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Texas has 20 Over-Funded Education Service Centers (ESCs).

CSCOPE is the Reason for Dumbing Down Students

Texas Education Commissioner, Michael Williams was asked why Texas students are not at a higher educational level.

Get ready for the  Earth shaking answer from Williams, who was selected by Governor Perry to Lead the  Texas Education System.

After four years of observing and evaluating Texas schools, Commissioner Williams pinpoints for the Senate Education Committee Texas’ major educational problem.

With this knowledge no doubt the Senate Education Committee members are busy as bees holding conferences to determine the fastest way to set Texas education back on track. Maybe those reading this article will send them suggestions.

OPPS! I forgot to unveil the Commissioner’s  breaking news. You can read it for  yourself ——

Williams said, “…Texas students are not ready to be graded by higher standards because the instruction they are receiving in core subjects is not up to the rigorous level of questioning on the STAAR.”

“Our instruction has not yet risen to the level it needs to be…We haven’t jumped high enough in the classroom.”

WOW! The Texas Commissioner of Education has identified “Instructions” as the reason students in Texas public schools are not ready for higher level education standards.

Let me quote from Star Trek, “Beam Me Up Scotty. There is no intelligent live on this planet.”

Seriously, the reason Texas students cannot read or PRINT well is because they are receiving low-level instructions?

The commissioner is correct if he is referring to instructional materials being used. If this is the case, then HOORAY for Commissioner Williams. He is brave to admit this but he was informed about this problem as soon as he took office.  Better late than never.  What will the Senate Ed. Committee do about it? Will this committee believe the Commissioner of Education that instructions are the problem?

Now, will the Commissioner of Education be bold enough to identify the instructional material at fault.

So the Senate Ed. Committee doesn’t have to spend several million of dollars forming committees to determine how to identify the instructions causing the problem, let me identify it for them—-its CSCOPE, which is now called TRS.

What instructional materials have been used in more than 80% of the Texas school districts for almost a decade? 

I seriously do not understand why the Commissioner of Education as well as the members of the Senate Education Committee act like they have no clue why children in Texas schools cannot read and PRINT well.

How many times does it have to be announced that the CSCOPE (aka TRS) instructional materials do not include phonics–thus kids do not read at grade level?

CSCOPE doesn’t include cursive, which is linked to development of many cognitive skills. Try taking notes by printing only–no cursive. Is signing legal documents to be a thing of the past? Or, will our Texas students be allowed to print their names?

The reason Texas education is on a steady decline is that TEA, the SBOE, the Commissioner of Education, the Senate Education Committee, the House Education Committee, every senator and ever state representative, and most of all Governor Perry know very little about the poor quality instruction materials the ESCs create and sell to Texas schools.

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