Parent Opts Out of STAAR

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Texas children are not educated, they are drilled for the STAAR Tests.

Smiling and Crying GirlsTo The Texas Commissioner of Education

Dear Commissioner Williams,

You must investigate the education system in Texas yourself. Talk to parents. Look at the STAAR Test content.

Sir, the following note from a parent gives you a good idea of the  pitiful condition of Texas Public Schools. This is because money and/or power have been the focus of  the Texas Education Agency, the SBOE, the 20 ESCs, the past commissioner of Education and our legislatures. If not directly complicit, the previous groups are guilty for not standing up and revealing the problems. It is a joke to say that Texas has banned the Federal governments common core standards and education philosophy. CSCOPE, which is now called TEKs Transition System, is a parallel program to common core.

Commissioner Williams, the parent’s following comments about math are 100% correct. Teachers in many schools have no textbooks because textbooks are being labeled as “old school.” Teachers who use books are not using “21st Century Technology methods.”


Sir, Our Texas Schools should not make children depressed.

From a parent who has had enough.

Well I am going to opt my child out (OF THE STAAR TESTS) this year and I will be home schooling her next year.


I am sick of the lack of education she has gotten. Since pre-K, she has always loved school. Now she is a 3rd grader who comes home crying and depressed.


Since 2nd grade when the school started preparing my daughter for the STAAR test, she stopped liking school.

My 3rd grader is having to learn Geometry and Algebra and was not even taught the multiplication tables first. They are forgetting the basics.  Here in Texas education is going down fast. If they hold her back I will still homeschool her and give her the education and attention she needs to make it in this life.

Commissioner Williams,

This parent and every parent should take their children out of Texas public school before they take the STAAR Tests. If children are making passing grades and fail the STAAR they could be retained. But if these same children do not take the STAAR, they are promoted to the next grade. Schools lose money when students do not come to school, so they threatened parents about penalties for not taking the STAAR.

But if parent remove their children from school, and homeschool them for the remaining part of the school year, the child can return the next school year and be enrolled in the next grade. Homeschool children do not have to take the STAAR.

It is March, 2014 and in most Texas public schools students are being drilled for the STAAR. After the STAAR testing what happens then? If schools are using the CSCOPE schedule, in fifth grade they learn how to design experiments, which was part of the STAAR test. How many errors have to be pointed out about the CSCOPE instruction material before you take action to remove this from our schools?
How many errors and problems with the STAAR tests have to be identified before you realize that the STAAR test is negatively affecting the education of Texas children. Schools are only teaching to the STAAR.

Think About It!

After Christmas, many Texas schools go into their Drill and Kill mode to prepare kids for the STAAR Tests. This test is one of the biggest money making scams ever. Pearson publishing is paid about $100 million dollars each year to print and grade the STAAR. Pearson publishing makes money selling materials to parents and teachers to prepare students for the STAAR. Since Pearson publishes the tests, Pearson knows how to prepare kids for the tests. Pearson also has online books that are aligned to the TEKS. Are all publishing company able to see the STAAR Tests so that they can write prep books? Big money in the STAAR Tests—If schools fail the STAAR Tests, then TEA sends conservators to take over the school–The School District has to pay these conservators–WOW! More money because of the STAAR. I want to know the advantages of giving the STAAR Tests.

TEA has people to write the TEKS standards for every grade and subject. Once written, the TEKS become sacred. TEA adds a bit mystery by announcing that the new TEKS are more rigorous because they are standards for the more rigorous STAAR TESTs. Even though millions and millions of dollars are given to the 20 ESCs to train teachers so that they understand what TEA is talking about, the 20 ESCs use the money but do not train the teachers. Instead, they promote the idea that without the CSCOPE instruction materials they are selling, teachers will not be able to prepare students for the STAAR. Now the ESCs have many more millions of dollars from the sale of CSCOPE , which was an online program for teachers only and it does not prepare students because of its errors.

Commissioner Williams,

TEA is forming my school district to use the CSCOPE material because our students did poorly on the STAAR Tests. TEA and the ESCs have created a monopoly over instruction material in Texas. The SBOE is part of this in that Ratliff is a lobbyists for Microsoft and he is a member of the SBOE and promotes CSCOPE.

Who do parents go to for help when the groups in control of education are part of the problem?


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  1. Lori Jones says:

    I want to be involved in doing what ever it takes to make STARR testing obsolete.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      I am not sure what it is going to take to stop STAAR testing.
      I’ve reviewed and reported errors on the STAAR tests to the
      state board of education, senators, representatives, the commissioner
      of education, & the general public on this website.
      There is too much money involved in the testing and not enough control
      over this money.
      This is not to say that I have given up. Please contact me at
      Maybe between us we can come up with new ideas to attack this problem.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Gwendolyn DuBose says:

    A breath of fresh air coming from a frustrated parent….thank you

  3. Barbara says:

    There is no need for Drill and Kill, when you have a test that some students are just not developmentally ready for.