Texas Education Plummeted

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Texas Education has precipitated to the bottom of the Barrel.

The downward gravitation of the quality of Texas Education started when Texas took government funding for education.
Texas' Star has rusted from the tears of parents and children who are not being educated.
How has government funding benefited Texas Education?
The federal government now controls Texas education. No child left behind–Thanks President Bush–I voted for you and you helped mess up Texas Education.

Race to the TopCOMMON CORE. Thanks President Obama, you sir have really helped to destroy the valued traditional education of American children. How did you manage this when the Federal Government is not suppose to have a Federal Education Curriculum?

How about selling lottery tickets–
How has this benefited Texas Education?

Some school districts are now paying groups to lobby for them so that they get more money. Must be another loop hole in the rule that schools are not to pay lobbyists.

One of the biggest cause of the downward slide of Texas Education is due to the private organizations called TASA and TASB. Texas tax payers are paying the dues of Texas administrators and school boards to be members of these two destructive groups. Yes, millions of school taxes is being diverted to TASA/TASB by your superintendents and school board members. No wonder your schools need money.

But more about this later. We have to make changes and they must be done NOW!!!!!!

Read the comment below from a parent. It describes what is happening in every school in Texas. We are not educating children. Instead, we are preparing them to take the STAAR TESTS. Children in the 1st grade are tested to see if they are ready to take the STAAR  test in 3rd grade. If not they are placed in intervention classes. Now students will be placed on different track depending on the STAAR test grades in elementary. Your child’s future is being decided by his/her elementary STAAR tests grades–College? or Trade School?

Comment from a Texas Parent

My daughter is having a horrible time in school she’s been put into the 504 program and under the special ed cap because the teachers don’t have enough time to teach the basics. Instead, teachers are drilling the mandatory parts of the STAAR test. My 8 yr old daughter is LOST .

I had a meeting with all of her teachers, principal and counselor to see what the problem was.

The conclusion of these education Guinness:
My daughter does not understanding  because she is not  focused on the lessons.

I told them she can’t catch on to something that she has no clue about.

The Answer to this Problem :
I told them to forget about STAAR  If my daughter doesn’t  know the basics she will fail STAAR.

They all agreed but didn’t change not one thing at all.

My daughter comes home with homework that she doesn’t understand.
I try to help her to the best of my capability but the teaching is totally different from my time so it’s hard……I want a tutor but can’t afford to pay for one so now my daughter is just going to continuously fail unless the state changes…..


The Star shown in the Texas Map has a rusty color. The Texas education system was something to brag about before the people and groups trusted with overseeing the quality of our education lost focus. Texas children are not failing, instead the Texas Education System is failing our children.

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