Math TEKS-More DATA Mining?

Kinder Financial Literacy

Has Texas Opened Pandora’s Box? The Texas Commissioner of Educator and the Texas State Board of Education are responsible for all the state content standards. Having “Personal” in the title of the newly added math TEKS about finances is a … Continue reading

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Out of Reach Texas Math TEKS

Books Out of Reach

Texas Commissioner of Education Raises the Math Standards The Commissioner of Education recently said, “Texas students are not ready to be graded by higher standards because the instruction they are receiving in core subjects is not up to the rigorous … Continue reading

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Vision Rebranded Socialism

Wiley ISD Guiding Principles

Written by a Concerned Texas Educator The comments in black are from Janice VanCleave Texas Schools are using the same basic principles as Common Core. They just give it another name, such as DRIVE. Data-Driven:  Means we will collect information … Continue reading

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Happy Children Opted Out of STAAR

Texas Education was Better Before STAAR/EOC Children enjoyed school and were better educated before the STAAR/EOC tests. The Texas Commissioner of Education has no concern for children. It is all about the STATE testing, which have been shown not to … Continue reading

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Why Parents Homeschool

CSCOPE Multiplication

Because students in public schools are taught what is often called Fuzzy Math. Following is an example of Fuzzy Math. What is the point of teaching students to use this method for multiplying numbers? Why waste class time with this … Continue reading

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Gestapo Thought Police

Education coaches in Texas are acutally thought police.

Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs): Over Funded Education Agencies. Millions of unregulated dollars pour into the coffers of the ESCs yearly. More unregulated money comes from the sell of instructional products to Texas schools. In fact, the ESCs  have an … Continue reading

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Clueless Texas Legislatures

Clueless Frog is much like the Texas Cluesless legislatures making education decisions.

In her blog, Diane Ravitch said, “Over the past 20-30 years, Texas became drunk on testing.” “The lobbyists for Pearson Publishing–headed by Sandy Kress, the architect of NCLB (No Child Left Behind)–made sure that Pearson won a five-year contract with … Continue reading

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Student Lab Rats

Mouse Carrying Bag

  Improve Texas Education by Opting Out of STAAR Texas students are little more than lab rats being used to collect testing data. I find it interesting that the Math K-8 TEKS were revised and approved by the State Board … Continue reading

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A Must Read for Parents

The truth about public schools……….. What is being called 21st Century Progressive (Constructivist) Education is a rapid cancerous ideology that is sucking the life from educators. The following is a teacher’s letter of resignation and it was sent to me … Continue reading

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The Siesta is Over!

CSCOPE Has Dumbed Down Texas Students

Texas has 20 Over-Funded Education Service Centers (ESCs). Texas Education Commissioner, Michael Williams was asked why Texas students are not at a higher educational level. Get ready for the  Earth shaking answer from Williams, who was selected by Governor Perry … Continue reading

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