School Choice is a Trojan Horse

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School Choice is not a program that allows parents to choose how their children are educated. It is a trojan horse.

School Choice offers money in the form of  Education Savings Accounts, ESA. Know that a ball and chain is attached to this money.

Did You Know?

According to the Texas Education Agency:  The races making up students in Texas public school consist of:

  • 12.7 % black
  • 52% Hispanic
  • 29.4 % white
  • 3.7 %  Asian.

Did You Know?

The one-size-fits all Texas education program, mandated by the Texas Education Agency and sold primarily by the 20 Texas Education Service Centers has resulted in Texas having one of the lowest college attainment rates in the entire United States. This means that the majority of Texas public school students cannot read and understand what they have read. In fact, while Hispanic students make up the majority of public school students, only about 13% of them can read proficiently or better.


Actually the answer is very simple. The 13% Hispanic students who can read have more self-discipline and parents who support their children’s education. Some get lost in the shuffle of trying to control discipline and give unnecessary benchmark tests that mean nothing. Most of the remaining Hispanic students are on a free ride through Texas Schools. They catch on quick that they cannot be discriminated against because :

Ellos no hablan Inglés
Ellos no entienden Inglés
Saben que van a pasar sin trabajar.

Did You Know?

Out of the 29.4% black students, only 8% can read proficiently or better. 


Again, the answer is very simple. The 8% black students who can read have more self-discipline and parents who support their children’s education. Most of the remaining 21.4% of black students know that they are on a free ride through Texas public schools. When children speak Ebonics in and out of school, and are not taught grammar in the Texas public schools, it is not  surprising that so many black students do not perform well on state assesment test. Throw in lack of structure and poor discipline as well as an atmosphere of disrespect, even contempt for education that may be viewed as being designed for white people.

Yo dey speak ebonix
dey do not dig’ cracker ass english
dey know dey will not be failled , wOrd!


Yes! 81.4% of Texas students are Hispanic and black and ONLY 21% of these students can read proficiently. They are all receive the same instructions and all take the same state assessements. To make matters worse, elementary children who speak Mex-Tex are taught proper Spanish. In other words, a kindergarten student speaks improper Spanish at home and is put in a class where the teacher speaks proper Spanish. This child now has three languages to deal with.

Add lack of self discipline and lack of responsibilites and you have a good picture of too many Texas Public Schools.


1.State assessments are written in Standard English, but Standard English is not spoken in their home of the majority of Texas public school students.  Students text on their cell phones in class, which is another language.

2. Students in the majority of Texas public schools cannot read the original Declaration of Independence because it is written in cursive.

3. TEA is part of the education problem in Texas. This is because TEA is in charge of distributing TOOOOOOO much money. By the time it gets to the classroom, there is only a small % left.

3. The 20 Texas Educational Services Centers need to be eliminated. The multimillions of educational dollars given to these “So Called Educational Service Centers” is wasted. These groups do more harm than good. Some of the educational trainers are not qualified for their position. Shut these centers down and the mamouth buildings they have constructed for themselves can be used for public schools.

4. Texas has 20 regional Education Service Centers because of the diversity of needs of children across Texas. TEA waved some magic wand and deemed all children in Texas to be equal. This was the introduction of a new product written by employees of the Education Service Centers. This infamous ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL curriculum was called CSCOPE. The primary objective of CSCOPE was to teach ALL children the same thing–CSCOPE lessons were basically robotic. Quality teachers were said to be out of touch with the needs to the 21st progressive education process. These teachers were said to be lazy and not interested in learning new methods.

  • This is not breaking news. This entire website was created and devoted to informing Texas parents and others about CSCOPE.

The Senate Education Committee, with Senator Dan Patrick as chairman, was presented with printed pages of just a few of the errors in the CSCOPE Curriculum being sold to more than 80% of Texas Schools. I was part of the Texas Grassroots Education Patriot who spend months collecting evidence, which was no easy task because the CSCOPE curriculum was not made available for public viewing–not even to parents. At the time, public school teachers had to sign a contract with the TESCs stating they would not reveal the content of the CSCOPE lesson to anyone outside the school district.
Senator Dan Patrick expressed shock. He and the other members of the Senate Education Committee were presented with evidence that the CSCOPE curriculum was being sold to Texas Public Schools by a company that was illegally formed by the Texas Education Service Centers. Senator Patrick call this CSCOPE company a Shell Company because it has no street address and no telephone, etc….

One would think with all the experssions of Shock and Awe by the Senate Education Committe, that CSCOPE would have been immediately removed from Texass schools. Those guilty of creating and selling CSCOPE via an illegal “shell” company —Were they punished?

What Happened?
Not much. Senator Patrick made a behind closed door agreement with those he said had a Shell Company. The bottom line is that CSCOPE is still being sold but under a different name, which is TRS, Teks Resource Service. The ESCs continue to this day to control what and when and how teachers present their lessons. The Texas education system wants all children to have an Equal Education, thus the playing field must be leveled. This is done via Inclusion, which students are not separated by abilities. Children who need special attention–extra one-on-one assistance are main streamed. This means that no matter if an 8th grade student can read or not they are scheduled in regular classes. Teachers are required to present EXACTLY the same lesson to their class. There is a set time schedule, thus classes who complete a topic early are not allowed to go to the next topic. By the same token, classes that get behind have to go to the next topic. I ask Wade Lebay, State Director of CSCOPE what happened to children who got behind or children who were absent. His answer was “They will catch up sooner or later.”

I volunteered to add science enrichment for the 8th grade science classes in Marlin ISD. Many of the students did not have a 5th grade understanding of science. Some could not read. 98% of the students were undisciplined, rude and disrespectful. 98% of them paid very little attention. They didn’t have to because from experience they knew the school district was not going to fail 98% of the 8th grade students. Those who chose to play sports did, even though they never brought a pencil to class. The students were not held to any standards. They were not encouraged in any way to be responsible. Sadly, parents were only concerned if their child was going to be send home for their bad behavior. Their concern was why their children was being mistreated. Since the school district was about 90% minority–mostly black, white teachers had a tough time because when they disciplined a black or Hispanic student, racial prejudice was immediately on the table.

politician-with-money-in-his-handSchool Choice: ESA

Now Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has the gall to promote School Choice, which gives money to the Lower-Income families so they can take their children out of the deplorable public schools that he was intrumental in creating. Does this man ever think about what he is saying? He wants to provide money to low-income families so they can choose to homeschool their children or send them to private schools, or a public school that is better then the one in their district. The money will be provided as a debit card which is pumped up periodically.
One reason that many childen from lower income families do poorly in school is that their parents are not attentative to their education.

Some parents do not properly feed their children. Thus, some Texas schools send elementary school children home on Friday with a backpack of food.
Do you think these parents will be attracted to the idea of being given a debit card if they remove their children from public school and homeschooling them? Of course and their interest will increase when they discover will get $5000.00 per child per year. If their children have any disabilities they will get even more money. The percent of disabled Texas children could increase.
Don’t Trust Politicians Offering Money. 

School Choice??
Read between the lines. Look at every word and you will find that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is not supporting a bill that gives parents a choice in how their children are educated.  Parents will havMozilla launches StopWatchingUs.come to purchase educational materials approved by the state. Will this be CSCOPE under another name. Also, any private school taking School Choice money will have to teach the State approved educational material–in the way approved by the state. YEP! Big Brothere will have his eye on you.



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