TOO Many School Administrators

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How Many Administrators does your school district have?

My local school district has Teacher With Idea Surrounded by Administratorsabout 1,000 students on three separate campuses. One superintendent, one district instructional supervisor, one Computer Technology Supervisor. The elementary campus with around 450 students has  a principal and three assistant principals. One of the assistant principals handles student discipline, another assistant principal has a title of Instructional Specialist, and the third assistant principal’s position is to—–not sure what the duties of this person is.

The other three campuses like the elementary school have many administrators plus counselors, etc………

The diagram shows one person with a bright idea being surrounding by observers. I am using this diagram to represent a veteran teacher who has years of teaching experience. This teacher by choice attends professional workshops including online computer courses, such as how to use a class Wiki.

Sadly most of this teacher’s technology training cannot be used with her students because the school district doesn’t provide the facilities. Being a CSCOPE/TRS school means that the district purchases the instructional material produced and sold by the Texas State Educational Service centers. Thomas Ratliff, the lobbyists for Microsoft and illegal member of the State Board of Education whole heatedly promotes the CSCOPE/TRS materials because it is said to be  a 21st Century Technology program. Ratliff and the ESCs selling CSCOPE/TRS materials fail to tell the public that this material is only for teachers. Nothing about the CSCOPE/TRS instructional material teaches technology to studnts—The CSCOPE lessons which are still very much available are worksheets. The CSCOPE/TRS instructional materials include tests with questions that may or may not be aligned with the state standards. One thing you can count on is that not all the test questions are correct.

The new administrative position now called Instructional Specialists was created so that teachers could be monitored. The veteran teachers immediately figured out that the CSCOPE materials had little to do with improving Texas education. Instead, the CSCOPE instructional materials came with a specific schedule that was eventually to be followed by every Texas teacher. All teachers would be doing the same thing on the same day.

REMEMBER how the news media praised the idea that a student moving from El Paso to Houston could leave one school and enter the other and be on the same page. This idea was even picked up by national news. Wow! Every 5th grade science teacher across the US might eventually be doing the same lesson on the same day. Veteran teachers revealed that this was a ludicrous idea. If for no other reason that due to weather some schools close. OOPS! The whole schedule for the US would be through off. But a much more important reason that forcing teachers to “goose-step” and become robots all using scripted lessons does not meet the needs of all students.

1. What if a student is out of school due to illness? The teacher is to stay on the time schedule and the student has to catch up. No specifics about this.

2. What if  students in one school need more time to better understand a  lesson? The teacher is to stay on the time schedule and these students will eventually catch on.

3. What if  students in one school quickly grasp a concept?  The teacher will just have to improvise with enrichment materials and stay on schedule.

There can be no flexibility in the schedule or the entire objective of students transferring from school to school without getting behind is voided.

Is your school District still using this same schedule? Know that to confuse parents and others the ESCs changed the name of their instructional materials from CSCOPE to TRS instructional materials. Same schedule just a new name.

CSCOPE Veteran TeachersVeteran Teachers presented the Bright Idea of allowing them to continue to provide quality instructions using textbooks—I forgot to say that with the CSCOPE materials schools were praised by the Texas Comptroller for providing an inexpensive program. Textbooks are expensive and the CSCOPE materials did not cost as much.

Of Course the Texas Education Service Centers can provide less expensive materials. The employees of these  20 groups are paid with Texas tax money. These 20 groups receive millions of dollars each year to create instructional materials and professional development programs for teachers. Since these groups basically govern themselves, what they do with the money they receive is not monitored. Thus, they are given tax money and allowed to sell the products they create.

The Rider 42 grant of about $200 million dollars was to provide TEKS professional development for TEXAS teachers.The ESCs are still selling materials now called Informational Focus Documents (IFDs) to Texas schools with information they were paid to write and provide at no fee to TEXAS teachers.

Veteran Texas Teachers who reported the truth about CSCOPE instructional materials were vilified and said to be lazy, uncooperative, and negative to the modern 21st Century progressive technology teaching methods. The Number 5 power point slide was used to train Texas Administrators . Yes, the very Educational Service Centers that Texas tax money supports used their time to create a power point to vilify Texas teachers–Veteran teachers. The Veteran teachers have been correct all along—the Texas Education Service Centers produced a poor quality online program for teachers. This program called  CSCOPE is still being erroneously described as a 21Century technology instruction material.

The Bright Idea is to STOP! and take a LOOK! at what is going on in Texas Classrooms. LISTEN to what teachers are saying——-

Reduce the number of administrators and use this money to purchase quality textbooks and supplies.

There are too many School Administrators, too many disruptive walk-throughs by administrators given the title of  Instructional Specialist.

Instructional Specialists would be a good place to start the RIF—-These administrators do not have to have any special training. The same is true for Technology Administrators.

For personal experiences Non-Negotiable Teacher Reviews from  a Texas Teachers, see Diary of a Mad Texas Teacher


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