Vision Rebranded Socialism

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Written by a Concerned Texas Educator
The comments in black are from Janice VanCleave

Texas Schools are using the same basic principles as Common Core. They just give it another name, such as DRIVE.
Wiley ISD Guiding Principles

Data-Driven:  Means we will collect information to control.  We will set you up for failure/dependency and then we will use the results (data) to justify taking more power away from teachers, parents and students.

The best example is the state tests: STAAR/EOC
Data from these tests are used to determine if a child is promoted no matter the grades earned during the school year. The Texas education code is clear that o the decision of the School’s Placement Committee to retain a child is FINAL.

“The decision of the grade placement committee is final and may not be appealed. – See more at:

Rigorous Delivery of Curriculum:   We will disguise confusion and convoluted approaches as higher thinking skills because the answer is not achieved in a timely efficient manner.  Then we will slap the word ‘Rigorous’ on top of it.

The “Discovery Learning” teaching method being used is called the “21st Century Technology Method.” Constructivism is another name for the method of the “Rigorous Delivery of Curriculum.” It is rigorous because students are expected to teach each other and teachers are to be guides but are not to provide the basic facts.

How is this 21st Century Teaching Method working? Are your children reading better than ever? Can your child write in cursive? How about the state test scores? The Commissioner of Education has to admit every year that there has been no progress –scores remain the same–LOW.

What is the point of purposely making curriculum more rigorous when students need to know the basics –how to read–how to multiply and divide. Following is an example of Rigorous Curriculum for Texas 2nd graders.

This is a suggested test question for 2nd grade students. The Question comes from the state supported Education Service Centers who created this material and then sold it to Texas School Districts with superintendents who still support the CSCOPE Curriculum Instructional materials.

2nd grade math number line


Increased Learning Time:   The brain learns independently.  It can actually learn without a group.   By using more time in inquiry-discovery with Professional Learning Communities (PLC) you have interlocked another dependency factor.

PLC’s are the sugar-coating for social constructivism (principle of liberal Constructivism aka progressivism)

PLC is one if not the worst program being introduced in our Texas Schools and TEA is allowing it. The Commissioner of Education is allowing teachers to be forced to use a script and not defer from  it. This is how it works: A “coach” is assigned to all 5th grade science teachers on a campus. The coach and teachers meet during the teacher’s planning period and map out the lessons to be presented. The coach sets the framework and teachers give suggestions –but only one lessons for all the teachers is approved by the coach. The coach monitors the teachers to make sure they follow the Cloned lesson exactly–day by day. Every teacher is to be teaching exactly the same thing every day. NO Flexibility– Teachers are NOT ALLOWED to enrich the lesson in any way.

The objective is for all students to receive EXACTLY the same information on EXACTLY the same day. Are you thinking that with this type of program there is no need for teachers? Are you thinking that our education system is being Driven toward programs much like those enforced by Hitler?
Do I Sound a bit radical? Stop and think about the addition of the following statement to the Texas Education Code: “The decision of the grade placement committee is final and may not be appealed.” – See more at:

Parent rights are being taken away.

Vision:  Unified for Excellence:   This is a cover/rebranding of socialism. 

Everyone is on the same page at the same time and can not move ahead of the crowd.   Schools were always a form of socialism because it addresses the needs of the masses and not the individual.  But dedicated teachers still had influence on the individual needs of each student.  They no longer do.

Effective Leadership:  Gestapo like tactics take the power away from the parent and the teacher.  Removal of textbooks create a dependency on whoever provides the information.  Lack of transparency.

Our Texas legislatures passed SB 6, which allows Texas school districts to purchase anything and use it as instruction materials. Textbooks are no longer required because of SB 6. The new Worktexts, which are workbooks with text materials, ARE NOT reviewed by the State Board of Education.

The Science Fusion worktexts by Houghton, Mifflin, and Harcourt is a common core textbook with some revisions to match the science TEKS.

CSCOPE Instruction Material was implemented into about 80% of the Texas Public Schools and teachers were forced to sign a non-disclosure contract stating they would not reveal the content of CSCOPE lessons. They signed are lost their job. This was exposed during the Senate Education Committee hearing on CSCOPE in Jan. 2013. What was done? NOTHING

A notice from the Education Service Centers was sent to Texas School Districts on 8/12/14. It was to encourage schools to continue to purchase the CSCOPE materials, which has a new name of TEKS Resource Systems (TRS). With the hype about TRS was this statement:

“Additionally, teachers are no longer required to sign a user agreement. We trust teachers and want to make sure they are able to maximize the utility of the site.”

This statements lets us know that teachers were not allowed to reveal what was being taught during the 2013-2014 school year.
Parents did not know what was being taught to their children.

Parents— find out what is being taught to your children.
Are parents allowed to visit classrooms? Find out.






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