Texas Kids Rushed to Take STAAR

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Stressed Mother and ChildrenAre Texas Schools Preparing Kids for STAAR Tests?

Thirteen percent of 5th graders missed Science STAAR question #3 . This means 46,308  Texas 5th grade do not understand what inherited traits are.

Both, STAAR questions #3 and #30 are aligned with the state standard TEKS 5.10B. This TEKS plainly states that kids need to understand the difference between inherited traits and learned behavior. Why don’t they? Is it because many Texas elementary schools use CSCOPE instructional materials instead of science textbooks? Do your children have textbooks?
5th grade 2014 Sci STAAR #3

Answer C  for question #3 would tempting to choose, but not if students had raised caterpillars and observed their eating habits. Sadly teachers have only about 120 days to present all the 5th grade science TEKS before they take the STAAR test. The

STAAR tests are given in April  so there is enough time to tutor and retest students who fail the reading and/or math STAAR tests. 5th grade 2014 Science Staar #30Retesting students has become more important that providing a quality education.

Twenty eight percent of 5th graders missed Science STAAR question #30 . This means 99,740 students do not understand what learned behavior is.

STAAR Testing and retesting is given much more importance than providing time for students to learn the material they are tested on. TEA purposely made all TEKS more rigorous. Students could more easily pass the STAAR tests if they were given more time to learn the materials.

Parents, contact your senator and state representative. Tell them to make changes in the education code.

1. The STAAR tests should be given at the end of May. Kids are taking the STAAR before they have had time to student the material they are being tested over. Why? So there can be two retestings –one before school ends and the other during summer school. TESTING AND RETESTING is more important than educating the students.

2. If the test is given to assess student progress, then only one test is needed. No Retesting. No summer school for STAAR retesting. Students who fail the reading and/or math STAAR tests attend an accelerated tutoring class and then are retested. Special STAAR retests are given to 5th and 8th grade students. But, schools design the  retest for kids in grades 3, 4, 6, and 7.

Think about this: A Texas elementary school had a banquet for honor roll students. These kids were given metals. Some of these honored students were told the next day that they had failed the reading and/or math STAAR test. Those in the 3rd and 4th grade had to attend summer school. Who created the retest? Teachers? If so, the same teachers who designed the tests that kids made A’s on designed the test that the failing honor roll kids would take in summer school. Does this make sense? NO. It is all about the school district receiving grant money for each student attending summer school.

3. The STAAR tests should not be used to determine whether students pass or fail; or whether seniors will be allowed to graduate.

Think About This: Student with passing grades, even honor roll students, can be retained if they fail the STAAR reading and/or math test. This means STAAR scores are more important than the grades earned during the  school year.

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