STAAR Tests Not Necessary

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Are Parents are being Bullied into believing kids must take the STAAR

Breaking News! STAAR TEST Unnecessaryl It was this time last year that Ann Work ( published the four biggest secrets about the Texas STAAR Tests. If you did not read this expose, be sure and do so now. Ann Work is on top of the latest news about Texas education news. Educator Says STAAR Unnecessary These may be four of the biggest secrets in the history of Texas’ state tests: There’s no law that says your child has to take the STAAR test, there’s no guarantee that your child’s test scores will matter to anyone but the state, and colleges set their own admissions requirements that evaluate applicants on SAT or ACT scores, not STAAR. And, it may not even be advisable for your child to take the test, according to some educators and parents. “The TAKS and the STAAR are a figment of the imagination of the public school system. When you earn a passing score on the STAAR, you’re only passing through an imaginary door of the school itself. It has no value to anyone as a measurement. Parents need to really understand that,” said Mary Bowen, a fifth-grade Texas teacher. Click Here For the rest of this story about the STAAR TEST

Note from Janice VanCleave:

I am reviewing the STAAR Science Released Test Questions.
Am I the only one finding errors in the STAAR test questions?

Please help me review the questions that were used to assess our children last year. You can find these on the TEA WEBSITE.

Please send your concerns about the STAAR to me. Add a comment on this website, or email it to



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