STAAR Modified vs Regular

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What is the difference between the following two STAAR Test questions?

The modified test has larger font and larger spacing between the lines.
The modified test separates the information putting it into a separate box.
The modified test has three answer choices instead of four.

A reading specialists pointed out that the modified test has more to read as well as it has extra science facts. Semiconductor is part of the modified test and not on the regular. So, while the larger print size and spacing makes reading easier, there is more on the modified test to read.

There are a few other differences but both require the student to know that the element is a metalloid found on the ziz-zag line on the right side of the periodic table. Why give two tests if all students are required to know the same information?

The STAAR TESTs are to assess student knowledge. The comparison between these two types of tests indicate that the regular STAAR tests are designed to make it more difficult for students to read the tests. Also, the regular tests are written so that students have more difficulty in understanding the content. Why? Is it science knowledge that is being evaluated or whether students can decipher the small print, small spaced information.

Even the coloring of the periodic table is different. Note that on the modified test there is a zig-zag line running through area 2. This is a clue to the answer.

Why are the Science STAAR Tests purposely designed to increase reading difficulty?

Since the reading level of most students is below grade level, STAAR Math, Science, and Social Studies TESTs are a waste of money. These tests do not evaluate knowledge about these subjects. Instead these tests indicate that our children cannot read.

Please review all the the STAAR Released Test Questions for yourself. The link for the STAAR given in 2013 is found Here.


1. Stop giving the STAAR tests until students can read and write well. Take the multi-millions of dollars spent on STAAR TESTing and hire teachers to help students learn how to read and write.

2. Take the multi-millions of dollars given to the 20 Texas Education Service Centers and hire more teachers to help students learn to read and write.

3. More teachers—More teachers— Put the teacher monitors in a classroom.

4. Beg veteran teachers to return to our Texas Schools. Pay them what they are worth.


Modified and Regular STAAR question about the periodic chart.


Is adding rigor accomplished by using smaller font size and smaller spacing between lines?


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