Fed UP

Hi, Today I am fed up with education. Maybe my brain is just getting too old to handle the fact that those in charge from Austin to local schools consider education a business and in one way or the other … Continue reading

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College and Career Readiness Scam

TEA keeps dreaming up new ways to disrupt the focus of the core curriculum: reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. TEA and the 20 Texas Education Service Centers have more than 80% of the Texas School Districts indoctrinated with … Continue reading

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Stop STAAR Madness


Will Someone Please Listen!   The STAAR tests start March 30 and continues through April. During the weeks of testing, regular school schedules are not followed. Thus, teachers have to make sure that all the TEKS for the school years … Continue reading

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STAAR Not Aligned with TEKS

STAAR Science Process Skill

The science STAAR tests do not align with the science TEKS. One of the TEKS Science Process Skills that is emphasized is for students to repeat trials when investigating. Following is the TEKS used for every grade level. Students are … Continue reading

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Why are Kids Failing Math?


The main reason that Texas elementary children are failing math is that many do not read at grade level. This is not a new problem for lower grades. Some kids are “late bloomers.”  Reading well has not in the past … Continue reading

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Cloning of Teachers

The Texas Education Service Centers are Cloning Teachers

Texas is Cloning Teachers The Texas’ education system is made up of different groups that are suppose to work together. If they actually did work together, Texas would be providing the  the best education in the world. One reason the … Continue reading

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CSCOPE Strikes Again

Written by Donna Garner [10.7.14 — I wonder when reporters such as Terrence Stutz are going to try to investigate exactly why Texas’ public school students have lost ground on the SAT.  Could it be (duh?)  that leading up to … Continue reading

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Parent Comment

I hate that our children are not learning a darn thing in school. Teachers are so pressured to teach so much of this b/s curriculum that they can’t help any student that doesn’t get the material, which happens to be … Continue reading

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Money Bag Profit

Parents, The Texas education officials with Commissioner Williams as their leader are robbing us. Because the Texas Education System has had no leadership in years, there is no accountability for the billions –yes billions– of dollars provided for different education … Continue reading

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Parent Exposes Convoluted Math

Parents Fed Up with TEKS and STAAR Comment from a parent of a 3rd grader My daughter started school on Aug 2014. She is in the third grade. On the fourth day of school I opted her out of the … Continue reading

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