Student Lab Rats

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Improve Texas Education by Opting Out of STAAR

Mouse Carrying Bag
Texas students are little more than lab rats being used to collect testing data.

I find it interesting that the Math K-8 TEKS were revised and approved by the State Board of Education in the spring of 2012, yet the unrevised sub-standard math TEKS K-8 continued to be used in the Texas Schools.
Was this because the STAAR Math tests aligned with the sub-standard TEKS had already been printed?

During School years 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, the Commissioner of Education considered the Math and Reading scores from class work not to be relevant in determining whether 5th and 8th grade students would be promoted. These students were only allowed to be promoted if they passed the STAAR Math and/or Reading test. No matter what a student’s class scores, they didn’t matter if the student did not pass the STAAR.

The Commissioner has waved his magic wand and deemed a students class work in math relevant for the school year, 2014-2015. But the class work for reading will not be relevant and thus cannot be used to determine if a student is promoted. Only the STAAR reading test scores are relevant enough for this.

The one year reprieve from having to take STAAR retests  ends and 2015-2016 starts math retesting again.

The Commissioner says that the scores on the STAAR math tests will be used to set a standard for the 2016 STAAR Math tests. UUM! The lower the scores the lower the standard. NAH! I wouldn’t encourage kids to draw hearts on the test answer sheet, instead, I encourage parents to opt out of all the STAAR tests.

The STAAR tests most likely assess what students have learned–this is becausue the STAAR tests are given in April before Texas students are given time to learn the content they are tested over.

If parents want to make a difference in the quality of education their children receive–opt out of the STAAR/EOC tests. If enough concerned parents opt their children out of the STAAR tests, the Commissioner of Education as well as TEA will listen–-Texas students are only being prepared to take tests. Our Texas children PRINT instead of writing in cursive. Our Texas children as a whole read poorly, but they know how to bubble in test answer sheets.

 Does the Commissioner of Education know that after the STAAR tests are given, Texas Public elementary school are more like Child-Care Centers?

Teacher prep students for the STAAR tests, students take the tests, then what?

The entire curriculum for the year has been covered, but there are many weeks of scheduled school left.

The Commissioner of Education is so correct—students are not receiving quality instructions. Instead, Texas students are being drilled to take the STAAR. So little time to prepare, so much time wasted after the test.

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