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>POOF! The ESC Wizards can make $$$$$ disappear.

Poof! The ESCs are like friendly wizards who can make millions of education grant money disappear. Millions of dollars are given to the 20 Texas Education Service Centers each year for the purpose of providing professional development workshops for Texas teachers. The purpose of the workshops is to ensure that Texas students meet or exceed standards of proficiency in the core curriculum of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


The Rider 42 Professional Development (PD) Academies are part of a comprehensive initiative directed by the 81st Texas Legislature to support local education agencies in ensuring students meet or exceed standards of proficiency in English language arts (ELA), mathematics, science, social studies, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS).

In 2009, the 81st Texas Legislature, through Rider 42 (General Appropriations Act, Article III) authorized the development, implementation and evaluation of the Rider 42 PD Academies and an online Platform, Project Share, that extends professional development opportunities to Texas teachers.

The first Rider 42 PD Academies were implemented during the summer of 2010. The second PD Academies were implemented during the summer of 2011, and remaining available funding was spent on  Rider 42 PD Academies and Project Share. Information is said to be found on the Project Share website.


Executive Summary of Rider 42 Grant

The purpose of the first interim report is to present findings related to the first research objective of the Rider 42 Professional Development Research Study (PDRS): “Assess the content of, delivery of, and participation in face-to-face PD Academies.” The report first provides an overview of the legislative and program history of the Student Success Initiative (SSI) as the context in which Rider 42 Professional Development (PD) Academies were developed. The report continues with a description of the research, a presentation of the key findings of the study, and recommendations based on the findings. To provide additional formative feedback for program staff, the report also presents more detailed findings related to each research question. Finally, the report describes the next steps in the execution of the comprehensive evaluation of the Rider 42 PD Academies.

The entire Rider 42 Professional Development Research Study can be found on the TEA website Here.

 Excerpts From the Rider 42 Professional Development Research Study

Note: While a total of $200 Million dollars was provided, TEA only had one Rider 42 Professional Development Research Study (PDRS). TEA representative said there was not enough money for further evaluations.  Janice

History of the Student Success Initiative (SSI)

The SSI, originally launched in 1999 with Senate Bill 4, during the 76th Legislative Session.

The majority of the earlier SSI programming and funding were targeted to districts through the Accelerated Reading/Math Instruction grant programs (ARI/AMI). The purpose of those grants was to provide districts with additional financial resources to provide immediate, targeted instruction to students who demonstrated difficulty in reading and/or math.

Questions from Janice

1. Did all the millions of dollars given to Texas School Districts have a lasting effect on the reading program of Texas School District?

2. Does your school district have accelerated reading now? Or, did it stop when the grant money ran out?

Instead of buying programs, the millions of $$$$ for the Accelerated Reading/Math Instruction grant programs (ARI/AMI) could have been used to train high school students to write computer programs. There is much talk about implementing “21st Century Technology,” but few students know little more than how to text, comment on facebook, and send tweets. How many Texas high schools have a computer program where students learn how to write computer program; how to fix computers?

Later, the Intensive Reading Instruction (IRI) and Intensive Mathematics Instruction (IMI) grants were created under the SSI to provide further support for student achievement in campuses that had failed to improve students’ Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) reading and math scores.

Since these initial student-focused efforts, the SSI has shifted to focus on statewide teacher professional development programs. This began in 2007 when the 80th Texas Legislature passed HB 2237 and created the Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies (TALA) under the SSI umbrella.

One would think that the Texas Legislature would see the writing on the wall—Money given to TEA and the Texas Education Service Centers has little to no effect on the quality of education of Texas Students.

School districts buy out the contracts of superintendents who are not good at their job.  I wonder… How may employees at TEA and the ESCs were superintendents who had their contracts bought out by one or more school districts?

Why does the Texas Legislature continue to give millions and millions of dollars to TEA and the ESCs when these two groups have had little to no positive  effective on Texas Education.


More Wasted Education Money

In 2009, the 81st Texas Legislature, through Rider 42, appropriated nearly $152 million for the SSI with a particular emphasis on professional development for middle school and high school teachers. Rider 42 provided for the development, implementation, and evaluation (the study described here, PDRS) of the Rider 42 PD Academies and an online platform, Project Share, that extends teacher professional development opportunities. Rider 42 also provided for the Algebra Readiness Grant program. (Note:  Rider 42 also provided about $50 million for the Algebra Readiness Grant program).

Did you know that students can pass the state algebra end of course test by answering less than 40% of the questions? I would say that the $50 million for Algebra Readiness was a waste of money. What is happening to all this money?

The Rider 42 Professional Development(PD) Academies are the latest in a series of steps by the Texas Legislature to focus efforts (both in dollars and in programming) to:

  • better support districts in educating students and
  • ensuring they meet standards of proficiency in English language arts, mathematics, and science.The Rider 42 PD Academies started in the summer of 2010. How effective have they been in your school district? Are Texas students meeting proficiency standards in English, Math, and Science?The answer is NO!

Comment by Janice

I have copies of the Rider 42 Professional Development Academies for science, ElAR, Math, and social studies. The science material is little more than material cut and pasted from the TEA website. The science material does not meet the requirements stated in the Rider 42 grant. More about this later.






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  1. This post makes me mad and sad all at the same time. Its makes me mad because our child are being taught this garbage (CSCOPE) in school. Our tax dollars are not be used affectingly and these grants TEA or LEAs get aren’t being used under the current house bill 5. Most Texas schools are using CSCOPE as a resource. What is that? A resource? The materials is total garbage. In my opinion its a stepping tool for actually putting in the common core garbage later on. I totally agree our children are screwed when it comes to learning technology. I am a child of the 80s and 90s I am 31 years old (class of 2001 WHOOP!) with a child that is going into the 4th grade. My son knows more about computer programing than most of this teachers do. He goes around fixing their classrooms computers for them. That was something under Bush and Clinton Administration that technology got pushed in public schools. I am glad that it did. What is sad about rider 42 that its free! The money is there is wasted. STAAR I don’t think taking the STAAR test is necessary bad but its the way the schools “psychology” prepare our children. I think if you have a great teacher that teacher will do everything in their power to make sure that the children our taught and practice for STAAR Testing. Our son took it last year in the 3rd grade a passed it but it gave us a snapshot of what specific areas to work with him. He is in special education which is frosting on the cake for us. We are considering now possible virtual schooling through k12 or transitional homeschooling. Our school would rather retaliate against parents for legal advocating for there children than working with them to resolve problems. My husband is quiet a bit older then I am and he went to school in the 50s and 60s the golden era of education– he totally agrees with me with all that is happening. Janice thank you for enlighten us parents over the last several years on this garbage. Parents who are fighting the school on STAAR testing opt out movement. I say its your right to opt out your child. BRING IT ON I say!.


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