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I hate that our children are not learning a darn thing in school. Teachers are so pressured to teach so much of this b/s curriculum that they can’t help any student that doesn’t get the material, which happens to be many students. I have been to meetings with the math teacher, principal and counselor and nothing can be done. They are too afraid to speak because of fear of being fired. Admin could care less. All they want is the money from the state. Our kids mean nothing to them. They are not there to make sure their teachers are allowed to actually teach and kids can actually learn. Instead teachers are supposed to be robots and students are to be brainwashed to the test.

What I found interesting was my 7th grader took her test and the same question on her test was on her cousin’s test who happened to be in Elem. How is that? Why is that? The same went for a 12th grader who had the same question to answer as an 8th grader. There is something wrong here. Schools should not be run by corporations. Why are we paying for a British company to teach our kids? Pearson’s contract will be up in 2015. Will Texas renew this contract?

You know it is bad when more kids are having anxiety issues and teachers are in tears and both are throwing up and crying during test time. This is ridiculous! This needs to stop! Quit mentally abusing our children! I think it is demeaning for a child to get a problem wrong even if they got the answer correct….only because they left out a step in the strategy. Quit asking them how they were able to figure out the answer. They got it, didn’t they? The state is wasting a lot of time on b/s questions. Every child learns differently. My child has a C average in Math. Mostly for getting correct answers marked wrong for not including all of her strategies. She is a GT student and has high grades in all of her other classes but a low C in Math? There is something wrong here! She is not the only one like this! It is not the teachers’ fault and it is not the students’ fault. It is the state” fault for seeing $$$$ signs when they look at any student’s ID.

We are seriously thinking of putting together a homeschool co-op for our children and say to heck with public schools. You may get our taxes but you will not destroy our kids!

Comment by Janice

I strongly support parents who choose to homeschool. Texas public education is on a downhill slope. There are two many separate parts and no leadership.


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