Public School is Child Care

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School BuildingMost Texas public schools are little more than stressful child care centers for the last 6 + wks of school. All the TEKS have been studied and the STAAR tests taken in April. Only retests are given after the STAAR to students who have faild the STAAR Math and/or reading test.

What is the rest of the school doing while STAAR retests are given?

This will change when enough parents demand a quality education for their children. This takes a lot of involvement from parents. Every school district is different and has its own special needs. A local parent organization is a very good place to start if changes are to be made. Parents need to know what is going on in the classrooms of their children. All parents can make a contribution and I do not mean money. Some can volunteer to visit classrooms and help students with reading, math, science, etc…. Other parents can volunteer to do student tutoring in the afternoon. The stronger the local parent organization, the faster the quality of the education of students will improve. Be informed about the rules set in Austin. Be informed about how your school district is spending money. Make the school board and administrators more accountable.

Parents must start being involved in the curriculum being taught. Since the Texas legislature voted to “give away” the Texas education system with Senate Bill 6, school administrators can purchase anything and teach it to your children. Schools in Texas no longer have to provide textbooks because of SB6.

Textbook Adoptions after SB 6–Sept. 2011
SB 6 includes a variety of provisions involving the adoption and funding of instructional materials.
Regarding funding, the state will now provide an Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) to each local
school district, open-enrollment charter school, and Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program
(JJAEP). Districts will be able to use their IMAs to purchase instructional materials as well as
technological equipment, such as laptops and tablets, to deliver instructional content. They will also

have the option of using their allotment to pay for training educational personnel in the use of

instructional materials and technology, and for salaries of individuals who provide support for the use  of
technological equipment involved in student learning. Districts must certify that they are using their
IMAs to provide students with instructional materials that cover all of the state’s official curriculum standards.
WOW! Doesn’t this sound like Texas is really stepping into the new modern technology world? My local school district put all of their textbooks into a closet and locked the door when CSCOPE was implemented in 2011-2012. The superintendent, under the mandated direction of Elizabeth Rowland, TEA conservator, purchased and implemented CSCOPE with fidelity. So, instead of purchasing textbooks, Marlin ISD purchased CSCOPE. About the paying for salaries for individual who support the use of technology equipment involved in student learning. An assistant superintendent, no superintendent’s certification, was hired to be the instructional supervisor. More people were put on salary and given different job descriptions all with the main job of monitoring teachers to make sure they were “goose-stepping” to the tune being played by the CSCOPE pied pipers. The Marlin scores on the state tests took a nose dive.
About districts being held responsible for purchasing materials that cover the TEKS. This is laughable. First of all if a school district never taught the TEKS –there is nothing on the books dictating what can be done. Without consequences rules mean nothing.
“It may take time for school districts to take full advantage of the changes in SB 6. ButTexas is now moving toward a system in which what children learn in their classrooms will no longer be held hostage to the personal and political agendas of SBOE members.” Hostage? What is happening is that American are turning over the education of their children to people who want them to be ignorant. Uneducated, sheep just follow along without questioning. Uneducated children can be led to turn against their parents. Too soon many have forgotten that Hitler took over the education of children. He did not do it overnight, but once he had the allegiance of the children they worshiped him and gladly reported their parents even if it meant their death. When you take away textbooks and implement instruction materials that is controlled by a group proven not to be trustworthy, you can expect the education of your children to decline as a fast pace.
In the name of “rigor” and improving student’s critical thinking, young children are provided lessons that are purposely designed to be confusing. Lessons that depend on technology, such as calculators, smart phones etc…
Texas students are over all poor readers. Many cannot not sign their name in script or read script. They print. These students cannot read the documents written in script by our founding fathers.

Math has been convoluted with alternative methods for basic operational skills. For example:

Megan has 372 buttons. She used 14 buttons to make a collage and 49 buttons to make an ornament.

How many buttons does Megan have now?

Example 1

Step 1.  372 – 14 = 358 buttons
Step 2. 358 – 49 =  309 buttons

Megan has 309 buttons left.

Example 2

Step 1.  14 + 49 = 63 buttons used
Step 2.  372 -63 buttons = 309 buttons left.

Megan has 309 buttons left.

Instead of using either of the two previous example, children are being taught to use this method for solving this problem.

Step 1. Add 6 to both 372 and 14, which changes these number to 378 and 20. 

378 -20 = 358 buttons

Step 2.  Add 1 to 358 and 49 to change the numbers of 359 and 50 .

359- 50 = 309 buttons left.

The point is that by adding the same number to each number doesn’t change the difference between them but makes it easier to find the difference.

While this is mathematically correct, children are confused and as a results they cannot work this problem.

Texas is sacrificing the education of their children in the name of “rigor.” Confusion is being mistaken as rigor.

Parents, if you cannot understand the math assignment brought home by your elementary children, know that something is wrong with the curriculum being used at the school.

Does your school district have new worktext? These are books with information and tear out pages to turn in.

If so, The State Board of Education has not reviewed and approved any of the books. The SBOE only reviews Text books. Not workbooks. Has your school district purchased instruction materials that have not been approved by the state board of education? If so why? Do administrators and school board members receive some kind of perks for purchasing these unapproved workbooks from different publishing companies? Did you know that school districts must sign a contract to continue to purchase these worktexts for 7 years. Yes, your superintendent and school board have locked you into buying unvetted materials for 7 years. Why have our administrators become so untrustworthy? When there is no one in charge–no checks and balances on finances–when title money is too freely obtained with little accountability– education is not top priority. One tell tell sign of a corrupt system is when tax monies start being used to pay for personal things, such as fees to private organizations. The Texas Association of School Administrators receives multi-millions of dollars of school taxes each year for the membership fees of school administrators. Even more money is given to the Texas Association of State Boards.
Texas administrators no longer serve the people in their community, instead they serve a private organization called TASA and TASB.

You cannot make all the necessary changes over night. But the biggest change that will immediately make the most difference is to opt your children out of the STAAR/EOC tests immediately. Also, make it clear that you do not want any data about your child shared with anyone with your written permission.

Stop the STAAR/EOC testing and TEA representatives take off their goosestepping Nazi boots and get down to the real problems in education. TEA and the commissioner of education will start asking the ESCs some tough questions, such as what happened to the millions of dollars you cannot find records for.

Public school needs to be a place for educating children, not just a quicky preparation for the STAAR and then let teachers figure out what to do with the kids the remaining weeks.

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