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3rd Grade Pie Chart for New TEKSFollowing is a comparison of three 3rd grade math test questions.

  • Notice that each problem has the same math TEKS.

Are Texans being scammed by the Texas Education Agency, the SBOE, the Commissioner of Education and every legislature who has supported the changes in the state standards and state testing?

First it was a change from the TAKS to the STAAR tests. Students were beginning to make higher scores on the TAKS tests so it was decided that new more rigorous tests should be given. Thus the

This change was to add more rigor to the state standards. While one cannot make a general conclusion from one TEKS, I can say that for the 3rd grade math TEKS for the three problems there has been no change in rigor.

Have all the changes in the TEKS and state TESTS improved the quality of education in Texas? NO

Are Texans  being scammed?

Every time the state standards are changed, a new state test and new instructional materials are developed. More money is being spent developing new TEKS and TESTs and less money is being spent where it is most needed–in the classroom–hiring teachers. More more is being spent hiring administrators –new titles, such as instruction specialists, instruction coaches, etc………………

The transition from TAKS to STAAR was promoted as a big event. The 20 Education Service Centers (ESCs) promoted the lie that teachers could not use textbooks because they did not align with the new TEKS for STAAR. Thus, books were stored. The 20 ESCs sold their unvetted instruction material called CSCOPE to 80% of Texas schools.

The bigger the promotion of the lie that new material must be created each time TEKS are modified, the more money is wasted on purchasing materials. In reference to math TEKS, you can see from the three example problems that some TEKS remain the same. The most recent revision of the math K-8  TEKS are said to be drastic. Thus the SBOE “shelved” the new TEKS until textbook companies could include these TEKS in their books.

Publishers are not likely to publish books just for Texas. Instead, if the math K-8 TEKS are basically the same as common core standards used in most states, publishers just do some tweaking –add the TEKS and voila’ Texas has a math book with TEKS. This is how the Texas Science Focus worktext was prepared.

The new revised math TEKS are a combination of TEKS from different grades. This guarantees that some math concepts will never be taught to some students. For example, the 4th grade TEKS moved to 3rd grade will not be taught to students entering the 4th grade. With Instructional coaches watching every move teachers make, there will be no opportunity for teachers to introduce these TEKs.

Education in Texas is a mess. Why? Too many people are making money. Too many people turn their head the other way and allow money to be misused. The leader, the Commissioner of Education is not qualified for his job. Why did Governor Perry appoint some one to a position that was not qualified?

Texas education revolves about the STAAR test.

Parents can stop this by opting their children out of the STAAR/EOC tests. Do this now and at the same time have it on record that no data is released about your children without your written permission.

Yes, it is good to assess the progress of students. The STAAR/EOC tests are not an assessment, instead they are focus of the lessons for the entire school year. Now there are “coaches” monitoring what teachers teach and if a TEKS  was not on the past STAAR tests teachers are not to spend time on the TEKS. Do these coaches know what is on the STAAR?

Are there consequences for opting out of STAAR? Yes. Find out what they are in your school district and decide for yourself if you want to opt your child out of STAAR.

STOP the STAAR testing by opting your children out of these tests. Click Here For information about opting out of the STAAR.

3rd Evolution of TEKS 4

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  1. My sons are at a new charter school in kelley Tx. I’m now very concerned as I found out my 8th grader’s teacher read the very disturbing book called Children’s Story by James Clavell. This is a dystopic fiction that degrades Faith in God, patriotism and family. A lot of critical thinking is involved in understanding the redemptive purpose and 8 th graders think very concretely. This is a disturbing read. Does anyone know if this is part of c scope curriculum?

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      There is nothing except parents that can stop such material being used in
      our classes. Our Christian leaders, pastors, turn a blind eye to what is
      being taught. Why?

      Parents must organize and let their school board know what they want and do
      not want taught to their children. Your local school board and your superintendent
      are totally responsible for the instruction materials used in every classroom.

      Parents and the community are responsible for voting for school board members.
      Too many school board members do not have a clue about what is going on in education.

      Parents cannot depend that the administrators of their school district are making decisions
      that are best for the education of their children.

      Parents must organize and put a stop to the use of materials that degrade Faith in God.