Fed UP

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Today I am fed up with education. Maybe my brain is just getting too old to handle the fact that those in charge from Austin to local schools consider education a business and in one way or the other the object is to make a profit. Sadly the profit is measured in $$ and/or position whether real or imagined.

I fight for teachers and will continue to do so, but am finding that many teachers have given up and are doing what they have to do until they can retire or afford to resign. It is easier for teachers to write a TEKS on the board along with a problem for kids to solve. Then allow students to share their ideas and together discover the answer. Sounds like a good plan, but I’ve yet to see a class that it works in. On what planet do students come to class with a burning desire to share ideas about math or science concepts? No matter the age, when the boss is not in charge the productivity level decreases. In the business world, without supervision, a business  is more likely to go bankrupt. Yet, those in charge of Texas education–TEA, State Board of Education, Commissioner of Education, the Senate and House Education Committees, as well as all legislatures are supporting the ridiculous idea that students should be in charge of their own education. Now our children in the 3rd grade will be deciding what they want to be when they grow up–they are making career choices. These children are in the process of learning to read and do math. Sadly because more class time is used for testing, deciding on careers and the college they want to go to, and sharing ideas with other kids while the teachers are guides on the side, kids in the 8th grade are still not reading well and most can only multiply and divide with a calculator.

I volunteer to help kids with science and math. But, most don’t ask for help because they are not given assignments that will be graded. Students work together and thus share their work. Tests are the only time students produce individual work and everyone is shocked that only a few students pass tests. DUH!!! This is because only a few students choose to learn and/or have parents that encourage as well as demand the best from their children.

I truly am fed up with parents who are content if their children pass even though they know they can hardly read or do math. I am fed up with parents who know that their children are not receiving a quality education. I do understand that it is difficult to know what to do. My advice is to opt your children out of the STAAR/EOC tests. This is the only thing that will wake up our education leaders. When enough parents say NO! to the data collecting STAAR/EOC tests, then and only then when parents have the attention of everyone in the state. Then you will have people listening. What are the scores on the STAAR/EOC used for? NOTHING –Absolutely NOTHING that benefits your child.

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