Traditional Teaching Has Best Results

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A Danger Do Not Enter Signs Needed for Some Schools.

Does Your School Need a Danger Sign?

Some Texas schools need to post warning signs to alert parents that 21st Century Progressive Education is being used. The following comment from Scott gives one view of progressive education, which promotes that teachers follow one specific guide when preparing lessons. Scott also praises the CSCOPE lessons that the Texas Senate education committee banned from being sold by the Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs). To keep the  CSCOPE lessons in our classrooms, the  ESCs gave the CSCOPE lessons to Texas schools.
A few facts about the ESC directors responsible for creating and selling CSCOPE. These directors  lied when the public was  made aware of these facts:

1. Parents were not allowed to see the content of the CSCOPE lessons.

2. Teachers were forced to sign a non-disclosure contract stating they would not reveal the content of the CSCOPE lessons.

3. To have equal education across Texas, teachers were to teach the same thing on basically the same day. Thus students transferring from one school district  to another would be on the same page.

Comments from Scott
Foundation material is important, but when using the 5E model of teaching it is not where you begin.
Students should be Engaged, allowed to Explore the concept for themselves, and then and only then the teacher should Explain. This way of teaching works so much better than a teacher lead learning classroom. No student wants to sit and listen to lecture day after day and then do worksheets!
Given the chance students do learn by thinking and collaborating with their classmates.
 CSCOPE is a great asset in my classroom. Is it perfect? No, but as the teacher I can correct and make changes as necessary. Do I use all CSCOPE lessons? Absolutely not, after all the lessons in CSCOPE are only exemplary (serving as an example) and we’re never meant to be taken as the end-all-be-all of lessons!
The 5E model of teaching used by CSCOPE is what has made my students successful. This along with the Instructional Focus Documents have helped my get to the specificity of the TEKS!

Following is a Teacher’s  Reply to Scott’s Comments

Dear Scott,
We have an abundance of studies that substantiate the fact that students in a direct teach classroom (traditional teaching) learn more information, can show what they know, and simply put, they outperform students in classrooms with other modes of instruction.  You are putting forth a fallacy of instruction, however, you are touting the current brainwashing that is leading schools down a rabbit trail.  Nothing can even come close, in terms of student outcome, to a dynamic teacher delivering powerful direct-teach instruction.
What is your goal?  Like other teachers, you are most likely  dedicated to getting your low performing students to achieve.  Look to  Catholic parochial schools.  It is a well known fact that their low socioeconomic, minority students emerge performing on par with private school peers.  Boom–they did it.  They closed the achievement gap.  How?  By delivering the very type of instruction that you discard.
When are administrators and the teachers who walk behind them going to wake up?  Most fads sold by a consultant in a shiny polyester suit do little to raise student achievement, but they do make the consultant rich.  Stop selling your students.  Give  students a chance to excel by rising to the level of master teacher.  No master teacher puts kids in groups and tosses them into deep water to teach each other how to swim. The question remains:  If the students teach students technique works, why are teachers needed? Certainly, those students could meet in the cafeteria or library and teach themselves, don’t you think?  Oh, I see, you are planning to teach them, but you want them to work ten times as hard to dig out the learning.  That will really turn kids on to learning.   Take a look at the performance of our American students and then take a good look in the mirror.
Thanks for letting me share what I think of the 5E, data driven instruction, research based, profit driven cheap tricks that are pawned off on schools by consultants, most of whom couldn’t hack it in a real  classroom and left for the big bucks.


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  1. to Scott from a teacher says:

    Exciting hands on experiences only benefit a student with solid background knowledge. Although I am quite sure you are an outstanding teacher, a quality textbook allows a student to continue learning when you are not there. Why would you deprive your students of extending their learning? if you discard the value of textbooks you bind your students to learning only when you are present. I am very familiar with the “old CSCOPE lessons” in science. They were of such poor quality that I am sure if you are getting strong STAAR scores it is not to be attributed to those lessons which were often full of errors. Frankly, the students who pass are likely to be proficient readers rather than superb science students. My guess is that your school has a program that promotes reading. What I see is teachers doing a lot of activities in the classroom that are mediocre from a pedagogical standpoint and we are producing students who aren’t mature in their study skills nor their overall ability to write and speak about their subject at a grade appropriate level. This hinders the students’ long range ability to pursue higher studies. You neglected to say what age you teach. I am glad your campus is successful. My students make so much gain by using a solid textbook as well as lab work that I am convinced authentic rigor comes from students advancing in the discipline of science.

  2. My goal is simple, to educate through exciting hands on activities. The approach we have taken on our campus is working. We received a distinction in Science for 2014. Even 70% of our Socio-Eco students passed STAAR. We do all of this without textbooks and using may of the “old” CSCOPE lessons.