Texas Education is Broken

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Governor Abbott, Please Fix Texas Education!

Everything about Texas Education needs to be fixed.
Everything about Texas Education is broken in the sense that Texas children are not being educated.

Illegal Texas Unions

Unions for educators is illegal in Texas. But, our school administrators and school board members have  found a loop hole in this law and have created unions for themselves.

Illegal Use of School Taxes

I question the legality of school administrators and school board members using school taxes to pay for their personal union membership dues as well as personal expenses to attend union conferences.

Commissioner of Education

The past commissioner of education, Robert Scott and the present commissioner, Michael Williams, both supported the Illegal Unions created by Texas School  Administrators and School Board Members. These two commissioners of education also allowed the 20 Texas Education Service Centers to govern themselves. Commissioner Williams had directors from the ESCs to be part of writing regulatory rules for the service centers. Basically, these rules allow the service centers to continue doing what ever they want to.

Governor Abbot, please appoint a new commissioner of education who is not politically aligned with the two illegal unions representing school administrators and school board members.

Governor Abbott, Many of our Texas school administrators and school board members are more interested in making money than educating children. Most of the administrator for the 20 Texas Education Service Centers are retired superintendents. The ESCs no longer provide services, instead they sell materials and services. Superintendents and school board members are responsible for purchasing the materials that the ESCs sell. Thus superintendents purchase ESC products and surfaces to improve relations with the ESCs for a future retirement position that pays exceptionally high–very much above average salaries for non-profit education agencies.

Governor Abbott, The ESCs now provide training for certification of teachers, principals, and superintendents  as well as school board members.

The School Administrators union and the School Board union hold their meetings in the ESC facilities. On occasion, Michael Williams attends these meetings.

Governor Abbott, know that the School Superintendents Union’s original goal was  to transform Texas education. With the help of Robert Scott and Michael Williams along with members of the State Board of Education, TEA and the 20 ESCs, the progressive framework (comparable to common core) has been put in place.

Govenor Abbott. PLEASE Listen

Texas Needs A Commissioner of Education Who Can Cowboy-Up!

“Gov. Abbott, Please Listen to Our Concerns: 2 for 2 in the Wrong Direction”

by Donna Garner



Gov. Greg Abbott has just nominated Sara Martinez Tucker to be on the University of Texas Board of Regents. She is an outspoken advocate of Common Core Standards; and if confirmed by the Texas Senate, she would be in charge of overseeing thousands of future teachers. (Please see Sara Martinez Tucker’s article posted under Resources below.)  



Ironically while Greg Abbott was the Texas Attorney General, he issued a strong ruling on 6.17.14 that states, “Texas school districts are required to provide instruction in the essential knowledge and skills at appropriate grade levels…they may not use the Common Core State Standards Initiative to comply with this requirement.” (Please see TAG Greg Abbott’s opinion posted under Resources below.) 


It is rumored that Gov. Abbott plans to appoint Duncan Klussmann as the Texas Education Commissioner. (Please see article posted under Resources.)  



If Gov. Abbott were to appoint Duncan Klussmann to the position of Texas Commissioner of Education and is successful in getting both him and Sara Martinez Tucker confirmed, Gov. Abbott would be 2 for 2 in going in exactly the wrong direction for our Texas school children.  




1.17.15 — “I Hope This Is a Rumor: Klussmann As Texas Ed. Comm.” — by Donna Garner —http://www.educationviews.org/hope-rumor-klussmann-texas-ed-comm/


Sara Martinez Tucker praises Common Core:  2.25.14 – “It’s Time To Change the Common Core Debate” – by Sara Martinez Tucker – U. S. News and World Report —http://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2014/02/25/the-common-core-standards-debate-is-off-the-mark


6.17.14 – Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s opinion against the Common Core State Standards Initiative being implemented in Texas schools —  https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/opinions/opinions/50abbott/op/2014/pdf/ga1067.pdf


Donna Garner


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