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TEA Reported that About 80% 5th and 8th grade students taking the 2014 STAAR passed on the first attempt.

Under state law, Texas students in grades 5 and 8 must pass the STAAR reading and math tests to be promoted to the next grade. A second administration of the STAAR grade 5 and 8 mathematics and reading assessments is scheduled in May. A third administration of the tests is scheduled during the summer.


No matter what a students class grades are, if they fail to pass the reading and math STAAR tests, the student will not be promoted to the next grade.

Students who are passing in their classes can withdraw from public school prior to the STAAR tests and be homeschooled. These students can enroll in the next grade when school starts the following school year. This is because  Homeschooled students do not have to take the STAAR tests.

Students whose parents opt them out of the STAAR are punished one way or the other by school administrators. In some schools, the children are not allowed to attend school and are considered truant. Parents can be taken to court. In high school, students who opt out of the STAAR tests are not allowed to graduate with their class nor receive a diploma.

Look at that the chart below. I have added the minimum passing scores for each grade and year. I question the validity of assessment test that preset low passing scores. The passing scores around 54% for 5th grade and at 39% for 8th grade. At these ridiculously low  passing grades, announcing that 80% of students passed the tests is nothing to celebrate.

TEA's News Blast 5th and 8th grade reading and math STAAR scores


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