What is needed to stop this?

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Incorrect Image of a Traditional TeacherTraditional VS. Discovery Learning

Sadly traditional learning is being described by some as students sitting in chairs bolted to the floor with a teacher much like the one in the clip-art from dreamstime.com.

On the flip-side is 21st Century Progressive Education aka discovery learning. Teacher lead learning classrooms are considered old fashioned. The 21st century teaching methods promotes more student control and collaborative learning.
Discovery Learning is said to provide students the freedom to share and collaborate with other students. Thus students learn everything they need to prepare for the future if teachers will just stand back and allow them to make their own choices Teachers are to be mentors and guides. Is this happening in your schools? The collaborating little pigs in the diagram are having fun, which is an important part of discovery learning. Do you think they will discover on their own that their equation for the production of ammonia is incorrect–hydrogen is diatomic.
Yes, both diagrams shown are as extreme as are the descriptions of what has become two polar styles of teaching: Traditional vs. 21st Century Progressive  Prior to the Federal and State Government taking over public education, teachers were allowed tExtreme image of Discovery Learningo design lessons and use creative teaching styles that was best for the students. Now, teachers have mandated formats for their lessons and districts providing   “Lead Your School Professional Development” have power zones where teachers must stand. I am serious about this. “Lead Your School” is a very expensive professional development program paid for with title 1 funds. These government funds in the past were strictly regulated, but it seems to be  more gooey-loosely  regulated now. Who would approve of using funds to pay for a professional development program that  forbids a teacher from sitting at his/her desk during class unless they are in arms reach of a student.  Yep, this is part of the “Lead Your School” program. If your school district is paying for “Lead Your School,” ask what the district is paying for this program. Also ask for a list of the 5 steps teachers must follow.  I am providing you with these steps, but
The Fundamental Five Steps that my local school district pays $75,000 to “Lead Your School” each year. Since this school is on TEA’s turn-around school list, the school is forced by TEA to not only pay for this absurd fee for the same program each year, but also is mandated by TEA to pay the local Education Service Center for the CSCOPE/TRS curriculum that has been proven to have errors.
Fundamental Five Steps
1. Frame the Lesson: Explain to students what the lessons will be about.
2. Work in the Power Zones: Areas of the classroom that is thought to be most effective when teaching.
3. Frequent, Small-Groups of Students who are to be purposefully talking about the Lesson they are Learning.
4. Recognize student achievement and reinforce this with a pat on the back or other positive strokes.
5. Write Critically: No matter the subject, at the end of every class students are to write critically about what they have learned.

Note: How does one write critically about a lesson on division? Are students taught to write critically? What is critical writing? The program doesn’t give information about how to write critically, it just dictates that students are to do this.

In Texas, the twenty state Education Service Centers (ESCs) have become tax exempt vendors who sell instructional materials to Texas school districts. Since the Texas Education Agency (TEA) promotes the products sold by the ESCs, these state agencies have an unfair market advantage. I think this is called a monopoly.
There is too much education money up for grabs for Texas to have a quality education system. Too much money with very little or no checks and balances. A recent evaluation of the 20 ESCs’ finances revealed a few million dollars not accounted for. These state agencies are tax-exempt and they have a surplus of money??? UUM!
Why are the ESCs allowed to have such sloppy financial records?
The ESCs promote  21st Century Progressive Education because they sell 21st Century Instruction Materials.
Back up so you can get a wide angle view of Texas Education. Let’s just follow the trail of the Rider 42 grant money. The 81st Texas Legislature gave TEA the Rider grant of $200 million. About three-fourths of the grant was to be used specifically to educate Texas teachers about the new TEKS for STAAR. The 20 ESCs were given the money to write TEKS professional development materials as well as to give workshops to Texas Teachers.
Did every teacher in Texas  attended these TEKS professional development workshops? NO! In fact few even knew about them. This is because the ESCs didn’t announce these free workshops. They did list them with the other workshops they offer (mostly for a fee) in their catalog.
1. How is it that the Commissioner of Education allowed the ESCs to take the millions of Rider 42 grant money and not fulfill the purpose the grant was given for?
2. Why did TEA pay the ESCs the millions of Rider 42 grant money when it was obvious that the ESCs did not provide the service the grant money was given for?
3. What happened to the $200 Million dollars from the Rider 42 grant?
The big question is —Why did the State Board of Education approve state standards said to be so complex that teachers could not understand them. These standards are called TEKS. Who convinced the legislatures that a sum of $200 million dollars was needed to “translate” the TEKS for Texas teachers? As a teacher, I personally find this insulting.
The irony is that the ESCs were  given the task of explaining all the science, math, ELAR, and social studies TEKS and the ESCs wrote the infamous, incorrect, anti-American CSCOPE lessons.
Let’s look back to 2010 when the ESCs received the Rider 42 grant money. Did the 20 ESCs develop TEKS professional development materials and present workshops for Texas teachers as directed in the grant? NO!
Instead, the ESCs wrote and sold instruction material to the TEXAS schools called CSCOPE that was advertised to contain the TEKS specificities called for in the Rider 42 grant.
Let me make this real clear—-
The 20 ESCs were paid about $200 Million dollars to prepare TEKS professional development materials and to give TEKS workshops for Texas Teachers.
The ESCs were paid the millions of  Rider 42 grant money, but did not meet the specifications of the Rider 42 Grant.
Instead of preparing free TEKS materials and workshops for Texas Teachers, the ESCs prepared CSCOPE, which was sold to the Texas public schools. I hope that I am stating this so that you understand that the ESCs sold the materials they were paid via the Rider 42 grant to prepare. The ESCs are still selling this material to Texas school districts. Instead of CSCOPE the material has a new name, which is TEKS Resource Services.


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