Failing STAAR: Part 4

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STAAR Fails Honor Roll Students

How Does a child who is honored for her grades throughout the year and then fails the STAAR Test?Why are honor roll students across Texas  failing the STAAR?

Why are honor roll students attending summer school? The answer is because they failed the STAAR.

The STAAR Test has errors!

The STAAR Test is not valid !

Parents, Please Contact Your State Representatives. You can find contact information Here.

Tell your state representatives to Stop the STAAR testing and let teachers get back to teaching the basics instead of teaching to a test.

Comment from a parent about the STAAR and education in general.

My son is going into the fifth grade, and he spent the entire year getting ready for the STAAR test, that is all I heard from day one until he took it a couple of weeks ago, and since then, they haven’t done much of anything. As far as script writing, he doesn’t know how to do it, because they just started learning and he is in the fourth grade. I learned in the second grade. My oldest son learned in the third grade. Something definitely needs to be done about the way these students are taught now. I’m not real sure some of the teachers know how to write in cursive, so I understand why it is taking him so long to learn it.

I am observing the same thing at other elementary schools. Kids are drilled and drilled to take the STAAr and after they take it school might as well close because generally it all over. Teachers in elementary school are just doing stuff so the ones who failed the STAAR can be tutored for the STAAR retake.

In elementary, kids taking STAAR tests have less than 120 days of actually school before the STAAR. Think about it! Students in the 5th grade must learn the math, reading and science on the STAAR in fewer than 120 days.

Know that some of the 120 days are used to take benchmark tests to determine if students are ready for the STAAR.  How can students be ready for a test when they don’t have enough time to learn the material they are being tested over?

Here is Part 4 of Ann Work’s Seven Part Series about the STAAR/EOC test. Ann is a reporter for

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fourth report of a seven-day series on the STAAR Test.

Who grades the STAAR/EOC tests? Are the graders qualified?

According to Ann Work’s article the company responsible for grading the STAAR/EOC tests doesn’t care about qualification as long as the person will work for $12.50 per hour. Following is what Ann discovered:

And if you thought English teachers were scoring student STAAR essays, think again. News surfaced Nov. 29, 2012 that STAAR test-maker Pearson was running ads on Craigslist to hire scorers for STAAR writing essays. In Texas, the ad said college graduates would earn $12 an hour. Pearson and the Texas Education Agency then developed “rubrics” to train the Craigslist hires to grade tests.

Find out what teachers think about the STAAR/EOC tests in Ann’s Part 4 STAAR/EOC Expose.





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