Not Prepared for STAAR

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Texas Students are not prepared for the STAAR Tests

Texas' Star has rusted from the tears of parents and children who are not being educated.

The Texas School Districts do not prepare your children to take the STAAR Tests.

Think About This:

If your child is in the 5th grade, the STAAR tests cover all the 5th grade TEKS.

The STAAR tests are given in April of each school year.

1. Has your child studied the entire 5th grade math, reading, science, and social studies TEKS before the STAAR tests are given? NO!

2. There is more than 6-wks of school after the STAAR tests. What is your child doing at school after the STAAR testing is completed?

3. Are Texas students failing STAAR tests because they have not been introduced to the concepts on the tests?

Parents —Your child is not ready to take a test over 5th grade science in April.

If all the 5th grade science TEKS can be taught prior to the STAAR testing in April, then students do not need to attend 180 days of school.

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  1. Fil Barnes says:

    Now Janice, where would all the money go if we used common sense and ideas that work? We would have such a surplus that we might have to actually give people some of that tax money back!

    It seems to me that the more money we give to superintendents and principals, the more programs they buy to decrease their workload; and the more dollars they pour into organizations that are comprised primarily of retired administrators.

    On the other hand, teachers across the board have not had a substantial raise since the ’90s. I have been at this for over 20 years, and I make less than a decent fast food manager. I am not in it for the money – but it sure looks like the people who are in charge are in it for exactly that. They certainly are not providing anything for students.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      Thanks for this comment. If more teachers, parents, and concerned citizens would send this message to their state senators and representatives, positive changes would be made. Texas Education is out of control. In other words, each organizations seems to be controlling itself. The 20 state Education Service Centers (ESCs) have become 20 independent vendors who collaborate to produce some products, such as CSCOPE (now called TRS instruction material). The ESCs are paid millions of dollars to produce materials and present workshops so that schools have instructional materials and training for teachers. Instead of providing free workshops, schools and teachers must pay the materials and services from the ESCs. The state comptroller is part of the problem. The comptroller reported yearly the CSCOPE Instructional material saves school districts money. This is a lie. TEA gave the 20 ESCs millions to produce TEKS instructional materials and TEKS professional development workshops. Saying that this was done was a big lie. The Commissioner of Education has been lying to the public –the commissioner is at fault for allowing the ESCs to sell products they were paid to produce. Governor Perry lied to the public about Williams, the man Perry appointed as commissioner of education. Williams doesn’t have a clue about what is happening in Texas classroom. The TEA lies about the STAAR/EOC scores. I need to stop and add these lies to Fil Barnes’ article –The Big Lie