Pearson Spying on Students

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A brave NJ school superintendent reveals that Pearson Publishing is a spy

A student in NJ tweets about a test and the NJ state Department of Education contacts the school.

Mozilla launches StopWatchingUs.comElizabeth C. Jewett, a school superintendent in New Jersey, deserve an award for speaking out. Ms. Jewett made public the fact that Pearson Publishing monitors the social media of students during days of state testing. What else does Pearson monitor?

Ms. Jewett’s note is at the bottom of this page. I’ve outlined the information because Pearson Publishing is in control of the state testing in Texas.  I want to warn Texas parents that Pearson will be monitoring the social media of students in Texas for even a hint of the content of STAAR/EOC tests they will soon be taking.

Pearson monitors all social media during state testing . What is Pearson Publishing afraid that students will reveal about the state tests?

Pearson is very vigilant. At 3:18 PM a student in New Jersey tweeted  about a question on the New Jersey state test she had taken that day. That night at 10 PM Ms. Jewett, the school superintendent received a call notifying her that the state department of education had been contacted by Pearson about the tweet.


A student’s tweet about a Pearson test was considered a Priority 1 Alert reported to the New Jersey Department of Education. Hillary Clinton’s use of her personal email account to share top secret government information has had less attention than the student’s tweet. Hillary’s years of emails about government documents is more of an OOPS! Sorry about that, while the student’s tweet about the Person test has the state department of education demanding action against the tweeting student.

I suggest that all parent opt their children out of the state tests.

Read Ms. Jewett’s note below very carefully. Notice how out of proportion the report from Pearson was. Notice how fast the state department of education reacted and demanded punishment based only on the word of Pearson. Thankfully the superintendent of the school district was not so fast and after investigating discovered that parents have another good reason for opting their students out of state test–Pearson is a spy.

What is being done with the test data collected by Pearson? Are some of the test questions designed to extract personal information from students? Why all the secrecy? What is Pearson trying to hide?

An easy solution is to opt your children out of state tests.

More about the following note from Superintendent Jewett can be found Here.

School superintendent reveals that Test Publisher is spying on student social media.



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  1. Social media is accessible by anyone and everyone including employees of the DOE. If you place something out on the internet, you have made it available to the whole world. If you don’t want the DOE following you, then block them on your Twitter page. Maybe the student should have thought before tweeting information about a state test. You and others on your page don’t hesitate to follow students/parents/administrators from Magnolia High School so why shouldn’t the DOE follow other students?

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      The point of the article is that Pearson Publishing is monitoring the social media of students.
      The article doesn’t refer to Magnolia High School, but you might notify the Magnolia student to
      be sure and not tweet the words STAAR/EOC tests.

      You are so correct about the whole world being able to view the content of social media. More people
      need to understand this.