Correction: Test Scoring not TEKS to be Changed


Correction: It is not the TEKS that will be more rigorous in 2015-2016, instead it will be the scoring of the 2016 STAAR tests. “The Commissioner of Education announced in August 2014, that a new second phase-in performance standards will … Continue reading

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Part 7: ESCs are Weak Links

Texas ESCs are the weak link in Texas education.

Texas ESCs are the Weak Link in Texas Education Texas has 20 Regional Educational Service Centers (ESCs). Each ESC is to provide service to public school districts in their region. The Texas legislature has over time increase the ESCs until … Continue reading

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ESCs Exposed: Part 6 Systemic Neglect

Systemic Neglect Systemic –Refers to an entire system. Systemic Neglect in reference to the Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) means no one is monitoring the 20 ESCs and there are no real monitors over the individual ESCs. Q. Who is suppose … Continue reading

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International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

When I first heard about the IB program I thought it was an acronym for  Irritable Bowel. But alas IB is another type of CSCOPE scam being sold to  school administrators and school boards who know very little about educating … Continue reading

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Save $$ by Opting Out of STAAR/EOC

Texas, like the entire United States is allowing for-profit corporations, such as Pearson Publishing, to control not only what is being taught, but when it is taught. In Texas schools, the  entire school year is focused on preparing for the … Continue reading

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ESC’s Exposed-Part 5: Negative Effects

Yearly Schedule of 5th grade TEKS determined by ESC

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 14 percent of fourth-graders knew that it is easier to stay afloat in salt water than in fresh water and could explain why. Q. Why are Texas students less educated … Continue reading

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HB 3571 and SB 1711are Useless

Below is a copy of HB 3571 and SB 1711. The objective of these bills, which are carbon copies of each other, is for Texas public schools to purchase instructional materials that if reviewed by the State Board of Education would … Continue reading

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Pearson Spying on Students

School superintendent reveals that Test Publisher is spying on student social media.

A brave NJ school superintendent reveals that Pearson Publishing is a spy A student in NJ tweets about a test and the NJ state Department of Education contacts the school. Elizabeth C. Jewett, a school superintendent in New Jersey, deserve … Continue reading

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ESC’s Exposed-Part 4: Teacher Training

Location of the 20 different ESCs in Texas.

Texas education is at an all time low. Why? The Texas Education Agency (TEA) thinks first-year teachers may not be receiving effective professional development. Q1. How will TEA determine if first-year teachers are receiving proper training? A1 TEA knows that the … Continue reading

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ESCs Exposed-Part 3: Not Trustworthy

Those responsible for Texas Education smile as they lie to the public and all the while have their finger's crossed.

The Texas State Auditor, John Keel, investigated the ESCs and following is a part of the report. Notice that the ESCs admit to a hap hazard method of record keeping. Remember that the ESCs are suppose to be non-profit agencies. … Continue reading

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