Parents Take Charge of Grade Placement

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Parent’s Grade Placement Committee Meeting Guide

Commettee Meeting
If your child fails the STAAR three times, a Grade Placement Committee Meeting is scheduled.

Know This:
Parents have a say as to who is on this committee.

Following contains information about how parents need to plan for the Grade Placement Committee Meeting.


All parents facing a Grade Placement Committee meeting to determine promotion after a STAAR failure should review the Grade Placement Committee meeting guide at

We provide step by step instructions for parents to take control of the meeting and assure that the school follows the law. A school that denies a promotion appeal based solely on test results is not following the law.

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This guide is intended for use by parents in the 5th and 8th grade Grade Placement Committee Meetings.  It contains both a section for advocating during the grade placement decision and during the development of Accelerated Instruction.  Under the statute, a second failed test opportunity triggers a GPC meeting to design the accelerated instruction plan (which is often a summer school plan).  Following the third administration, the promotion decision is made along with a determination of AI for the following year.  As a parent, by law you have input into all of this.  AI decisions (such as loss of electives) should never be made without you!

This guide includes forms and questions for even the most adversarial meetings.  You may obviously use whatever portions you feel are appropriate. Click here for the Parent Committee Meeting Guide.

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