruction materials used in Texas Core … Continue reading

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Parents Have Lost Control

Following is an article written by Donna Garner. I have made comments in red. “What Parents Should Want for Their Children” by Donna Garner 8.30.14  Below is a suggested document for parents to take to their child’s teachers to … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Blamed for STAAR Scores

To the Texas Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams Commissioner Williams, You have not responded to any cries for help to save Texas Education from the destructive CSCOPE tentacles. Instead, you embraced the ESCs, the groups who deceptively dispersed the CSCOPE … Continue reading

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Flawed CSCOPE & Flawed STAAR

Education chief under fire for low passing standards on STAAR By Terrence Stutz 3:16 pm on August 26, 2014 State Education Commissioner Michael Williams came under fire from members of the Senate Education Committee Tuesday over his decision to … Continue reading

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STAAR TESTs Used TO FAIL STUDENTS The STAAR Tests given in Texas have absolutely no educational value. I am very serious about this. I base this evaluation of the STAAR tests on several things, including: 1. TEKS are a group … Continue reading

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21st Century Education Oxymoron

No Service On Computer

21st Century Students are to Apply Knowledge Not Memorize It. 21st Century Education is an oxymoron. Most Texas public and even some charter schools use 21st Century Education materials from the Texas Education Service Centers. This material is designed to … Continue reading

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The Death of Teaching

Texas public schools no longer have school administrators who have the ability to do their job. Texas school administrators are provided training from the 20 Education Service Centers ESCs as well as training from outside programs, including “Lead Your Schools.” … Continue reading

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Why are Kids Failing?

Are Teachers at Fault? I received the following comment from Scott, who identifies himself  as a teacher. ———————————— “I think you are under the false assumption that all teachers are as enthusiastic about teaching as you! There must be a … Continue reading

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STAAR Questions For BP/FP of Water

Question 2  FP water

STAAR Test Questions about the Boiling and Freezing Points of Water are shown on this page. Please contribute teaching ideas for TEKS 5.5B , which is for students to know the boiling and freezing point of water in Celsius degrees. … Continue reading

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