Not Prepared for STAAR

Texas Students are not prepared for the STAAR Tests Parents, The Texas School Districts do not prepare your children to take the STAAR Tests. Think About This: If your child is in the 5th grade, the STAAR tests cover all … Continue reading

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Traditional Teaching Has Best Results

A Danger Do Not Enter Signs Needed for Some Schools.

Does Your School Need a Danger Sign? Some Texas schools need to post warning signs to alert parents that 21st Century Progressive Education is being used. The following comment from Scott gives one view of progressive education, which promotes that … Continue reading

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Parents Speak Out

POOF! The ESCs can seemingly magically make things disappear.

Texas Legislatures Provide Millions of Dollars for Education. Education money seems to magically disappear before reaching classrooms. There are too many hands that education money sifts through before it gets to the classroom. The Texas Education Agency receives the lion’s … Continue reading

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Texas Administrators Cripple Education

Fundamental Five's Cane is Crippling Teachers and Students.e Cane

  Gullible School Administrators Introduction by Janice VanCleave The emperor in the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes ” by Hans Christian Andersen reminds me of many Texas school administrators. The emperor like school administrators paid a lot of money for … Continue reading

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Rider 42

Poof! The ESCs are like friendly wizards who can make millions of education grant money disappear.

>POOF! The ESC Wizards can make $$$$$ disappear. Millions of dollars are given to the 20 Texas Education Service Centers each year for the purpose of providing professional development workshops for Texas teachers. The purpose of the workshops is to … Continue reading

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STAAR Hurting Not Helping

Texas Honor Roll Bumper  Sticker

  The STAAR Tests are not Valid indicators of student progress. KXAN News: by  Erin Cargile , the STAAR tests are doing more Harm than Good. Texas state Representative Aycock told KXAN it is troubling that three years after implementing … Continue reading

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What is needed to stop this?

Extreme image of Discovery Learning

Traditional VS. Discovery Learning Sadly traditional learning is being described by some as students sitting in chairs bolted to the floor with a teacher much like the one in the clip-art from On the flip-side is 21st Century Progressive … Continue reading

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Education is No Place for Politics

Teachers Are Revealing the Truth About Texas Education

A teacher’s perspective on Texas education “reform” by Fil Barnes, science teacher. I am not a perfect person. It is easy to say that, because none of us are. I am, however, an excellent teacher. I would not know this … Continue reading

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Help Stop Common Core

#CANiSEE hits Austin~  Can you help me push this article out far and wide. Texas parents lead the charge against Common Core with #CanISee conference Post on social media, post in news letters and on blogs. Texas parents lead the charge … Continue reading

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Parents Can Change Education

 Parents in Oklahoma are happy about Common Core being repealed in their state. Following is an article about how a group of motivated mothers navigated a political swamp and repealed Common Core. Texas parents can have the STAAR/EOC tests stopped. … Continue reading

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