Texas:Common Core Math

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Walmart Sale SignYes, Texas embraces the new “21st Century” aka Common Core or Progressive/Constructivism methods of teaching children math.

Parents of elementary kids are confused about the new math methods called Partial Products, Lattice Method, and Cluster Problems.

Parents, if you are not able to understand elementary math something is wrong with what your school district is teaching your child.

Parents–Do not let teachers and/or administrators bully you. Yes, I said bully you because that is what is happening in too many of Texas as well as schools across the United States.

Look at the sign shown for the big sale on Coca-Cola. This is not a joke. The next time you see a comparable sale sign, ask about this sale. I have done this and the clerk’s eyes glazed over. She had no idea what I was talking about when I told her it was not a sale and the price had not been reduced.

Call it Common Core, call it 21st Century math methods, but the bottom line is that Texas students do not know how to multiply, divide, add, or subtract. The STAAR test allows kids to use calculators in middle school and high school. I have tutored high school students in math and believe me they are lost without the calculator that has all the algebra formulas. Plug in the numbers and voila’ you get the answer.

Parents, you must stop this. Your children are the victims of one big education fraud and no matter the source if it is promoted as the new progressive 21st Century Method, know that you are being hustled. Know that the person is trying to sell you swamp land. Know that the person has no idea what they are talking about they are just like a parrot that repeats things it hears over and over and over.

Watch the video. Sadly it is true.

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