Why 71,243 kids failed STAAR

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Is TEA Whitewashing the Truth about STAAR Scores?Whitewashing STAAR SCORES,jpg

The Texas Education Agency reported that about 80% of Texas students passed the 2014 Science STAAR test.

This means 71,243 Texas students failed the test.

While 80% of the Texas students passed the test, we need to take a closer look and find out what it takes to pass the 5th grade science 2014 STAAR test.

Click here for a list of the raw score conversion table for each of the 2014 STAAR tests.

For elementary grades, forget about the conversion from raw score to scale scores. This is all dreamed up by TEA after student tests are graded. What you want to look for is the raw score that a student has to have to pass the test. For 5th grade science this is 26. Raw scores are the number of questions that students answered correctly. So if a student answered 26 of the 44 science question he or she would have passed the 5th grade 2014 Science STAAR Test.

No one really cares that students only have to answer 59% of the 5th grade Science STAAR test question.

TEA and the State Commissioner of Education proudly announce that 80% of Texas Students passed the 5th grade STAAR Science Test. But what about the 20% of students who failed this test. Remember they only had to get 59% of the questions correct.

TEA and the Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams have made no statement about the 71,243 Texas 5th graders who failed the test. This is a lot of children.

Why are Texas 5th grade students failing the STAAR Science Test?

1. Did  71,243 Texas students fail the 2014 5th grade Science  STAAR test because the STAAR test questions were:

  • confusing?
  • not age appropriate?
  • incorrect?
  • not aligned with the TEKS?

2. Did  71,243 Texas students fail the 2014 5th grade Science  STAAR test because their school district did not prepare them for the STAAR test?

  • Is it because the state of Texas is deceiving the public about the accountability of the Texas School Districts?
  • Is it because 111 Texas School Districts and Charter schools are not quality educating facilities? The state rates such schools as needing improvement? Students who fail the STAAR tests just fail. They are not rated as “needs improvement.”
  • Does your school district need improvement?
  • How many of the 5th graders in your school failed the Science STAAR Test?

In an attempt to find out why so many Texas 5th grade students failed the 2014 Science STAAR test, I will  analyze each of the  forty four 2014 5th grade Science STAAR test questions. Please help by adding comments.

You can find 5th Grade STAAR Science Question #1 Here. Know that 14% of Texas Students gave incorrect answers. When you use percentages it doesn’t sound very bad. Let me restate this:

WHY die  51,130 Texas 5th grade students give the wrong answer for question #1 on the 2014 STARR Science test?



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  1. Fil Barnes says:

    Janice, you cannot write about this enough.If only parents would understand what a bill of goods they have been sold! The tests are horrible and the scores are useless. When I get a chance to write again (probably another week or so), I will give the teachers’ side of this useless practice. I like to call it “The Data Fad.”