Thomas Ratliff Bullies Women

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Thomas Ratliff Is Bullying Another Woman

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Ratliff, the lobbyists for Microsoft and member of the State Board of Education, has found himself another woman to bully.  Ratliff’s negative comments about Ginger Russell running for a position on Magnolia ISD  School Board is more than an attack on Ginger. Ratliff calls Ginger a Home School Mom as if this disqualifies Ginger from this position. Is it homeschooling that Ratliff is attacking or the fact that Ginger Russel, by choice, is a Homemaker?

Are there any ethics codes for members of the State Board of Education? Thomas Ratliff, as a member of the State Board of Education is criticizing Ginger Russell, a woman, for taking interest in her local school district. Thomas Ratliff aligned himself with the illegally formed company called Texas Education Service Center Collaborative Curriculum, TESCCC. TESCCC was the company responsible for selling CSCOPE to Texas Public Schools, including Magnolia ISD. The 20 Education Service Centers across Texas illegally formed TESCCC and the State Senate Education Committee identified the company as illegal and requred it to be closed. Maybe closed is not the right word for shutting down a “shell” company that has no address, telephone number or no employees.

Notice the Names on the Critics List

The list was prepared by Region 8 as one of the power point slides used to train Administrators who purchased the CSCOPE Instructional Material for their school. Like Thomas Ratliff, the CSCOPE directors are bullies. Notice that the names on the CSCOPE Critics list are women. If the Education Service Centers really believe that  CSCOPE is a quality educational product, why spend training time to alert Texas Public School Administrators that three women dislike and criticize the CSCOPE Instructional Material?

My name, Janice VanCleave, is listed first on the critics list followed by Ginger Russell, my daughter. Now about Ann Kunkel—What litter box did the CSCOPE directors scratch in to dig up anything controversial linked to Ann Kunkel? The truth is that Thomas Ratliff as well as the CSCOPE directors discredit anyone who asks questions that could reveal the truth about their business transactions.

A CSCOPE Powerpoint slide listing critics of CSCOPE.Thomas Ratliff promotes having social media in schools. Tweeting is a popular social media, and teens have used this to bully students. Teen suicides are linked to tweets by bullying teens.  Yet, Thomas Ratliff, a member of the State Board of Education, uses social media to discredit Ginger Russell’s name.

Why? Because Thomas Ratliff doesn’t want Ginger Russell to be elected to the Magnolia ISD School Board.

Magnolia ISD is not a school in Thomas Ratliff’s district. Does Thomas Ratliff spend time tweeting about every person running for school boards across Texas? Or, does Thomas Ratliff have an ulterior motive for discrediting Ginger Russell?

Why is Thomas Ratliff so adamantly supportive of CSCOPE?

The 20 Education Service Centers (ESCs) are  vendors who sell  CSCOPE. Does Ratliff’s support of CSCOPE give the ESCs an unfair marketing advantage? Of course it does. But what’s the advantage for Ratliff? What does Ratliff gain by vilifying anyone who reports the flaws in CSCOPE?

Ratliff Vilifies Ginger

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