God is not allowed in Texas Schools

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America was founded on the Christian faith–believing in Jesus Christ as Lord. President Obama announced that America is not a Christian nation.This statement indicates that people of all faiths can freely worship in the United States. But this is not true.Texas teachers can give instructions to students about the Islamic religion, Islamic holidays and even have students dress in burkas, but a study of Christianity, Jesus Christ, Christian holidays is discouraged and often forbidden.
I started teaching in 1966, thus I have seen many educational philosophies come and go. Public schools in Texas pledged the American flag and said the Lord’s prayer at the start of each school day. Religion was not part of instructional materials. Some science teachers supported evolution and some did not. Students today are suppose to reason for themselves, they are encouraged to question whether there is a God, but they are not allowed to question evolution.
Obama’s common core education program, directed by Linda Darling-Hammond guides children to question all authority, including parents and educators.Is this why children are more disobedient?
The Common Core philosophy is for students to discover everything for themselves. They are to question the fact that 2 + 2 =4. This ludicrous idea is why the education bar for Texas children as well as American children is so low. Students are being taught less in school, and the state tests increase in complexity. Those in charge of state education have the insane idea that the more complex the state tests the more educated will be the students. DUH!
Children in the US are not taught to write in cursive. They cannot read the original historical documents of our country nor letters from older relatives.
While Texas Governor Perry was verbally standing against common core at the same time he was approving financial funding that promoted CSCOPE, an instructional material based on Hammond’s common core educational philosophies.
Following are comments from Ginger Russell about the UN’s International Baccalaureate Program that is now being implemented in our Texas schools.
Parents are being mislead about this program. Ginger gives just a small taste of the truth of this  new anti-God instructional program.
Many Texas Schools have or planning on implementing the UN’s International Baccalaureate Program as in the case with Magnolia ISD. The Diploma Program aspect of the IB program has a required course called “Theory of Knowledge”. There is absolutely no academic value to this course. It is all about brainwashing and having students question everything they have been taught as truth even their faith. Below is a copy of page 56 out of the Pearson “Theory of Knowledge”
I have bought two “Theory of Knowledge’ textbooks. This course is no friend of America or Christian Values. I can only pray that our pastors and christian brothers and sisters get involved in what our taxes are paying for. Who is going to protect our kids? 
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