Don’t Take the STAAR Tests If

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Passing Grades Don’t Count if a Student Fails the STAAR TESTs

Cartoon of a STAAR Guard warning to stop and think about taking the Texas STAAR Test. Some students were given awards for being on the honor roll last year and then told they would not pass to the next grade because they failed STAAR tests.

If these students had been taken out of public school and homeschooled, they could have reentered public school the following year in the next grade level. TRUE? YES!  This is because homeschool students are not required to take the STAAR Tests.

Parents need to think about allowing their child to take the STAAR tests. If their child is passing, why take the chance that they will fail the STAAR and be retained?

Why are honor roll students and others failing the STAAR tests? I can only respond about the science STAAR tests, which are given in the 5th and 8th grades. The Science STAAR Released Tests have errors. But thus far TEA refuses to admit that they make errors. I will start posting the flawed STAAR test questions found on the TEA website.5th Grade STAAR Science Question-Solubility

I reported the following 5th grade science STAAR TEST question to TEA. The correct answer is suppose to be “A.” I explained and even gave TEA examples of liquids that have the different densities (alcohol and water) that mix to form a solution. Thus, the reason the salad dressing is shaken is NOT because oil and water have different densities, but because they do not mix to form a solution.

5th Science STAAR Test :TelescopeNote that I added the red lenses to show how the size of the objective lenses affect the amount of light they
collect. This is another 5th grade science STAAR TEST question that is wrong.

The Science STAAR TESTS do not access what students know.

What is the point of students taking STAAR TESTS if the tests have incorrect questions?




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  1. Madeleine says:

    I showed these questions to my daughter (the released questions without the red box around the correct answer) and she picked the answers chosen by the TEA, so she was right. You must remember the kids are in fifth grade and are learning what they are taught, not what you think is right.

  2. Connie Ansley says:

    I am planning on opting my son out of the STAAR test this year, 2015. I am about to send in my opt out letter. But you keep saying that I need to remove him from school to homeschool then re enter. I plan on just letting him go back after the test is over. Is there a reason that I wouldn’t be able to do that?

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      It depends on your school district and their rules. You will have to ask about the consequences for
      not taking the STAAR. School districts do everything possible to prevent students from missing the
      STAAR. I support your opting out of the STAAR but you must find out the consequences if your child
      remains in the school district. Also find out the school schedule during and after the STAAR until
      the end of the school term. In some schools, once the STAAR tests starts “regular school” ends. In
      fact what I consider regular school,scheduled class periods, is rarely observed in many schools. If
      students misbehave in the gym or cafeteria before school, students receive a lecture on how to
      behave, thus much of the first period class is lost. Benchmark testing to determine if students are
      ready for the STAAR in some schools disrupts most of the school day. This is because last year’s STAAR
      tests are given, which requires four hours. I can predict the results because students have not
      been introduced to all the TEKS covered by the STAAR test.

      How can students be prepared for the STAAR tests when they have not been introduced to all the TEKS?
      Once the STAAR tests are given, students failing the reading test this year (2015) will have to
      receive more training and then retake the STAAR test. Since all the TEKS have been tested, what are
      teachers suppose to present? If new material is presented, students who failed the STAAR are being
      tutored for their retest and would miss the new material. These students would be farther behind.

      In some school districts, what the public is told and what actually happens are different.
      I stand against taking the STAAR/EOC tests because students have not been prepared to take them.
      The STAAR/EOC tests cover all the TEKS which are scheduled for the entire school year. In an
      attempt to cover all the TEKS before the STAAR/EOC tests, students are not given enough time
      to really understand the concepts. There is no need to have 180 days of school if testing starts
      March 30th.

      Connie, The STAAR tests are given rather hit and miss Starting March 30 and ending April 22. In
      some schools the local ESC is paid to come and hold “Boot Camps” to prepare students for the next
      test. Thus, after one test is taken, students are drilled for days to prepare for the next test.
      TEA allows this because it is happening in PEG schools where TEA is constantly sending an observer.
      The problem with this is that the school district is paying the observer.

      Find out what is happening –what is the schedule. Remember that your school district will give your
      child an unexcused absence for each day he or she misses. Your child could be failed for lack of attendance.
      Sad to say but schools are no longer educating our children, instead they are being prepared to pass a
      multiple choice test. Skills for passing the tests are taught–how to best guess the right answer, etc….

      It cost school districts $$$ when students do not take the STAAR and it cost school districts money for
      each day students miss school. Schools are not in the business of educating students, instead they are
      in the business of collecting data that comes from testing.

      Since the STAAR test scores are used to determine promotion, how will the school determine if your child
      will be promoted? Find this out.

  3. Well I am only 10 and the and the other kids should take the STAAR test if they wanna pass i pass all 3 well your child needs to take the test its also a test for how much u learned through out the year


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