Poor Leaders = Failing Students

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No Certification Needed, Just Volunteer

No Qualifications Needed–Just Volunteer

Many districts  demand expertise in an area for a person to be an instructional specialist.

Did you know that TEA doesn’t require that an instructional specialist do any more than just volunteer for the job?

In Marlin, if you want to be a reading specialist–no problem. Do you want to be an administrator without a certificate–it can be arranged.  You can even be the interim superintendent of the Marlin school district without a superintendent’s certification. As interim you can purchase and implement a K-12 curriculum and force teachers to use it for years after you move on.

With online certificates being handed out, you can be about what you want to be in a short period of time–principal–assistant principal–assistant superintendent–etc…Not sure where you can get a one year certificate but it happens in Marlin. Well, you get the idea and all this is under the direction and monitoring of the TEA conservator, Elizabeth Rowland.

Elizabeth Rowland seems to have a permanent job as the TEA conservator for the failing Marlin school district. It appears that  Rowland’s advise to improve this school district has effectively caused the elementary school to add two more years to their failing record. If you want to make sure that your school district continues to fail, follow the improvement plan laid out by Rowland.

1. Use the CSCOPE Instruction Material as well as the CSCOPE Assessments. This school year, 2013-2014, the name of the CSCOPE material is TEKS Resources System. This name change was made in response to (a) the negative publicity about CSCOPE being an unvetted, flawed material; (b) The Senate Education Committee demanding that the ESCs remove all the CSCOPE lessons from their files and not to create any more lessons.

But, via loop holes the 20 ESCs are still selling the same CSCOPE material minus the CSCOPE lessons which the ESC gave to the Texas schools. not  as well as the has contributed to student failure  in the Marlin elementary school. I base this on the fact that Rowland has approved the use of CSCOPE Instructional Materials, which are now called the TEKS Resource System. Note in the Marlin Elementary Improvement plan below, Marlin Elementary teachers do not have a choice.

2. Rowland continues to approve using Title I funds for professional developed given by Sean Cane called “Lead Your Schools.” This PD focuses on the booklet that Cane self published called, “The Fundamental Five.” Like the CSCOPE instructional material, The Fundamental Five material is unvetted and  provides more things that administrative monitors can use to evaluate teachers.  The Fundamental Five materials do not provide materials that improve a teacher’s understanding of the core curriculum being taught.

Even though the students in the Marlin ISD, especially those in elementary school continue to fail the state tests, Elizabeth Rowland has not included professional development for specific core curriculum.

3. TEA conservator, Elizabeth Rowland has approved using Title I funds for instructional specialist–yes these are people who volunteered first for the position.

Under the leadership of TEA Conservator Elizabeth Rowland, two local school districts pick up Marlin students on the parking lot of the First Baptist Church. I overheard a conversations between two families at a local restaurant–one family was thinking about moving to Marlin but was concerned about the schools. The family living in Marlin said not to worry, children now go to other schools because marlin ISD is so bad.

Marlin Awarded The Best At Failing Award

Marlin needs some award, even if it is for being the best at having administrators who are working with TASA to transform Texas Education. TASA supports common core even though cries from Austin say this is illegal.

So What! It was illegal for the 20 ESCs to form a separate non-profit business called TESCCC, Inc. The Senate Education Committee slapped them on the wrist and now they are still in business with a new name–TEKS Resource Services. The ESCs are promoting Common Core at their conventions–

I cannot forget about the ESCs misusing Grant money, such as RIDER 42 TEKS PD for about $200 Million. Millions of dollars of grants pour into the ESCs every year. Where is all this money going?

Sorry, I digress. But it is hard to accept that the ESCs continue to receive millions of dollars and no one knows what they are doing with the money.-

Why is TEA sending unqualified conservators and mentors to failing schools. If a school district continues to fail, TEA should be looking at the administration. But, failing schools have become the “CASH COW” for retired administrators, ESC directors, and even principals presently working.

If your school is failing it receives Title I funds and you will start seeing a line of TEA workers driving into the Administrative parking lot. Behind them will be all the fly by night professional development consultants with banners, logos and lots of promises. Doesn’t anyone remember that CSCOPE was a guaranteed curriculum? That CSCOPE was the one-size fits all curriculum that would solve every problem and all kids would become equally educated.

Marlin has almost achieved the equal education promised by CSCOPE directors.  Only the Marlin students are progressively becoming the one elementary school in the state with 100% equal failures. Marlin is getting close--74% of the 5th graders failed science and  68% percent failed math. With 26% more science failure and only 32% more math failures and CSCOPE/TEKS Resource directors can use Marlin as proof that their program will equally educate students.

Anyone have an answer why the Marlin ISD administrators continue to use the flawed, biased CSCOPE lessons? Why they are still forcing teachers to the incorrect CSCOPE assessments? Why do these administrators want teachers to teach students lessons with errors?

I can understand that TEA consultants make money when schools fail. But what is the incentive for school administrators? Since School Board Members are responsible for purchasing all products, what reason do the Marlin school board members continue to purchase the flawed CSCOPE/TEKS Resourse material? Are they being bullied by the TEA Conservator, Elizabeth Rowland. Rowland does have the power to turn in reports that can cause Marlin ISD to lose its accreditation. I doubt that she will do that. If Marlin closes she loses money.

Let’s see how TEA conservator Elizabeth Rowland’s improvement plan is working for the students in the Marlin Elementary school.

Yes, Marlin was a failing school before Rowland came, but she continues to support the use of  programs that have NEVER been proven to work. CSCOPE is A Program that has NEVER been evaluated except to prove to the State Senate Education Committee how flawed the CSCOPE instruction material is. Concentrating on the flawed lessons, the grassroots failed to concentrate on the assessments, so these were given a pass.


Marlin State Test Summary 2007-2013


Student results on the CSCOPE/TEKS Resource Assessments do not represent what students know. In fact, since the CSCOPE lessons are used students are being taught incorrect information that is not assessed on the CSCOPE/TEKS Resource Assessments. These assessments were prepared by another group of authors and they have their own errors. Below the Marlin Improvement plan is an example of a question from the CSCOPE/TEKS Resource assessments Marlin teachers are forced to use–non-negotionable. The school districts wants all the students to have a chance to fail with fidelity.

Any administrator that has a non-negotionable curriculum is power-hungry and afraid to discuss curriculum with teachers because he/she doesn’t feel confident to do so.

The best administrators in any business are the ones that lead without breaking the spirit of the people.

A good administrator would not allow people to interrupt classrooms to monitor teachers.

A good administrator would not  have teachers receiving consistent professional development that has nothing to do with student progress.

A good administrator would listen to teachers and develop a program and curriculum best for students. Sadly, Marlin hasn’t had this in some time.

MES differentiated instruction





CSCOPE Fourth Grade Science Test question for Natural Resources –Unit 5

Students score poorly on the CSCOPE/TEKS Resource Assessments because they are poorly written, have incorrect science procedure and are of a quality that can be used to evaluate student progress.

Unit 5 assessment answer TEKS #5


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