Men or Mice?

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Man or Mouse

Not too far in the past, Texas had exemplary education. Other states could depend on Texas’ State Board of Education (SBOE)  to select quality textbooks and to set high education standards.

Through miscellaneous acts by the Texas State Legislatures, power has been taken away from the SBOE. These legislatures have been swayed by lobbyists to even remove textbooks from schools.

The Texas legislatures have yet to take a stand on a lobbyists being a member on the State Board of Education. Yes, it is illegal. Yes, this illegal member of the SBOE has been effective in the implementation of instruction materials that promote Microsoft’s products. YEP! This lobbyists works for Microsoft.

I find it interesting that any teacher thought to help a student on the infamous STAAR test can be fired, yet no action has been taken about a lobbyists illegally being a member of the State Board of Education.

Texas Governor Perry stood firm against the Federal  Common Core Standards.  It appears he was just given  lip service. Has the Texas governor been too busy campaigning for president to care what is going on in Texas?

Why was the framework for Common Core Standards allowed to be  implemented into Texas schools via the CSCOPE instruction materials? This same material is still  being sold to Texas schools and school superintendents are still paying for this common core framework. WHY?

 Texas Education Service Centers are given grant money  to develop materials for free teacher workshops. The past and present Texas Commissioner of Education  has allowed these ESCs to sell this material.  The Sunset Committee as well as the Texas Comptroller has allowed this. The recent check on the finances of the ESCs was very shallow but found that the ESCs cannot account for several million dollars. The ESCs are tax exempt and their books don’t balance, yet millions of tax dollars continue to be given to ESCs. WHY?

Governor Perry appointed Michael Williams to be the Texas Commissioner of Education. What action has Williams taken against schools implementing Common Core Standards?  NONE that I know of. In fact, Texas commissioner Williams wants the Texas Teacher Evaluation Standards to be aligned with that used by schools using common core.

Texas Needs Strong Leaders Who Do Not Run from  Mice (anything or anyone who might affect their political career),?

Crowley ISD is offering teacher training in the common core state standards framework. This is a course teachers pay $300 for and earn 3 hours college credit. This is an online course from

Has Governor Perry or Commissioner Williams taken any action against Crowley ISD? Not to my knowledge.

Why the big fuss about Common Core Standards?

Like CSCOPE  instruction materials from the 20 Texas Education Service Centers and Vision Learning instructional materials from Texas Association of Administrators, Common Core Standards have anti-American lessons and more. But this one point should be enough for every American citizen to stand against CSCOPE, Vision Learning, and Common Core Standards.

Why isn’t the Texas Governor and the Texas Commissioner of Education standing against Common Core?

Crowley ISD superintendent  is thumbing his nose at the governor and commissioner of education. Are these two Texas leaders afraid to confront the  Crowley  superintendent (President of TASA)? UMM!

Who is in control of Texas? Who is in control of Texas Education? –

Since the Crowley ISD superintendent boldly announces a common core standards training program for the teachers in his district, it appears that the Crowley ISD superintendent has no fear of the Texas Governor or the Commissioner of Education.

Texas Needs Leaders Who Can Remove "Mice" Eating Away Quality Education. Texas Needs Leaders Who Can Remove “Mice-So Called Education Administrator” who are rapidly Eating Away Texas’ Quality Education.





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