Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

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Constructivism or As More Commonly Called Progressive Education is Deliberate

The art shown below has one major error. Most schools do not provide books. This is especially
true in schools that the Texas Education Agency mandates that the CSCOPE/TEKS Resource
managing system materials be used.  The ESCs promoted the idea that textbooks are not good.
This must have been done so that kids wouldn’t find out just how incorrect the CSCOPE lessons
really are.

But now that the ESCs are selling books–not real textbooks, instead paperback workbook, magazine
copy textbooks– the Director at the Education Service Center who said that any teacher using textbooks
and having students answering questions should be reprimanded for poor teaching has to come up with
some reason for these text-workbooks.

Following is a good Read: Click the Picture

Constructvism is Deliberate

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