STAAR Trumps Class Scores

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Even Honor Roll Students Are Failing STAAR TESTS

Even Honor Roll Students are Failing STAAR Tests

Why are some honor roll students across Texas failing the STAAR Reading/Math tests?

Why are students with passing grades attending summer school if they fail the STAAR reading and/or math test?

The STAAR Reading and/math Test Scores void passing grades of Texas Students–even the grades of honor roll students.

Students on the honor roll will not be promoted if they fail the reading and/or math STAAR tests. These honor roll students must attend accelerated instructions and given a retest. The TAKS and STAAR tests have errors. These have been reported to TEA yet nothing has been done. I am asking for an investigation of the STAAR tests. If these test trump all grades earned in class for the entire school year, there has to be proof that the STAAR tests are correct, are aligned with the TEKS, and are grade appropriate.

Contact Jimmie Don Aycock,  the state chair of the House Representatives Education Committee, about this. Inquire about the following:

1. What is the point of students attending school if the only thing used to assess student grades is the STAAR TESTs?

2. Why is there a rule that students must attend a specific number of days during the school year when only the  STAAR test scores are used to determine if a student will be promoted.

3. Since the STAAR tests are given in April each year, there are about 6-wks of school left in the school year.
Since the STAAR tests cover the concepts for the entire school year, students either have not studied the content for some STAAR questions and/or the curriculum for the entire year has been condensed and presented prior to the STAAR testing.

Students are not being prepared for the STAAR tests, yet the scores on the STAAR trump all class grades.

Why ?


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