Teachers Hate CSCOPE

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CSCOPE is being used but parents don't know it. The 20 Texas Education Service Centers Hide the Truth

Don’t let your local so called education service center deceive you. The 20 ESCs are still promoting the CSCOPE instruction material. They have just hidden the flawed CSCOPE material by changing its name. The new name for the same CSCOPE material is — TEKS Resource Managing System.

But like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, The TEKS Resource Managing System name is the only thing new. Schools are still dumbing down your children with the flawed  incorrect, anti-American, anti-Christian, poorly written, incorrect CSCOPE lessons and assessments.

Why are Texas Public School Superintendents still paying for CSCOPE?

Schools that have been seized–and I do mean seized—are forced by TEA to purchase the material from their local Education Service Center. Doesn’t this relationship between TEA and the ESC create a monopoly? Or would it be more correct to compare this to organized crime? The ESCs established an illegal company, TESCCC, that was described by Senator Dan Patrick as a shell company. This description was given because the TESCCC had no address, or telephone number, no bank account, etc…. The same is true of “Lead Your School,” which is a professional development that TEA forces seized schools to purchase at a very costly price. Marlin ISD is a very small district and has paid over $150,000 for the PD given by Lead Your School. TEA’s methods have organized crime characteristics. The ESCs have a monopoly on education managing systems. It is a real cycle. The products produced by the ESCs contribute to students failing the state STAAR tests, thus more school districts have failing results and TEA seizes their school. Seized schools are forced to purchased the same ESC products that caused students to fail. After a couple of years of a school district’s money being sucked out and given to TEA conservators and other TEA mandated monitors, the ESCs and fly by night groups like “Lead Your School,” TEA pronounces they have healed the problem and  turns the school district loose. Since the quality of schools influence the economics of an area and especially a small town, TEA is contributing to the decline in the economics of small towns. TEA promotes the work of the TEA conservators in the Marlin schools and at the same time forces Marlin to send out letters to parents that they can send their kids to surrounding schools.

Following is a comment from a teacher forced to teach to the CSCOPE TEST–better known as TEKS Resource Assessments.

This is my first year to teach 2nd grade and I feel as if I am teaching  3rd or 4th.

The pressure to pass is HORRIBLE!!

I just do not want to fail ANOTHER stupid assessment….

And how bad is that? If the kids fail I have failed in the eyes of my district.

I am not “teaching” in the sense that I set out to do, instead  I am “teaching” for a test.

All the b.s. paperwork our district has us do to “prove” we are using the curriculum is a waste of time.
We get the test out and teach to it.

In my mind, I am failing my students.

Janice, You are correct that we (teachers) need an organization to back us… HOW does that happen?? You sound as if you would be perfect to get that going.


I agree with this teacher. We need an organization that will back up teachers. They do not have anyone to protect them while school taxes are used to pay membership fees for public school administrators in a private organization called TASA. Administrators have legal protection offered by TASA. What do teachers have? They may pay out of pocket for membership to teachers organizations that stood arm in arm with TEA and the ESCs in reference to CSCOPE. These teacher organizations take money from teachers but give nothing in return.


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