Magnolia ISD Exploits Students

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Magnolia High School Students Send Threatening Tweets to Ginger Russell

Magnolia Student Sends Threatening TweetsIn response to several comments, I’ve revised this article. I am proud to say that I am Ginger Russell’s mother. Ginger and I  work as a team along with many other Texas Patrons to improve education in Texas for all children.

Ginger Russell wants Magnolia ISD to be more transparent about the outsourced instructional materials being used. While the district denies having common core, teachers are using common core instruction materials. Students bring home common core activity sheets.

Yes, Magnolia ISD is implementing common core. Yes, Texas schools are not suppose to use common core, but there is always a loop hole and TASA/TASB’s Vision Learning Reformation found it.

Magnolia ISD has pledged to transform the education of all Magnolia students. Vision Learning Reformation promotes the implementation of common core.

TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) is a private organization for school administrators. Magnolia’s superintendent belonging to TASA and uses school taxes to pay his personal membership dues to TASA. The School Board Trustees also use school taxes to pay their membership dues to TASB ( Texas Association of School Boards).

Ginger Russell and Kristi Baker are on the ballot for a position on the Magnolia ISD school board. Ms. Baker and several other school board members were not elected by the community. Instead, they were selected by the incumbent board members. Magnolia ISD needs someone on its school board that can bring new informed ideas.

The edited photo tweeted to Ginger is so incorrect. Ginger is the bull dog and her boxing opponent should be Common Core and other programs that are designed to dumb down our children.

Ginger will aggressively fight against the TASA/TASB Vision Learning Reformation Magnolia ISD administrators and School Board have implemented. No matter what is being said, Administrators and the School board Members signed a pledge and following is one of the things that they pledged to implement. Click on this pledge and you will see the other goals. Some sound great, but the overall goal is to increase socialization and decrease traditional education. Kids are to be more in control of their learning. Should the boy tweeting “Meet me Friday Nigga.” be responsible for what he learns in school? Ginger and I have worked with many educators and have found that the Vision Learning Reformation wants administrators and teachers who will be pals with students. Some of the professional development programs, such as Lead Your School have steps for teachers to follow and one of them is to show affection for students. Teachers are even evaluated on this. Teachers are to be guides and mentors instead of instructors. Teachers and students tweet each other- they are pals.

Do Magnolia students have free access to the internet now? Maybe not. But transformation is a gradual process and uncontrolled access to information without any boundaries is one of the transformation goal that Magnolia ISD school board has pledged to implement.
Students Spell out VCL
Yes, as Ginger Russell’s mother, I think Ginger will be an asset to the Magnolia School Board. But, whether she is elected or not, Ginger will continue to provide information to the Magnolia community.

Magnolia high school students sent Ginger Russell the tweet shown. The three students are spelling out the letters VCL, which stands for Valued, Complete, and Loved.  The students and their teacher want Ginger Russell to know that Magnolia high school kids are valued, complete and loved.

Ginger knows the Magnolia ISD students are valuable, and she wants them to have more than social media that  Vision Learning Reformation is providing.

This picture shows school spirit, but the students are being manipulated into thinking Ginger doesn’t like them. The picture is being prepared during the school day. Kids are being involved in a political campaign during the school day. They only know what their teacher has told them, which is that Ginger Russell doesn’t like Magnolia ISD. Now they are prepared to go to the poles and vote.

Why would high school student care about Ms. Russell visiting Magnolia high school? Why is Andrew Thomas taking picture of Ms. Russell and sending out a message that she is at the school?

Why is the Magnolia ISD administration and the Magnolia high school administration promoting the high school students to bully Ms. Russell.

The threatening picture of one of the Magnolia High School boys attacking Ms. Russell is more than just bullying. Adults including the Magnolia High School Administration are responsible for this.  The very adults responsible for student training have them staging a fight that shows a boy representing Magnolia H.S. attacking a woman, Ginger Russell. Twitter and other social media is being used to motivate the Magnolia H.S. students to vote for Ginger Russell’s opponent. The school board campaign would be a wonderful way to prepare students to select a person they think best represents their education goals. Instead, community leaders, such as Leslie Sullivan, a prominent realtor has taken Ms. Russell’s comment that refers to the school district not valuing the education needs of all students by purchasing one-size-fits all instruction materials. Students are not loved when they are purposely used to harass a political candidate. Ms. Sullivan has purposely incited the Magnolia High School students to bully Ms. Russell. But, the picture purposely edited to show one of the Magnolia male students attacking Ms. Russell is a threat of physical harm to her. These pictures and tweets are examples of the effect   that social media with no controls can have.  The Texas Education Service Centers are promoting social media for all Texas Schools. TASA is promoting social media for all Texas Schools. Thomas Ratliff promotes anything that has to do with promoting sells for Microsoft. Where does the Texas Education Commissioner stand on this issue?     Jana EtterWhether Ginger Russell wins a position on the Magnolia ISD school board or not, her campaigning for the position has brought out problems that were not publicly known before, such as students having access to the social media at any time during the school day. Teachers at Magnolia ISD have students preparing signs and taking pictures that were tweeted to a political candidate that the teachers do not support. This was done during class. Jana Etter, One teacher published pictures of her students on the web along with comments about the candidate that were not confirmed. Ginger Russell’s children attending school in Magnolia ISD. Jana Etter and others have incited Magnolia H.S. students to bully Ginger Russel via twitter, this is considered cyberbullying by  Magnolia ISD.

Leslie Sullivan's Tweet

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  1. to Anita from a teacher says:

    I would like to comment on the real picture of what happened in Magnolia. The irresponsibility of professional staff and administration in Magnolia ISD, who are party to and directly responsible for students conducting themselves in such a manner is an appalling reflection on the entire Magnolia district. I can’t imagine teaching in a district where such actions were allowed, much less condoned by faculty. As a teacher, the BYOTechnology to school was built upon teachers teaching responsible use of technology. I suggest that technology in Magnolia ISD be taken from both teachers and students. They both need to be put in the time out chair. While there, they need to learn about the value of civil discourse in open school board elections. This could have been turned into a real lesson for students in analyzing issues and learning about both sides of critical issues facing education today. If this is how technology is used during the school day, I am sickened. The teachers who would even consider being party to such unprofessional actions on school time should be sanctioned for their actions. They are clearly more willing to be pals with students than professional teachers. My child would be out of a teacher’s classroom so fast it would make your head spin if a teacher were to misuse their position in such a egregious manner. Where is the Magnolia administration and school board in all this, asleep?

  2. It’s hilarious to me that Ginger is still tweeting this article to people. Just read the comments on here! The comments give the real picture of what happened. Ginger, grow up and get over it!!

  3. Grammarpolice says:

    *Your *shining star

  4. MHS Student says:

    Lady, you and your daughter are both crazy! There’s no big administration conspiracy thing going on. We just don’t like you. #VoteKristiBaker

  5. Brandy Bennick aka MISD Mom says:

    Thank you for omitting every single comment I have made. That action proves you are cowardly and can’t handle the facts at hand.

  6. Curious says:

    Funny that you changed your article to erase all of your own cyber bullying and criminal behavior. Your original article included defamation of character and libel against a 16 year old who simply tweeted a photo of your daughter visiting the school (something she said she wouldn’t do until after she won the election). You called him out by name and accused him of the criminal offense of stalking. News flash, taking a photo in a public place is perfectly legal and falls nowhere near the lines of “stalking.” I hope his parents were able to screen capture the first article and contact an attorney. I know if he were my son I would if only to protect him further down the road.

    Furthermore, if the photo of the “fight” automatically becomes your daughter by attaching her photo, then it is no longer “one of the boys.” It has now become a bulldog by the same logic.

    This situation has gotten entirely out of hand. It’s not even clear how it started anymore because so much information has been re-posted, edited and deleted. What is clear to me is that your daughter had very good intentions to run for a school board position. Her basis for running was not that crazy and had she just run her campaign on her merits she might have garnered my vote. Now, however, she does not seem mature enough to hold the position. She is a grown woman, with grown children of many years, and should know better than to carry on and perpetuate arguments with high school kids (some of whom are minors and not even of voting age).

  7. TMHS Students says:

    I, myself was told that one only had to make a 38 to pass, and every one I know also knew that. And would you stop making inferences that we are dumb, because we are not… You are!

  8. Kasandra Lund says:

    If it is about cyber-bullying, you might want to focus on the real culprit: students bullying students. If you are talking about how your sweet daughter is being bullied, here’s a newsflash: It is common place now for politicians to attack each other, so suck it up and act professional. And as for a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT “bullying” a supposed ADULT POLITICAL CANDIDATE is downright laughable. Plus it would be truly sad if she is really being mentally abused by a bunch of 16-18 year-olds. If she can’t handle them, she will be mentally handicapped after spending a week on the Board of Education.

    Having the students being valued, complete and loved as little to do with common core or the uses of social media. There are plenty of teachers that go above and beyond the core curriculum,many who’s teaching abilities are debatable. There are plenty of students who excel in AP/ Duel credit class ,but are still bullied or depressed, and many who fail school but are quite content with themselves. Overall, there are too many factors involved with how students are treated psychologically to blame one group or another.

    “Core Curriculum” ideas have been in place since the turn of the 20th century, and there are many reasons and issues related to such an idea. I do not agree with a single, low curriculum for a grade, but I also know that placing standards for each grade is the one efficient and practical method of making sure students are learning. Tailoring each educational path to every single student is empirically ideal, but impossible due to the lack of resources, skill, and maintenance of such a task. So instead of crying foul, I would like to see what your solution is to making things better.

    You say you have done years worth of research, but how about you show it to us? As a private English tutor, just saying something is good or bad does not tell me anything but your opinion. Also, making absolute statements are the ruin of any argument because nothing EVER falls into one simple stereotype. Get me the logical facts, the data, and the information that PROVES you’re idea right. Attacking social media pictures and statements are not logically or academically credible or ethical, so those don’t fly for me either.

    Also, as an English tutor, your grammar is childish, there is no organization, and I truly had a hard time understanding the main reason you were writing this, other than to defend your daughter because she is your shinning-star-of-a-child-who-can-do-no-wrong”. Cyber-bullying was not in my top 10 ideas.

  9. Momof threeinmisd says:

    Even after your revisions and admitting that you are Ginger Russell’s mother, you seem to have left out so many facts to the original story. I do not see how Mrs. Sullivan “tweaked a tweet” she copied exactly what your daughter wrote “@themagnoliahigh Every Student is Valuable, Complete, Loved. That is a pretty Bold Statement to make! That isn’t what I hear.” This is the comment that incited so many after her original statement posting the AHA ten “principals”. Mr. Springer asked if she meant principles or “principals” as she wrote even though it was grammatically incorrect. Of course, all of those comments and strings have not been mentioned. As for asking for transparency from MISD and the school board, have you and Mrs. Russell been transparent with the knowledge that you own a competing product for CScope that you are so against?

  10. Brandy Bennick aka MISD Mom says:

    My issue with Ginger has nothing to do with common core but more about how she has treated our kids. Both of my kids attend MHS and have been upset that someone like Ginger could possibly represent them. Please inform us as to why Ginger was sitting in front of the school? That is intimidation.

    To answer your question, the kids care about Ginger visiting MHS so she can understand that feeling valued…complete and loved is not only a bold statement but a true statement. The kids have been more than polite and gracious to Ginger. She has taken this to a whole new level and has taken it too far.

    Why does Ginger keep asking people on social media where they go to church? If we attend the same church, are we obligated to vote for her? No!

    Kristi Baker has been the better person in all of this and is continuing to be attacked. Kristi has kept our kids and the MISD agenda her focus. That is the kind of leadership we need.

    Ginger makes voting an unpleasant experience. That is intimidation. She has shown her true colors more than once during early voting at the fire station. Who wants or needs someone like that publicly representing our community, students and district?

  11. Alost everything I would like to say about this article has already been stated by others, but I would like to point out, once again, that you are lying when you say that TASA’s Vision Learning Reformation promotes uncontrolled social media and unlimited access to the internet. You seem to have misunderstood the document and the way it is set up. The quote that you and your daughter continue to pull out of the 22 page document does not say that they WANT the the students to have unlimited access. It is a premise. It says that the fact is that there are no boundaries on the internet in 2014. That is truth. Anyone can find anything on the internet. That is the premise. If you take the time to read the chart and see what they claim is the New Vision, you will see that their vision is that “students regularly access information responsibly and ethically, including digital content, in order to acquire knowledge, master-specified content standards, and explore/enhance learning in areas of personal interest. Teachers provide explicit instruction in appropriate and responsible use of digital content. Teachers and students are supported in ensuring responsible use of digital content.” They are supported at school by having necessary boundaries. You continue to spin this part of the document and I can’t decide if it is malicious… that you mean to lie… Or if it is that you just don’t comprehend the document and the way it is set up. Before you lie to everyone about it, I recommend you take the time to reread it and get help understanding it.

  12. James Newell says:

    I hate to be the wet blanket, but it’s no great mystery as to how these students are accessing social media? Students, the majority having phones with Internet access, can access social media any time they damn well please. And how dare a human being express an opinion about another human to some other human beings, that’s obviously some sort of political agenda! Teachers should keep their heads down and submit to whoever gets elected, it’s not like their job or anything will be effected, geez. Especially since high school kids make up the majority of voters in a community. Everyone knows that the democratic process is fair, winner is whoever advertises the most.
    (P. S And thanks for all the times you mentioned that you gave birth to Ginger Russell, my memory only lasts every three sentences.)
    (P. S. S You can’t post a terribly edited photo where you claim it to be threatening, only to say that it’s only threatening because they got the places of the pics wrong. So really, you’re claiming that Ginger Russell is threatening and bullying MISD.. )

  13. Liam Joseph says:

    This is one giant straw man fallacy.

  14. Concerned Citizen says:

    With all due respect, didn’t your daughter place a photo on her blog with an East Texas principal’s face on Hitler’s body-I am unsure of the details but have seen the photo. I am fairly sure that would also be considered cyber-bullying. Wouldn’t you agree?

  15. girlodiamonds says:

    “Common core’s objectives are to encourage students to question their education as well as the moral and religious standards of parents, church, etc… You are smart. Start evaluating what you are being taught”

    If part of Common Core is to teach students to question then maybe Common Core is the way to go. We don’t need to keep turning out little robots that just parrot back what their parents, clergy or the teachers say. We need to teach kids that they should question everything and everyone. “Trust, but verify” is a good way. Kids should be able to question and ask for proof of anything their teachers, clergy or parents say. Kids need to learn how to research and find out what is true and not just automatically believe everything that comes out of an adult’s mouth. Kids need to learn how to reason things out and how to think critically.
    These kids defended their school when Ms. Russell tweeted, “That is a pretty bold statement to make, That isn’t what I hear.” Which implies that their administration is somehow misrepresenting how they view the students.
    MHS seems to be doing something right if a graduating senior is going to MIT! The internet and having information available at the swipe of a finger is part of the world now. It would be a disservice to the students if they were not taught how to use and take advantage of this tool. Tattle-tailing to the Atty General and the TEA may get the Wi-Fi taken away, but every phone out there has 3G or 4G so there will be little effect.
    MISD is one of the most conservative right-wing districts I have heard of. They even say a prayer before every board meeting even though it is unconstitutional. I hardly think that this ultra-conservative group would adopt a learning program that goes against everything they hold dear. Educators should be able to use a variety of curriculum sources in order to teach. If one of those sources happens to include some aspects of Common Core then that is fine. As long as my children are being taught their subjects in a factual, politically non-partisan and non-religious manner, I am satisfied.

  16. You yourself posted a photo of the screen shot where Ginger (your daughter) states that its a pretty bold statement and not what she hears. Grow up… And how dare you use the tweeter accounts and photos of children! You Ma’am should be ashamed of yourself. Thanks to you, your daughter just lost the election!

  17. Student says:

    Obviously, being an older woman, you don’t understand that teachers and administration are trying to connect with the students. Teachers and administration are trying to have students enjoy learning and get on a level they understand. It is not the teachers jobs to try and suddenly take the technology away from them; these kids were raised in the era of technology and social media. Please ask your daughter to stop focusing on a teenager who knows how to use Photoshop and focus on campaigning. If she honestly has to use a couple tweets to win this, Magnolia ISD does not need her on the board. If ridding of technology, social media, and calculators is your daughters campaign techniques, you’re fighting a battle that cannot be won. “Traditional” is no long pen and paper, in fact, I hardly ever use pens in COLLEGE. Yes, I am a college student with a 3.7 GPA and I don’t use a pen and paper. Focus on preparing these students for TODAY’S college not 1980’s.

  18. Michelle Jonika says:

    When she stated “students at Magnolia High School are Valued, Complete, and Loved that’s not what I hear” on Twitter, she essentially stated that she and others believe we are not valued, complete or loved. Simple context clues from English can deduce that.

  19. girlodiamonds says:

    “This is a gross misrepresentation of what has occurred. Ms. Russell used social media to attempt to bully the Magnolia High School students by telling them that they weren’t Valued, Complete, and Loved. When the students took offense and replied on the same social media, Ms. Russell didn’t like it and tried to play the martyr. She then took her “Chicken Little” act one step further and is trying to turn it into some grand conspiracy. If Ms. Russell can’t successfully campaign on her own merits and resorts to throwing around wild accusations in an attempt to garner the “sympathy” vote, perhaps she is NOT best candidate for the position!

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      Please send a copy of Ginger Russell’s social media telling MHS students that they were not valued.

  20. Amanda Sass says:

    Wow. There are so many things that I want to defend and address in regards to the claims of this article. First, is this not written as a simple Ginger Russell PR boost? And on top of that, by her mother? There is no way that this isn’t biased, and it sure isn’t addressing the whole and complete truth. Let me tell you why.
    1. Students tweeting these things in class isn’t a harmful thing. Additionally, it’s not an everyday thing either. Looking towards the actual CAUSE of these tweets it is apparent that it is Ginger. The article even shows her EXTREMELY disrespectful tweet about how MHS students aren’t really valuable, complete, and loved. These tweets are to show that the school has united together now more than ever to show this woman that her offensive and ignorant comment will not go unnoticed. You can’t just say things like that when you are in a campaign and expect nothing to happen. Magnolia High School, which I am proud to say I am a student of, is the most welcoming environment you will ever walk into. If Ginger wants to challenge that, she’s gonna get a fight. And by all means, screenshot this and use it for Ginger’s PR boost claiming that kids are harrassing her. I’ll take the hit. Keep in mind that the subtitle above this says “Speak Your Mind”. I’m defending my school, ma’am, a school that does not uphold the unwelcoming and intolerant ideals that Ginger represents. In fact, I would love to hear how Ginger feels about people who don’t believe what she believes, such as political and religious views. Please ask her to respond to me when she gets a chance – I understand she is your daughter.
    2. Ginger keeps claiming that she is not at a disadvantage not being on the school board, and I agree. The disagvantage is that she isn’t involved. If she was involved in the school, she would know that our parents are completely capable of accessing all of our materials and our teachers are open for conferences at least once a week. Additionally, we do still use textbooks and there is an entire day sat aside at the beginning of the year for parents to be able to go and check out the books with their kids. Please get your facts straight before you post abusive articles about my high school. Another fact that you have distorted in the most disgusting and manipulative way possible is the fact that we have free-range Internet. NO. We have uneducational and irrelevant websites blocked so that students can not access them. You have written this article with absolutely no knowledge of Magnolia High School and it is so incredibly disrespectful. If you are unsure of the truth of it next time you write a hateful article about us, I urge you to email me to ask for verification.
    3. Another request. Don’t write another article saying that we don’t achieve anything and are all focused on social media until you realize our successes. We had a UIL competition yesterday and have a plethora of students going to state, and even more that helped MHS get those points. We have an incredible academic team, sports team, theater, debate team, choir, band, and countless other organizations that do more work in our community than Ginger Russell has thus far. You wanna talk about future leaders? Magnolia High School is where it starts.
    4. Bullying Ginger. Let’s see. There were several witnesses of her running after a woman screaming at her that she was going to ruin her business. There were several reports of Ginger addressing children and teenagers on Twitter and telling them that they were wrong for supporting Kristi Baker. A personal experience of mine was seeing her parked in the fire lane at El Chaparro, doing something ILLEGAL instead of parking in a normal spot for the selfish reason of promoting herself. Lastly, the way she treated my principal, someone whom she should be RESPECTFUL towards. She accused and claimed instead of asking and listening.

    We are a family at Magnolia High School. But we’re only willing to accept you if you don’t treat us as less than we are. That is how Ginger Russell is treating us, especially by having you write this article. It is hateful and ridiculous.

    Please feel free to contact and reply, I would love to hear what you have to say.

  21. The Truth says:

    Aren’t You Ginger Russell’s Mother??

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      Yes. Ginger and I have spend more than two years researching the different education Instruction materials available to Texas schools. One that promotes uncontrolled social media for students is TASA’s Vision Learning Reformation. This program promotes the implementation of common core, which has been implemented in MHS under the name of Vision Learning.

  22. You are insane and clearly lack the sarcasm font, as well as basic grammar skills.

  23. Magnolia isd employee says:

    Isn’t this one sided article about your daughter. Learn the facts and leave the high school kids out of it. You have gone to far.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      The article is about cyber-bullying, which MHS students are guilty of. Read the blog again and you will find that a local relator, Ms. Sullivan incited the high school students by telling them that Ginger doesn’t think much of the high school. Ms.Sullivan tweaked a tweet and really stretch the information, then tweeted it to all the high school students. MHS teachers got in on the act and used class time to make signs and pictures which were tweeted to Ginger. The best thing about this is that there is now evidence of how social media in schools can lead to cyber-bullying. Whether Ginger wins or not, hopefully the attorney general as well as TEA will be stirred by these events to take action in reference to students having access to social media. Yes, Ginger Russell is my daughter. Yes, we do agree that TASA’s Vision Learning Reformation is the name being used to implement common core into Texas Schools. MHS has implemented common core. It will slowly take over –social media is so loved by students that no one is aware of the destruction of the traditional education that Magnolia HS is known for. Texas education is being attacked from all sides. The MHS administrators are not revealing the truth about the STAAR scores. Last year you were told that 99% of MHS students passed the Algebra II EOC test. What you were not told is that students only had to make 38 on the test to pass. What do you think? If the STAAR/EOC tests are assessing student knowledge, yet the grading curve on the Algebra II test was 38, how much do kids actually know about Algebra II? Did you know that kids are allowed to use a calculator that has all the algebra formulas programed into it, yet 38 was a passing grade on the Algebra II test. I hope you investigate everything I am saying. Parents and others in the MHS community must stop being fooled by percentages and find out exactly what students are being taught. MHS is now going to a report card that doesn’t tell you much about what students have learned. Check this out.

  24. Lisa Diamont says:

    Almost 24 hours to moderate a comment…. really?

  25. This article is hilarious. Full of lies and ignorant statements. You have no idea what century we are in. Just because people are tweeting at you doesn’t mean they are doing it at school, students have access to internet outside of school. There is no way the school administration is telling students to do this either, wake up Ms. Russell. It’s not crazy for students to actually love and care about their high school, I should know..I’m a Magnolia High School Alumni. For someone so against social media you sure use it a lot…39k tweets. Hypocrisy?

  26. Elizabeth Blake says:

    What a shame that Ginger Russell has no idea of what is happening in classrooms at MISD. When a candidate’s platform is so weak that she has to resort to having her mommy lie about children, post their pictures and names without the consent of the families of those involved, and twist the statements of these poor kids in a blog post, you know she is in a desperate, ugly place. I am a 15 year veteran of MISD and I know for a fact that the kids in the district ARE valued, cared for, and loved. I am no longer at MHS, but I did work there for 10 years. I must say that you will never find a principal who cares for his students more than Mr. Springer. I think it is sad that Mrs. Russell knows so little about our amazing district that she would find it so hard to believe that these outstanding young people can be happy to attend this district. I think it’s chilling that she has no idea of all of the positive things about our district, our teachers, and our students. And I think it’s reprehensible that she uses her bully pulpit to harass, attack, and lie about others yet claims anyone who speaks out against her using their right to free speech, calling them bullies. (Ever seen a political cartoon? They’re not threats. They are a valid source of communication.)

  27. Anonymous says:

    Are you guys really being serious about students bullying Ginger? If it’s effecting a grown woman that much then she probably cant handle the responsibility of taking on the job. Grow up it’s 2014.

  28. Interesting article. However, you left some things out:

    You forgot to let people know that Ginger Russell may have questions for the MISD but she has never once showed up to a school board meeting to address her concerns.

    You forgot to tell people that CSCOPE is not in MISD and will not be.

    You forgot to share that the tweets you mentioned only came after Ginger Russell tweeted negative comments about Magnolia High School even making it clear that she’s never actually been to the school.

    Lastly, you forgot to make sure people know that you, the author of this article, are Ginger Russell’s mother…kind of makes your statements seem biased doesn’t it?

    Thanks for the poor attempt to convince people that Ginger was somehow an innocent bystander…unfortunately, you failed.

  29. MHS Mom says:

    I am glad to say that when I attend MHS events our School Principal and staff are always there… the kids feel Valued Complete and Loved and they know is a GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE AND A GREAT DAY TO BE A MAGNOLIA BULLDOG….. we thrive to make this community a better place and have been for years… the issue with cyber use is NOT a school problem…. this is everywhere we go…. work, corporations, government, churches, everywhere we are is phone or electronic device is a cyber place….. that is society this days the world as a whole not only USA…. give me a break people…. the community is responding to an ignorant STATEMENT made by someone where it attacked children and staff who thrives each and everyday to make this HAPPEN… Value Complete and Love that might not be offered in their own homes….. let’s all participate and follow the right path to help our society become better every day and NOT assume or believe one person experienced is the whole picture here!!!! Hope EVERY CHILD has the opportunity to feel VCL and if not they make the right choice to find that in their world wherever that be…. God Bless everyone

  30. Malcolm Collins says:

    As a student at The Magnolia High School, I would like to say that this article takes everything we were doing on twitter yesterday WAY out of context. Ginger Russel needs to know that as a High School we may not all get along, we may not all like each other, however we all love Mr.Springer. She needs to know that our intentions were not to bully/attack her, but to show her that we are a family. We stick up for one another and most of all WE LOVE OUR HIGH SCHOOL. The attachment of social media during school hours has gotten many more kids involved in school work. One of the main things teachers use twitter is to remind us of projects, and tests so we can study for them. It’s SUPER helpful.

  31. This is a joke right!?!? Being surprised students are on their phones during school?? Hate to break it to you but we are in the twenty-first century where we have access to the interned through our phones! And cyberbullying? No it is students standing up for what we believe in! And how could we stalk a physco old woman with a big ass sticker on the side of her car she sticks out!

  32. Julia Kennedy says:

    Is this a journalistic piece? Or a column? Because the misrepresentation of TMHS youth and bias in this article is confounding. While I do believe that the students should back the candidate that best represents their educational goals, it’s hard to believe that Ginger Russell is that candidate. This article, however, is not about Russell. It’s a prettied up slam piece about TMHS, and not even a well written one.

    First of all, you accuse TMHS students of cyberbullying and the administration for inciting it. Yes, some students went too far and did cyberbully, but claiming that “the very adults responsible for student training have [the students] staging a fight that shows a boy representing Magnolia H.S. attacking… Ginger Russell” is absolutely ludicrous. This was not a staged fight, nor did it have anything to do with Ginger Russell. Both the fight and the photoshopped picture are merely mistakes of misled adolescents, and while they should not be encouraged, I do not believe that you have any evidence of any encouragement being offered whatsoever. In fact, you do not have any evidence that leads you to believe that this fight was staged by adults, yet you state this in your article. This alone depreciates your credibility.

    Furthermore, the U.S. legal definition of cyberebullying “could be limited to posting rumors or gossips about a person in the internet bringing about hatred in other’s minds” ( I cited that so you could see how to show your credibility, but I digress. By this definition, Ginger Russell and you, Janis Vancleave, are guilty of this crime as well. Mrs. Russell simply insults the community TMHS has built, but, Vancleave, you deliberately slander the students, faculty and administration of this institution. Among other offenses, you state that “Jana Etter, one teacher published… comments about the candidate that were not confirmed. Ginger Russell’s children attending school in Magnolia ISD.” Jana Etter’s comments, however, are confirmed by Ginger Russell’s website ( which states that she is a homeschool mom. You owe Mrs. Etter a formal apology for cyberbullying her and your libel.

    As a former student of TMHS, I am offended by both this article and Ginger Russell’s tweet. Having been out of contact with all TMHS faculty and administration from some time now, it’s easy to see how strong of a connection and sense of community TMHS imparts on its students. The kind of love and care that the faculty and administration exhibit are not tools of manipulation, they’re genuine, and that you state it as otherwise is very discourteous.

  33. Michelle Jonika says:

    I go to Magnolia High School and not only is this article’s fact incorrect, the conclusions you have come to based on them are way off. First of all, Ginger was the first to bully the students of The Magnolia High School and our wonderful principal. Would you not defend your school or would you let someone trash the name and everything it’s stands for? Next, you happened to pull the only inappropriate picture (the fighting one) with photo shop out of every comment posted back to Ginger. That means one person took it too far and bullied not every student at Magnolia High School. The real problem here is Ginger bullying students and their principal when she has no knowledge of what occurs on a day to day basis. The student taking the picture of her car was not “stalking” Ginger but merely showing how she was visiting when earlier that day she stated to all of twitter and Magnolia High School that she would not visit until she won. Finally, I am in the top 10% of my class and cell phones in the classroom were not allowed when I began freshman year here. Sophomore year they were and I believe it is a great tool teachers can use in the classroom. While during free time in our school we are allowed to access social media, we also use phones for researching topics and looking up information our textbooks don’t have for us. So, I say before you and Ginger jump to conclusions about how cell phones corrupt curriculum you should pay a visit and sit in on a class and see their educational value. Also, you might want to fully understand a situation before posting an article on it that is completely out of context.

  34. MISD Mom says:

    The students and administrators kindly invited Ginger Russell to visit MHS so she could see they are valued…complete and loved. Everyday. No one has bullyed her. She is making ignorant statements and by you all publishing this degrading article, you are also bullying our students. Our kids are stalking Ginger Russell? Really? I noticed her car parked in front of MHS while the students are no where around. What is the point in her doing that? She is being facesious and continuing to make herself look bad. Who is stalking who?

  35. MISD Mom says:

    No one is exploiting our children. First of all, the kids you all are referring to are 18 year old voters. Ginger Russell has offended them and they are simply standing up for what they believe in. As a parent, there are things I don’t agree with within our school and our district but ask any parent their opinion of their district and you will find that not everyone is going to agree with everything their school/district does. Is it my right or Ginger’s right or anyone else’s to tell our kids how they feel? When our kids walk through the door at MHS every morning they feel valued….complete and loved. The students and staff of MHS have been more that polite and have stood by their feelings with class and grace. Ginger Russell offended young adults and criticized their Principal, teachers and staff by making a statement out of ignorance…now she can’t handle what the students have to say. Who wants someone on our school board that couldn’t care less about our kid? Who wants someone on our school board who obviously has a negative agenda?

    I want to thank Ginger Russell for poking at our kids and the MHS FAMILY to the point that our kids have taken great interest in this current election. The students at MHS are doing their homework and researching the candidates and other items on the ballot. As first time voters, I can assure you they will be at the polls casting their votes for the right candidate.

    Kristi Baker has turned the other cheek and continued to focus on her commitment to the taxpayers, parents, citizens and students of MISD.. MISD needs Kristi Baker, a compassionate, caring individual with only the best for our children on her agenda.

    As a parent, citizen, and taxpayer in MISD, I am proud of the way or kids have handled this situation. I am also grateful for the time the MHS teachers, staff and administrators take to make our kids feel valued…complete and loved and to keep us informed of the amazing things happening throughout the day via Twitter!
    There have been times I have disagreed with decisions made by administrators but my feelings and that of my 2 kids that attend MHS are separate. I want them to feel valued…complete and loved anytime and with whomever they are with. Thank you Ginger Russell for bringing us all together and reminding us all how fortunate we are too have someone like Kristi on our school board; someone who will not pick on our kids or our MISD family. My family, including my 18 year old will be at the fire station Monday exercising our right to vote. By the way, Ginger wants to ask everyone what church they attend…my family and I attend the same church she does. That doesn’t make a hill of beans! In fact, the teachings of our church are not in line with the character Ginger has displayed this week.

  36. Maybe Ginger should change her name to Jimmy, because her jimmies are quite obviously Russelled. Is she gonna cry?

  37. This article is completely ridiculous. I am a previous MHS student and I am so proud to have been a Bulldog. I had such a high level education at MHS and I now carry that education into my college years. This article is clearly biased. You can not judge an entire high school or school district on one students post. Not to mention half of the accusations in this post can not even be proved. This is complete trash. This post is full of entirely inaccurate things. Why is there no more mention about this woman saying students are unloved? Of course students would take this as a personal attack. She will not be elected. MHS is an amazing high school with so many strong values on education and community. Ginger is not fit to represent such a pristine school district.

  38. No one at this school is stalking her. She made a remark about how our principal doesn care about his students, who also got the best principal in the state of Texas, and that. She would come up to see how he actually cared.


    Why don’t you write an article from the student’s perspective? I can assure you It’s nothing like this. I’m pretty sure we have more important things to do than stalk Ginger. And may I point out, she came to us which was quite a surprise. She’s the one that started this. Ginger bullied us first, how else would you expect teenagers to act? She disrespected our school, the faculty, and the students. How can you say that we aren’t valued, complete, and loved? Maybe we aren’t by you, but that doesn’t mean our school doesn’t treat us that way. I honestly could not imagine a better school. MHS values edcation as the top priority. WE ARE EXEMPLARY. We wouldn’t be this way without the role models in our school or the decisions they make. Please, don’t insut us with these accusations. Don’t shift the focus away from the true issue. #VCL

  40. Concerned Voter says:

    And Ginger putting a school principal on Hilters body is not considered cyber bullying?!!!

  41. Please disclose that you are Ginger’s momma…pathetic trying to take up for your adult daughter. She should be able to take the heat if she is going to stir up so much drama.

  42. Lisa Diamont says:

    This is a gross misrepresentation of what has occurred. Ms. Russell used social media to attempt to bully the Magnolia High School students by telling them that they weren’t Valued, Complete, and Loved. When the students took offense and replied on the same social media, Ms. Russell didn’t like it and tried to play the martyr. She then took her “Chicken Little” act one step further and is trying to turn it into some grand conspiracy. If Ms. Russell can’t successfully campaign on her own merits and resorts to throwing around wild accusations in an attempt to garner the “sympathy” vote, perhaps she is NOT best candidate for the position!

  43. Leigh Murphy says:

    Poor Gimger….guess she forgot to tell about her screaming at 18 year old voters at the polls today….oh but wait….when she posts on Twitter derogortory messages and screams at 1st time voters, that’s NOT considered bullying, right?

  44. I don’t care who you vote for, what makes this OK?

  45. This has to be something enforceable by law?

  46. And you, as her (Ginger Russell’s) mom, are using what? (Social media) to exploit what? (That your daughter couldn’t control her mannerisms)? Why don’t you state in this that you are indeed her mother and are obviously biased?