The Death of Teaching

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Texas public schools no longer have school administrators who have the ability to do their job.

Texas school administrators are provided training from the 20 Education Service Centers ESCs as well as training from outside programs, including “Lead Your Schools.” These training programs provide Texas school administrators with a check list of what teachers should be doing in their classrooms.

Without a checklist, Texas administrators do not have the ability to determine if a teacher is “Teaching.”

Since Texas administrators are basically inept at their jobs and need a checklist to function, all Texas teachers teaching the same subject must do the same thing so that the Texas administrators do not get confused. Texas administrators evaluate teachers by making 3-minute walk-throughs–just long enough to mark the boxes on the prepared check-list for that teacher on that specific date.

Yes, tax-dollars are not only being spent to pay administrators a salary, but tax-dollars are also being spent purchasing computer programs that provides a check-sheet for each teacher every day. This is because teachers are given a schedule of what is to be taught for a specific number of days. All 5th grade teachers must be teaching the same thing on the same day. In fact, so that there is equality of education, teachers must be doing the exact activities on the same day, much like Robots.
The Texas Commissioner of Education is in charge of Texas Education. Thus, this person should have a background in education. One would assume that this person was a veteran teacher, had experience in being a school administrator, etc………….. The responsibilities of the Texas Commissioner of Education are many and the quality of Texas education depends on the expertise of this person.

Texas Governor Perry is responsible for selecting the Texas Commissioner of Education.

Who did Texas Governor Perry select to direct Texas Education? The Texas Railroad Commissioner, Michael Williams.

Why would Texas Governor Perry select Michael Williams whose background is not in Education to be the Texas Education Commissioner? My guess is that Governor Perry does not want the Texas Education money trails to be discovered because Governor Perry wants to be a presidential candidate.

The past Commissioner of Education, Robert Scott and the present Commissioner, Michael Williams are in place to keep things calm. Both allow the Education Service Centers to govern themselves. Neither have required the ESCs to be accountable for the millions of education dollars  received by the 20 ESCs.

As to the STAAR testing—-no accountability to the amount of money being spent on testing and retesting when the state standards are not up to par. How many times will the math TEKS be changed before a Commissioner of Education is appointed that DEMANDS qualified educators to write these standards.

The Texas Math STAAR tests will be given in 2014-2015 but this test is based on Math TEKS that are being revised again. Thus, teachers will be forced to use the poor quality math TEKS, students will learn these poor qualaity TEKS, and students will spend 4 hours taking a Math STAAR test that has no value. This is the kind of decision that Commissioner Michael Williams is making. WHY? There is money in giving tests and retesting brings in even more money.


Have you ever thought why the STAAR tests are given in April, long before the end of the school year?

It is students can take retests. Why all the retesting?

If the STAAR/EOC tests are used to assess students, one test is all that is needed and it should be at the end of school.








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